Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement Division Notified Two Property Owners That Illegal Cannabis Needed to Be Removed

Mendocino marijuanaPress release from the County of Mendocino’s Code Enforcement Division:

In late September 2018 the Code Enforcement Division received a complaints about cultivation of cannabis without permits at  residential locations in the 4600 and 4400 block of Sunnycrest Drive, Ukiah. Subsequent investigation confirmed that cannabis was being cultivated without a permit in violation of Mendocino County Code Chapter 10A.17.

The property owner of the residence in the 4600 block was located on 9/20/18 and removed the 25 mature cannabis plants (approx. 700 square feet of canopy) being cultivated without a permit on the property.

The property owner of the residence in the 4400 block was located on 9/27/18 and removed the 25 mature cannabis plants (approx. 700 square feet of canopy) being cultivated without a permit on the property.

The Code Enforcement Division receives all Cannabis and General Code Violation complaints in the unincorporated areas of the County. Complaints can be made in person at our offices or by visiting our website at: to file an online complaint. Cannabis specific complaints can also be filed by calling the Cannabis Complaint Hotline at: (844) 421-WEED(9333).



  • Such a contrast with the THUG mentality of Humboldt 😠

    • They were only 25 plants. I haven’t seen anyone in Humboldt busted for that….have you flat girl?

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Its all based on square footage in Humboldt. Herr ford said he abated a property with a grow as small as 500sqft. Thats maybe 5 true SoHum outdoor plants with no room to walk around them.

  • We need to complain about all the non growers code violations.
    Jam them up in every way we can!!!

  • I wonder if the neighbor has looked on Google Earth. From the sky 25 plants is a fairly low number.

  • Is there a complaint form for peeping toms?

    Im curious if those folks kept the 6 legal plants after cutting the illegal 19 others?

    Somethings are just ridiculous. For instance hauling 9 tires to the dump is totally welcome, but 10 tires and your in the Hazardous Materials transport classification needing special permits.

    But 9 tires at a time multiple times a day is ok. Go figure.

    25 plants being complained about is reminding me of the uppity city of Sonoma residents that try to ban leaf blowers but want an uppity looking neighborhood.

    Its just a little much. Glad I dont live in either place I guess.

    On another note, i think governing must be the absolute shitiest job there could be.

    • Mendo no longer permits any plants outdoors on parcels less than ten acres.

      • Interesting, thanks for the info.

        What about 6 legal outdoor, do you have to have certain # of acres?

        • Mendo’s law is not straightforward.

          Qualified patients can grow outdoor 25 plants, 100 square foot canopy, surrounded by a locked 6 foot fence where the fence is

          * 100 feet away from your neighbor’s house
          * 50 feet away from the adjoining parcels
          * 1000 feet from a school, church, park, etc.

          The pot also cannot be seen from the road and cannot be smelled.

          Your neighbor calls and says they smell your pot or can see if from the road, this article is what happens.

          Six plants for adult use can be grown outdoors within 100 square feet of canopy on ten acre or greater parcels if a site plan is submitted to the county.

          Mendo issues commercial permits for cannabis on parcels with pre-2017 cultivation by the same owner. New cultivation can only be permitted on land zoned agricultural, upland residential (min 40 acres), and rural residential (min 10 acres).

  • Don’t forget the $2.5 million in liability insurance to collect over 5gals of used cooking oil.

  • California government are the theiviest in the country!!!! It’s time for regime change

  • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

    What about trinity? How come we never hear about abatement notices in trinity county?

    • Too bad I have to pay to read it.

      • It was the Trinity Urinal, a non article, in a non publication, summarized and then not elaborated upon by the article. You read it all in the headline.
        Nothing really to read there.
        Amy Gittelsohn must be paid by the column inch. She’s been a hack for over 20 years. That won’t change, but hey, it a job, and the only paper in the county, so good for her. It’s news, and the uninformed public that suffers.
        All agencies had nothing to report.
        Apropos of nothing, but indicative of the yellow product of the Urinal…
        The TJ editor won’t print letters supporting any Sheriff’s candidate he dis favors. Saxon’s his man.
        Small town fourth estate.

        I say let that reactionary virtual fish wrap paper die behind it’s worthless paywall.
        At least you can wrap fish in the actual paper…(a small one anyway)!

  • How cute.
    Gotta love Mendo!

  • They each had 25 mature plants. They probably removed them alright. Took them somewhere else to process.

    • Hope so, I mean wait all the way to harvest, no worries, time to dry em and smoke em, 25 plants aint worth much these days

  • Mendocino cheese eating as has been down there for many years.high% of people complaining about there neighbors especially on the south end. They got better government but alot of snitches

  • And right there is the difference between Mendocino and Humboldt. Mendocino= 25 plant gardens. Humboldt=2500 plant gardens.

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