Mountain Lion Spotted in Arcata

Mountain lion by Art G. (originally posted to Flickr as Those Eyes) via Wiki Commons.

Facebook post from the Arcata Police Department (APD):

APD has received reports of mountain lion sightings near lower California Avenue. The mountain lion has been seen at the bus stop at California and L.K. Wood (unknown what time of day) and on the porch of a nearby resident.

If you encounter the mountain lion, make as much noise as possible and make yourself look big. Do Not Run Away!



    • Pick up children without bending.
      Throw children to lion.
      Run away.

      You just have to read it from bottom to top.

  • Carry an umbrella, if you encounter lion raise it above your head and open it; the cat will take off. Literally know 3 folks that have done that and the cat looked terrified of them.
    Thats in over 30 years of life here, they are very displaced by the fires and the cutting of nearby forest drainages in the area. They are looking for food and habitat. Just dont run!

    If you dont like it call CDF and let them know you want stricter rules for 3 acre conversions especially how many can happen in one area at a time especially with industrial logging practices within a mile.
    Nope not conversions for pot in my hood but for the high price of redwood.
    Not surprised at all to hear big cat in that area, the logging is out of control, look at google maps green diamond holdings all around arcata, from westhaven to jacoby creek to kneeland watersheds, some cuts right up to fish bearing streams which is illegal. No wonder cats are coming close, i highly doubt a mtn lion wants to be on a busy street or in a neighborhood any more than we want it there.
    If you have goats in that area put them inside barn, they draw in lions like crazy!

  • For God’s sake, carry a firearm. Just Chootit.

    • unbridled philistine

      Agreed Maniac… Better to have it and not need it rather then need it and not have it!

    • No.

    • People with YOUR attitude are why our species is doomed.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      If you are a responsible gun owner you would know that shooting a mtn lion in an area as populous as Arcata is a very very bad idea. Remember, as soon as that bullet leaves your gun, you own it! Whatever it damages or whoever it hurts is all on you. Our 2nd Amendment is already in jeopardy, especially in California, please don’t make any rash decisions that put other people in harms way. You give more fuel to anti 2nd Amendment activists.

    • This is arcata. Firearms are prohibited, along with straight white people. Just throw your granola bar at it and swat it with your Birkenstock.

  • It’s everywhere, we have hardly any deer and all cats here now on our ranch, and they are fearless, it started about 2years ago, probably a combination of things, it’s neat to see them sometimes but worrying constantly about livestock and children gets old.

  • PLEASE let them alone.

  • Sorry hippies but a 500 grain 45-70 should do the trick. There’s lots more where this one came from. Your time can be better spent fighting the war on climate change and paying your carbon credits.

  • A few weeks ago we saw a good size bob cat crossing Herrick Avenue where the road goes down hill before it goes thru the Eureka Municipal Golf Course. Earlier Greg saw one run across Loleta Drive right near the freeway exit. No doubt they are around. Stay large and don’t run, they say, but I wouldn’t want to be that close.

    • Bobcats rarely attack people, and generally only occurs if they are rabid, which is not terribly common.

  • How could anyone harm such a beautiful creature? Why all the comments about shooting it? It hasn’t done anything. Share the earth. The cats were here first.

  • Beautiful creatures, our regions mightiest hunter.usually move around wee hours of the morning. they love to eat domestic cats so careful with yours.


    the government suggest you use bear spray on mountain lions, but if a mountain lion kills a human they say kill it

    Mountain lions that threaten people are immediately killed. Those that prey on pets or livestock can be killed by a property owner after the required permit is secured. Moving problem mountain lions is not an option. It causes deadly territorial conflicts with other mountain lions already there. Or the relocated mountain lion returns.

    Help prevent unwanted conflicts with these beautiful wild animals. Do your part, keep them wild.

  • Concerned citizen

    Oh for crying out loud! I come from a family of hunters. They never hunted just for fun it was to eat the meat. BUT, if a big cat came near me or my family and I had my gun I would protect my self and hopefully be safe about it. I think cats are beautiful too.
    Please don’t keep blaming the lumber industry, isn’t enough that those jobs are few and far between now, thanks to all the liberals in Arcata.

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