Public Safety Services Measure Up For Public Renewal Vote

This is a press release from Yes on Measure O:

EUREKA – The Yes on Measure O campaign kicks off this weekend in Cutten, with a group of deputy sheriffs’ and volunteers going door to door talking to their neighbors about the critical importance of Measure O to maintaining public safety levels in Humboldt County.

Sheriff William Honsal will be leading the group to stress the importance of Measure O.

“One thing I love about our community is people know we are all in this together and so they support essential public safety services like having 24-hour deputy sheriff coverage and ambulance services for the whole county.  I’m excited to get out and talk neighbor to neighbor to make sure everyone understands that Measure O means we can maintain our essential public safety services with strict public financial oversight and without raising taxes.”

Measure O has already received unanimous support from all five Humboldt County Supervisors, public safety professionals, business owners, and other community leaders.

The Yes on O campaign will include TV, radio, print, canvassing, signs, and supporters will be speaking throughout Humboldt County. Over the next six weeks volunteers will be out in the community helping spread information, gather support and answer questions that the community has.

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  • i hope he is doing this on his own dime

    we need to add a sunset date instead of how it is now, before we vote yes

  • Ok, so measure O, Sales Tax Renewal is a sales tax renewal is on the ballot for Humboldt County voters in Humboldt County, California, on November 6, 2018. A yes vote is a vote in favor of continuing the county’s $0.005 sales tax to fund general county purposes.
    What does $0.005 add up to as for revenue, and for what general services?

    • I don’t think it should go into the general fund where it can be used by anyone for anything. This was originally supposed to be for increased law enforcement and last year they included the boys and girls club. How is that any part of any law enforcement? How much do the people in charge of the boys and girls club make? If this passes again it should be used as it was intended and not as a hand out for anyone that thinks they want some of it.

  • No on o,the sheriffs and supervisors are scheming to fill there own pockets.honsel and the supervisors gave themselves hefty raises last time this passed.theyre trying to make it permanent now.say no to living in a police state. they’re misuse of power and trampling on Constitutional rights this last year should be red flag enough.ill bet there going door to door this is there funding to extort and violate the people of Humboldt county!!!!!!! If they wanna take whats ours let’s take from them!!!!!

  • Please vote no ! Even with the new positions most of there time is spent cutting down pot for the local supervisors. It’s a huge waste of our money. We need law enforcement not a group of thugs working for the pot producers. Keep it real look around our county and tell me the last increase is working!!!

  • The last increase is working to destroy our economy,violate our rights as American citizens,its working to shut down our Humboldt county community’s!!!! It’s shutting down our communitys!!!!!! With the help of a couple corrupt supervisors

  • It’s defiantly working, I mean humboldt is so much safer now, there’s almost no murder s or shootings, no home invasions and no drug problems. I mean it’s just amazing how crime has decreased sooo dramatically with their increase in funding. I wish some one had some stats on exactly how much crime has changed with them getting so much more money. It would probably be a good read….

  • No crime,no shootings,and no murder. No drugs Lol. Your being sarcastic rite

  • NO on O!

  • Sounded good until I saw all the stupervisors want it, I think I’ll vote no now.

    • If our supervisors approve of a tax hike I’m definitely against it, by the way, when will the grand and powerful supervisors be getting pay raises for giving their best to the citizens of this county

  • Look at there little campaign slogan***** WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER******. Unless you’re from rural Humboldt then your Constitutional rights don’t count,your to be extorted,ripped off,and please vote yes to give us money to continue to do it to more poor folks.

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