[UPDATE 12:25 p.m.] Convoy Headed Into the Blocksburg Area

Track and Trace Deezz Nutzz graffiti.

“Track and Trace Deezz Nutzz” graffiti on Alderpoint Road above Garberville.  [Photo by Diana Totten]

This morning, we’ve received several reports of a convoy headed out into the Blocksburg area off the Alderpoint Road. One reader reports that the convoy is in the area of Dobbyn Creek.

The Alderpoint area contains many folks who are frustrated by the rules of the Humboldt County cannabis policies.

UPDATE 11:55 a.m.: One person described seeing, “up to 10 [vehicles] and a chipper.”

UPDATE 12:25 p.m.: A reader sent in the following photo in which law enforcement vehicles can be barely seen at a property near Dobbyn’s Creek.

Law enforcement vehicles can barely be seen at the Dobbyn's Creek property that is being raided today.

Law enforcement vehicles can barely be seen at the Dobbyn’s Creek property that is being raided today. [Photo by a reader]




  • Yes!!! We need multiple chipping convoys heading out daily. We need them to hit the county-permitted and partially- permitted mega-grows that are not track n traced. THAT is where the bulk of illegal activity is now happening. THAT is where most production slated for interstate trafficking is being produced. Until we see them hitting the permitted yet untracked mega-grows we have a situation where our supervisors and county planning department members are conspiring in federal crimes.

  • Where do you get your information from farce😂😂

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      ‘Farce,’ gets his info from his own head. Delusional….

      • And he’s a deadheadd .. yea nice wishing cops on people

        • Guess I’m striking a nerve. People get pissed when you post the open secret. But the huge greedy newcomers have destroyed our mellow ways here. Head up Spy Rock, look to the sea and feel that unbroken chain…we should never have welcomed the greedy greenrushers. Emerald Scamily and Honeydew Farms are from tour too…but they never got the good hit.

          • I am with you Farce! It was a special time- we did it right back then. No violence, respect for the land and good times had by all. Unfortunately too much leniency leads to the wrong people getting involved and some people making too much money leads to bad decisions, and eventually everything good comes to an end. Or changes into something else

  • Awesome tag!

  • Yes, as soon as they accept the cash, They are guilty as HELL, Which bank do they deposit into? Maybe this is where all the “ Legal Boys Should Bank” Obviously They accept Illegal Cannabis Cash !! It will make easier for feds to seize it all at one time Saving Tax Payers Money L OL !!! I would not Bank at that Bank due to theyre process of seizure, You will have to prove your Not in the game . So which Bank do they Do Business With???

  • Got a big fish keep driving those prices up boys

    • Yanking a few 10s of thousands of crummy looking plants will not effect the price. The price is kaput due to all of the legal grows down south, huge over production in WA and OR, and people being able to grow their own. Don’t blame the County.

      • Actually most oregon folks went bust and the price is at least double last year so far and trailing only 500 behind what dispensaries are paying.

        And fyi lots of folks dont have permits because they are literally too small and dont want to double their garden size just to get a permit. I have 3 friends who went to apply and were told theres no permit for their size garden but its still not legal to grow???
        How classist can you get, unless its been changed (because the county keeps changing the rules which seems illegal and doesnt happen this much in other industries), its not actually legal to get a permit unless you own 5 acres. Thanks county for not grandfathering in those whove had land for 35 years or more and didnt increase their garden size much in that time, i mean camp must have hundreds of thousands of pics from that time! And thanks for screwing over all the small farmers esp the ones whove always done it right!!
        All the while, if you cant finish all the county wants you to do then theyll broker a deal for you to sell your permit for 250,000 to another permitted farmer so that farmer can then increase their farm size by whatever tier size your permit is. For a fee to the county of course.

        • You can get a cultivation permit for 2500 sq ft on any AG / AE property zoned over .5 acres. You can have up to 10,000 sq ft on a 1 acre property or more. If you have 5 or more acres you can grow a ton of weed.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Ok so people should just up and sell their TPZ land and just go buy some land that is zoned AG/AE. Yep real easy, thanks for the advice jojo, i’ll let my buddy know that all he has to do is uproot and move to better zoned land. I’m sure he’ll have his property sold and a new one bought in a couple days.

          • That sounds good but I had to go in to the planning Dept to argue to keep 8000 sq ft. They gave me 6800. Been here for 15 yrs and there’s neighbors who just move here a year ago and have 16,000 sq ft on an acre. I ran out of money to argue with them. So it is what it is. Tired of paying them every time they change the rules. Even that little bit has cost a great deal. The county has made this process financially prohitive.

          • Not true. If you have under five acres you can cultivate your existing garden size as long as it’s under 3000 square feet.

      • What about newyork, New Jersey ,Chicago,Atlanta , etc guest? Legal weed dosent make it out of the state it’s grown in. The rest of the billions to be made is on black market. Yep the west coast is flooded. Better mafia up and buy a trucking business!

  • What’s with that statement about Alderpoint area is frustrated with humboldts cannabis rules, really they are the only ones? I do believe the whole county feels that way… why would you single out A.P. area..

    • Many folks all over the county are frustrated especially in Southern Humboldt. The Alderpoint area is the one with the convoy today though. The photo at the top shows that this is a frustration that is boiling over which is the point I was trying to make. Apparently not as successfully as I had hoped.

      • I loved it and got your point😊

        I find the contrast between how Mendocino handles their cannabis violations to be very stark. I hope you will write something soon that highlights this. You are actually in a position of some influence Kym.

      • The photo captures the mentality of the boneheads who have replaced the back to the plantation generation. Of course narco-mafia’s are frustrated by government constriction, but it’s laughable to feel sorry for the international and ex-pat, and American turds that have inserted scam culture into contemporary rural life.
        The jig is up, except it, your a nobody & people only listened to you cause you were paying them to grow your weed and develop your plantations

  • no stinking permits

    “ The Alderpoint area contains many folks who are frustrated by the rules of the Humboldt County cannabis policies“

    “frustrated by the rules….”
    😂 Some are frustrated because since they don’t come out of the hills, they don’t have a TV etc., they’re not clued in… And… They JUST NOW found out that it is Legal to grow their marijuana IF they have a permit , and since they didn’t, they had their plants taken.
    Many are frustrated by the rules, because , even tho it’s legal now to grow, they don’t want to get no stinking permit , but they still want to grow their marijuana
    they’re frustrated because all their permitted neighbors complained about them not having permits

    • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

      or They did everything right and the greedy neighbor who had two years to fix the road they fucked up got others denied do to road conditions!!!

  • If you don’t like the weed go back where you came from,if you don’t like the ocean stay off the beach,if your afraid of heights get out of that tree.we all know the problem we have is the people who come up with all these stupid compliance laws are doing it for their own profit.Everyone collectively needs to not comply.Don’t pay fines,show up to court,acknolage this stupidity and drain the swamp we have here in HUMBOLDT…all the D.A.s judges,county and government posissions in charge and responsible for the funds that are quietly disappearing.for exampleevery day our court dockets say confidential cases..no info.or 200,0000 confiscated as suspected drug money or???? Where’s all that money go? To crooked people in authority or pos up tions of authority who answer to no one…

  • I never promised you a rose garden.

  • Did I hear right on Murder Mountain last night that Humboldt annually taxes permitted grows $20 a square foot whether or not the farmer grows or whether all or part of the crop is lost due to disease etc?

    • $1 for outs, not $20

    • You have to buy a fishing license to fish. There is no guarantee you’ll catch fish.

      • Ya ya ya blah blah blah

        Ya but it is not set at extortion prices ,,49.00 bucks and I don’t have to pay any taxes when I catch the fish or prosses the fish or eat the fish. I also don’t get a visit from the fish chipper with a bunch of guys distroying my fishing poll and gear, confiscating my cleaned fish from my freezer

      • ok that is not oranges for oranges. you could compare the fishing license to a liquor license, because if you have a liquor license you may never sell any, but that is much different to farming. when it comes to marijuana it should be more based off of the final amount of product just like tobacco, they dont charge tobacco farmers per plant they charge them based off of how much they sell at the end.

  • RECALL Estelle fennel and rex bone!!!! They own abatement,and vote no on measure o take the sheriff departments money.

    • Oh, I’ve got another bandwagon fan. Where were you 3 years ago?

    • There are many other cooks in the kitchen

      Are they worse than other supervisors? Do you think Virginia Bass, for instance, was out to help any weed farmers? A few years ago, they were being accused of being too easy on weed, now they are too hard. Actually half of folks then and now pretty much say “too easy”, and the other half “too Hard” .

  • The constitution of the United states of America says we DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A FISHING LICENCE…..

    • You also don’t have to pay the fine that goes along with fishing with out a lisence…… then again. Jail fucking sucks

  • So much resources spent on such a trivial subject. Doesn’t the county have better things to do? Have they solved the Lawson murder yet?? Honestly it really sickens me that the county would spend sooo much time and resources terrozing its citizens when Murders literally run free in this county. This is why people voted for 64.. to stop the raids.. and rediculous demonization of people. Leagalization.. 1984 style.

    • i hate it when people say shit like this . As if all law enforcement resources are going to weed abatement and absolutely no crimes are being solved ….
      hey if you have any info on the Lawson case maybe you should call the cops . Maybe there isn’t enough evidence to implicate someone for his murder ? Ever think of that ?

      • La la la.. some people just love to hate.. If the county had put even a 10th of the time, energy and resources into the Lawson case.. instead of raiding cannabis farms.. it would probably have been solved.. And maybe they don’t have enough evidence because they have not put the time and effort needed to solve the case.
        Legalization was INTENDED to be able to solve these kind of issues.. and free up resources and time for the gov. Finally not have to terrorize people growing plants and actually be able to focus on real dangers to the communities.

        • The Lawson case is an APD case not a Humboldt County case.

          The money comes from different pots. When your grandmother gives your brother $100 for his birthday, you don’t get mad at your neighbor for not giving you $100 for your birthday.

          • Sorry Kym.. but this is a murder.. not a birthday.. big diff. If it’s ‘Arcata’s’ case or ‘Humboldt’s’ case.. the fact of the matter is that is unsolved. Maybe the county and the city should work together to solve this injustice. Maybe the county would have more time and resources to assist.. if they were not so busy bankrupting their citizens. And Yes.. I am upset with Humboldt and Arcata for not doing more to solve this case.

            • You obviously don’t comprehend local government jurisdiction or how funds are spent . The Lawson case hit a brick wall because people at the party who witnessed it aren’t talking . So unless you want to get em all in a room and start waterboarding them i suggest you mellow out with your armchair criticism of how the justice system works[edit]

            • Okay, let me try again. If one organization is in charge of keeping the sidewalk clean in Redway and another organization is in charge of keeping the sidewalk clean in Fortuna, do you get mad at the one in Fortuna when the sidewalk in Redway has litter on it. Yes, it would be great in some ways if every government agency whether funded by the federal, state, county or a city government worked together to solve problems but the reality would be more like they’d squabble and neither sidewalk would get clean.

              • Maybe I don’t have the biggest in-depth knowledge about how law enforcement works… but one thing is for sure.. The adgencies that are concoy Malisha style raiding everyone, seem to be working together vigilantly to raid the hard working citizens of the county. How many state, federal and county agencies does the county have raiding people again?? What your telling me is that these agencies can work together across the board to hurass farmers.. but, they cannot come together to solve actual crimes in our communities?? Maybe the county hit a brick wall because people didn’t speak up. But there has got to be other avenues to investigate.. There is also an article from the Journal interviewing a retired FBI adgent, saying that the City NEEDS to bring in other resources, and if the city of Arcata would have worked with other adgencies to solve this case, instead of try and push it under the rug, it would have most likely been solved.
                And I really wouldn’t know to much about cleaning sidewalks.. I tend to gravitate more to where the sidewalk ENDS..

                • actually i thought that the university police were working with the arcata police. and btw they found the murder weapon and i think partial prints and fibers but they dont match anyone they arrested so…

          • UHHm..but I'M special

            Speak for yourself. I need $100

            • When I need $100, I don’t tend to get mad at either my neighbor or my grandmother, but maybe I’m just a bit crazy…

              • Lol.. 😂. I would say.. I am not mad at my neighbors, or my grandma.. or sidewalk cleaners, just at the county and the city’s negligence and ill intentions.. And you know what else, that’s ok Kym, cause… We ain’t ever gonna survive.. unless.. we.. get.. a little bit Crazy.. 💥✌🏽

                • I’m not necessarily opposed to your goals. I just think that knowing clearly what you are trying to achieve and what is the most direct route there is the best way to achieve your goals. In this case, it seems like you have two different goals (also okay). You want less money spent enforcing cannabis laws that make no sense to you and more energy/money spent on figuring out the Lawson case.

                  In my understanding, the first goal is best achieved by putting pressure on the County Supervisors and the second on the Arcata Police.

    • General Turgidson

      People did not vote for 64 to stop raids of illegal scenes. On the contrary, they voted for legalization to raise tax revenue, decrease crime by destroying the traditional market, lower prices, ability to grow their own, increase quality and safety, increase availability, and to keep the cops off of their ass. Protecting illegal grows was never a concern for the average voter.

      • I am sure many people voted for prop 64 for numerous reasons.. but I do beilive you are wrong. Legalization was a way to stop the injustices of demonizing cannabis.. for all people.. growers and users. Many people thought the county would be reasonable in thier policies. And yes.. it was intended as protection for growers too.. hence the word ‘Legalization’…. And you said it.. people legalized it to keep cops off peoples ass,… this includes growers. Prop 64 PASSED in Humboldt.. growers voted for this.. but.. I do not believe many realized the county would have been this corrupt. And you are wrong… I seriously doubt people want to see growers raided and terrorized like it was the 80’s. When you say people do not care about the growers you are wrong. People are watching, and many are concerned.

  • figures, back out alderpoint. rd where they can make a bust without a fight, they don’t bust the big grows because they are scared of who is really involved and don’t want it to come back on them (professionally or personally) so they take it out on the less fortunate, it’s the same (mo) they used back in the 1980’s, all there threats of outrageous fines, taking peoples land, jail time, ect. and it didn’t work for them then the only difference now is you are complying to there game of entrapment, the growers of this county(growers that keep it clean and local)are what make this county what it is, we just need to put on are big boy boots and fight for what’s right not what they have the money to tell us whats right, is there no legal expertise out there that fights for peoples rights, if so stand up don’t be scared just help the true GROWERS STAND UP AND TAKE YOUR COUNTY BACK !!!!!

  • It’s all about ripping off the residents, legalize government extortion is what prop 64 was. And stealing the trade from the PEOPLE

  • Remember the good old days when pot was illegal?

  • Vote no on measure o. Take his raise on 2 positions from him for being the dagger of extortion to the people of Humboldt county. Long live outlaw growers of Humboldt county!!!!!!

  • Sounds like a bunch of under paid babies

  • Billy Bob Joe Ray

    Well they done tracked yer grow, next they trace yer bank accts, is that whut track and trace means?
    Them AP boys always showing off with their articulation and all…….

  • Business as usual!
    Can’t stop, won’t stop!!
    Refine, and re define your game.
    Soon come, you’ll be counting stacks again….

  • Good luck fishing without a license. Hahaha. The judge will love your constitution argument. The fine wont go away. I promise you that!

  • When was the Last time we were able to see individual liberties expand at the same rate that the overall cost of living increases. It just seems that it has always been a war to hold the govt accountable, and a just another day in the legislative session to make it more difficult.

  • That shot of the tagged up blocks on Alderpoint made me laugh so hard I dropped a lit spliff on my rain pants, dammit! Who is this rogue artist of the hills creating such masterful mixed media pieces? Did this replace “organic eagle 20 coming soon” or part of the same exhibit?

    • Yes. Replaced organic eagle 20… before that was “i will work for love”. And, before that, Fuck you Jesus. If i remember correctly. I ,may be missing one sentiment, or two…oh, yea asian scene vs trim machine…

      • 😂 thanks for enhancing my art hillstory, Lalo – almost makes me wish I’d driven that gorgeously fukt up road more regularly through the years

  • The issue with the grow that was busted on AP road yesterday is the environmental damage done by those folks its horrendous. The whole Mt is gone on the upper side of the county road.
    On the other side a few years back there was a slide that blocked the creek and covered the road with water and mud almost destroying one of Loren and Kristina’s many houses. These people have been blowing it out for YEARS with no repercussions. They preach the holier than thou hippie bs. But there is a double standard as usual. That area will NEVER be the same. You can always tell the old timers from the new wave. The oldies love this place and try everyday to make it better. Being stewards of their land,being involved with their communities. These people make all of us look bad. Even if your not permitted or thinking about getting permitted remember land is a blessing that should be appreciated and respected. Old cowboy taught me that not some nonsense talking yippe. Yuppie/hippie.

    • Damn straight!

    • The slide that went into Dobbyn was from Completely different grow. The slide was caused by some asshats who had huge fields going up there and built roads Willy Nilly. Surprised fish and game never shut them down. I had to laugh when they were running around like crazy when the fires went through there. They were blasting past cal fire to get up there to save their shit. One guy came back down with smoldering hair. Get your facts straight and ifyou don’t live in the neighborhood, better to remain quiet so you don’t come off as dipshit!

      • What?? Are you suggesting that people come here every day and talk out their ass like they know what’s going on??
        You would be right……

  • Has anyone kept a log of all the different sayings that have appeared on these blocks? Interested for Hysterical reasons. Seems to be our version of the signs on Time Square .So?” NO STINKING PERMITS ” We are not CLUED IN” if we dont have TV? Thatza good one! Best laugh yet!

  • Giving up peoples info and names on here makes you ratt,snitch,stool pidgoen,spineless honerless informer.the lowest of lowlife slime. PC’d up with Cho mo’s

  • In the United States, tobacco is taxed by federal, state, and local governments. Tobacco products are taxed in two ways: the unit tax, which is based on a constant nominal rate per unit (that is, per pack of cigarettes), and the ad valorem tax, which is based on a constant fraction of either wholesale or retail price. Currently, federal taxes on cigarettes, small cigars, and smokeless tobacco products are unit taxes; federal taxes on large cigars are ad valorem taxes. In 1993, all states and most localities used a unit tax for taxing cigarettes and ad valorem taxes for non-cigarette tobacco products. In 1993, consumer excise taxes on tobacco generated more than $12 billion in tax revenue, 98% of which was derived from taxes on cigarettes.1

  • Any updates on the bust Kym?

  • any info on choppers flying ranches out alderpoint rd 10 miles east of Bridgeville lmk

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