[UPDATE Sunday: Found] Missing Black and White Cat

Black and white cat

Stash the cat went missing from Mill Creek Lane in Trinidad on Friday, September 28. This 20 pound, black and white, cat is normally an indoor cat.

His owner asks that anyone with information “even if its bad news”, please call (707) 498-6398.

UPDATE: Stash has been found alive!



  • Work social media. FaceBook has missing pet groups. Go door to door.
    Rent or borrow a humane trap from a shelter & check it frequently.
    Try calling local rescues & asking if they know of any cat colony managers in the area who you might talk to . Cats show up to eat in managed colonies.
    A very good resource is Cat’s in the Bag (.org) website. She has expert advice for how to search for your cat.
    Good luck!

  • Stash is FOUND, a bit upset but alive and kicking

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