North Coast People’s Alliance Endorses G. Mario Fernandez for Eureka School Board

Press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:
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At its September 15th general meeting, the North Coast People’s Alliance unanimously voted to endorse G. Mario Fernandez for Eureka School Board Area 3 Trustee. As a former classroom aide and special needs behavioral aide, Fernandez has worked with many different teachers and students and understands the complexities of the classroom. Fernandez’s partner is a teacher at Winship Middle School and her perspective, combined with his personal experiences, are what inspired him to run for the Board.

Parents need to feel secure that their children are in an environment conducive to positive growth,” said Fernandez. “Having a special needs sibling myself, I empathize with parents’ concerns around providing the resources necessary for their child’s growth and development.” He is concerned about the care and instruction of trauma-impacted students, along with the disharmony and distrust that he sees between teachers and the administration. “Teachers need to feel inspired and valued in their work. Students need a rich and diverse curriculum, and the support staff necessary to help to help them thrive academically and socially. Eureka City Schools needs leadership that values its students, school staff, and teachers because our community succeeds when our schools succeed. As a labor organizer, I am confident in bringing us together for the success of our students, schools, and community,” Fernandez said.

There are major issues in Eureka City Schools and it’s important to have people like Mario on the School Board. People who are experienced and who will advocate both for students and for teachers,” said Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg, NCPA Steering Committee Vice Chair. “We are very proud to endorse G. Mario Fernandez for Eureka School Board.”

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    • appearance is not important. He could help by lowering the wages the superintendents get and spreading them out to the teachers and other school employees. I believe the teachers average about 50k a year, supes get 150k a year. The supes are way over paid, for the little they do. What about it Fernandez? Got what it takes to fix that? Are you a demoprog? If so, business as usual, except for Freedom schools,, where the kids come to be debriefed, and taught the truth. Q 17

    • Appearances aren’t important, unless he drives a van. Then it’s important.

    • It’s sad when Humboldt can only tow the dope growing, hippie, line…

      Maybe he’s not a hippie, but a fan of the first Heavy Metal cartoon?

      Sending children to public school in Humboldt is simply not an option.

    • I don’t think he has a “”pedophile” appearance” at all. Whatever that is anyway. Just kind of a NYC look. Which is also not a disqualification. However the endorsement just might be.

  • Worker, not complainer

    His wife is a teacher at Winship? He will have to excuse himself and leave the room for all discussions about teacher salaries & benefits. He will be useless on the most important parts of a school board member’s job.

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