[UPDATE 12:12 p.m.: Major Injury Accident] Ford VS Motorcycle

Traffic Collision Car Accident
A traffic collision between a Ford F150 and a motorcycle occurred about 9:47 a.m. on Anna Sparks Way near the intersection with Central Avenue in McKinleyville, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

An ambulance is at the scene.

Please avoid the area if possible.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 10:04 a.m.: This is now being reported as a Ford Edge not a Ford F150. One person has been taken to the hospital.

UPDATE 10:58 a.m.: A reader sent the following photo:

motorcycle tc

UPDATE 12:12 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports this is a major injury accident.

UPDATE WednesdayMotorcyclist Receives Major Injuries in McKinleyville Accident



  • Sad, hope the cyclist is ok.
    I know that my F150 has a blind spot big enough to hide a car

    • Mc fly why didn’t you warn me of the blindspot?
      Ever hear of an over the shoulder glance?

      • It depends on the height of the bed of the truck and the height of the motorcyclist. Ford’s tend to ride high and sometimes the motorcyclist is below the sides of the bed and can’t be seen over it. I haven’t had that problem since I’ve had my Dodge.

    • You should go to Harbor Freight, or elsewhere, and buy two of the little adjustable mirrors they sell, typically $1-2 apiece. They stick on the side mirrors and virtually eliminate the blind spot. I have mine placed in the bottom outer corners, though some people prefer them at the top corners. Four years later and the sticky hasn’t unstuck.

  • Every day! Peiole too dumb to drive. Or they high?

  • Conceivedinacowfield

    Cyclist is probably gonna loose his leg. He has a torn aorta and is being life flighted to Mercy over in Redding.

    • Darn. I hope they can save his leg for him.

    • The aorta is in/near the heart, not leg.

      • Conceivedinacowfield

        There was more than one injury that my uncle suffered. But thanks for the decades late anatomy update

      • The aorta comes off of the heart, travels through the abdomen and, at approximately the level of the navel, splits into two arteries, which each travel down to feed a leg. So, yeah, a torn/damaged/blocked/etc. aorta could easily result in the loss of a leg. For the life of me, I will never understand the confident and malicious ignorance of people who post in comments.

  • David Karr a resident of Mckinleyville and member of Humboldt Sportbike Riders group.

  • LoCo has an updated report on this accident. It sounds like, the best I can make out of it, that the car tried making a right turn from the left lane, while meanwhile the motorcycle tried passing the car in the turn-only lane. Both drivers simultaneously making illegal and dangerous maneuvers, likely from the car driver both being an out-of-towner and not knowing the road as well as being too distracted or otherwise incapable of reading lane markings, and the motorcycle driver being an idiot. If either one of them had driven correctly, the accident would have been avoided. But, it’s pretty hard to parse their press release. A diagram would help!

    • Or the biker saw the driver turning in front of him and tried to use the turn lane to dip around him. that’s probably what I would have done if I didn’t have time to stop due to being cut off suddenly. not that I know what happened, just saying. there are many possibilities and often times maneuvering is your best bet on a bike rather than braking.

  • David Karr Friend of everyone that has ever met him..Takes awesome sunset pictures and shares with our community… Prayers going out to him and his Family..

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    Sucks it happened, I’m sure both parties didn’t want it to happen, I hope for a speedy recovery of all involved.

  • dave karr was a good neighbor and even before that a good friend, he is a good person
    i bet the ford cut in front of him just as he tried to go around him, in that intersection
    people do it all the time but rarely does someone swerve in front of you, tourist, rude and
    inconsiderate driver open your eyes look in your mirror or over your shoulder could save a life

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