Reward for Return of Dakota

German Shepherd
Yesterday afternoon, Dakota went missing in the Salmon Creek area of Southern Humboldt. He may possibly have traveled to Myers Flat as it isn’t far from where he was lost. Shon, his owner says, “He is 11 months old, 100+ pounds. He is a gentle sweet giant. He is micro-chipped.”

If you have any information, please contact Shon at (928) 451-1194 or (619) 850-5837.

“$5000 reward if that’s what you need to return him, otherwise tons of gratitude and eternal good karma!”German shepherd



  • 5k? Is that a typo ? Or are the owners just super rich?

    • I’m NOT super rich by any means, but that’s what I’m willing to pay someone if they are intending on selling or keeping him. I mean let’s be real, he is a beautiful boy and it’s not unheard of.

      What would you pay to have your child back? He is not just some dumb beast. Arianna and I have raised him since he was 4 weeks old. We spend every day with him. He is our family, our little boy. We don’t have any other children besides Dakota, and he means the world to us. I would give my arm for him.

      • I would really hope that someone was kind hearted enough to Return him out of love, respect and appreciation for family and another human being, and not ask for the 5,000. However, I’m a realistic person, and I don’t expect it, thus the offer. I wouldn’t be anything but happy to get him back, the 5k would be well spent if that’s what it came to!
        He helped lift my spirits and bring joy and hope back into my life when my partner and I were going through some very hard times. He is such a beautiful spirit, pure love and joy, and we are lucky to call him our friend.

        • hope for a safe return on that gorgeous dog! they truly are mans best friend! id pay 5k anyday!
          hope someone has a bigger heart 4 a safe return!

  • They love their family member..probably not a typo

    • I seen a dog that looked like that being polled and the dog pulling backwards by a guy on a skateboard The dog did not act like it wanted to go with him but did eventually go it was in Eureka maybe not the same dog but it definitely look like that picture of the dog do you have here It was on the 101 by where they sell the solar panels worth looking into hopefully you find him

  • Wolf hybrid. Tough road to hoe. I would have done the same for mine but I would have lost that cash to the eventual chasing of livestock from wanderlust no matter how much security I put around them. McK ’91.

  • I hope both of these back to back dog stories have happy endings.

  • I know both of these people very well. They’re sincere genuine and honest human beings who have lost something that means the world to them. I spent a summer on the property and Shawn was my mentor in many things, the words spoken here are the truth and this is just one of many heartbreaks that he has endured. I can assure you they love this animal and he will keep his word . Any reasonable Ed decent human being who knows anything about this situation should lend a hand, this is a human thing and we should all strive to help one another.

  • I know Shawn very well and he is serious. He is very involved in his community, his Kraft, and the world around him he is a good man in a good relationship and I know that he speaks the truth here. I lived on the property and Shawn was my mentor in many ways. Dakota is a member of their family Any reasonable and caring human being would help another in this circumstance. I can feel the pain in his words knowing him as I do so I would urge anyone who can help to help.
    There is no need to question this man’s sincerity and there are no typos here. He is a man of his word this would be returning a loved one back to the heart of their family. Hopefully that’s motivation enough for anyone.
    I’ll be up in a week Shawn and I’ll see you then

  • I have a red timberwolf/ malamute hybrid. Who looks exactly like Dakota.
    I would spare no expense to find him if he were lost….
    I hope he comes home soon!

  • Hoping you get him back soon.

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