Gas Smell That Led to Reverse 911 Calls This Morning Comes From Line That Appears to Have Been Tampered With, Says PG&E Spokesperson

A leaking gas line on Railroad Avenue in McKinleyville that led to a report of a barricaded subject and reverse 911 calls urging residents to shelter in place this morning appears to have been tampered with said Deanna Contreras PG&E spokesperson.

She said, “It appears that a third party has tampered with the line…Investigators are looking into this for possible charges.”

This morning about 8:30 a.m., a realtor checking on a property 1400 block of Railroad Drive in McKinleyville with a tenant in the eviction process “smelled the strong odor of natural gas,” according to a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release. She reported that the tenant might be barricaded within the property.

Nearby residents were evacuated and other residents that were further away were notified to shelter in place. One school, the McKinleyville Middle School, choose to go into lockdown.

Contreras said that after an investigation by a PG&E team, “It does appear that the line was tampered with.” At this time, she wasn’t willing to identify the motive or who the suspect in the alleged tampering might be.

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  • Someone wanted to save thousands in rent with this one weird trick.

  • Why would you order a school lockdowns and a shelter-in-place for a leaky gas pipe or a barricaded suspect? If someone has barricaded themselves in a house the police obviously know exactly where they are at, it’s not like they are walking around shooting up schools… was this house across the street from the school? in that case wouldn’t you want to evacuate the students so stray bullets didn’t accidentally hit them while they’re “sheltering” in their classrooms. But in any case, just because somebody knocks on a door and yells and nobody responds how does that automatically make someone assume there’s a barricaded dangerous suspect in the house.. 9-11 and the Decades of fear conditioning and removal of our rights and freedoms have turn this country into a bunch of sniveling pussies. I’m sorry, I’ve been triggered. I need to find a safe space with fluffy kittens, Play-Doh and some coloring books I’ll be okay in a few hours.

    • Because a gas explosion can take out entire residential blocks, or more. Flying debris can travel far enough to be concerned about. This is standard operating procedure.

    • Remember when those neighborhoods were blown up by a leaky gas line … not just a house but whole blocks of homes!

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