Richard Marks Announces Re-Election Campaign for Harbor District Commissioner

Press release from Marks for Harbor Commission:

Richard Marks

Richard Marks [From his campaign’s Facebook page]

Richard Marks, current Commissioner on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District, Division 4, will announce his re-election campaign at a campaign rally on Wednesday, October 3 at noon (12 p.m.) at the Madaket Plaza on Eureka’s waterfront. The campaign announcement will feature speeches by Richard as well as 3rd District Supervisor Mike Wilson, 2nd Division Harbor Commissioner Greg Dale and Eureka Major Frank Jager.
“I am running for re-election to continue to bring real economic balance and environmental stewardship to the District,” said Marks. “I am proud of the vision and accomplishments of my hardworking fellow commissioners—from cleaning up three million gallons of toxic liquors at the Samoa Pulp Mill to increasing ship tonnage volume by over 100,000 tons this last year—and I look forward to continuing the momentum, moving Humboldt Bay ahead both economically and environmentally.”
All are welcome to attend and find out ways to get involved with the campaign over the closing
stretch. Learn more about Richard by visiting


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    Tired of business-as-usual in Humboldt, corrupt and incompetent leaders, self-serving and wrong-minded folks in charge?

    Register to vote! Then vote someone else in!


    This guy is not as hip as Steve Madrone, but he has the long-haired older white dude thing going on, and that works for me! Vote for someone! Participate in the real world!

    You may like the results!

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