Woman Arrested After Man Dies of Gunshot Wound Alongside Hwy 299

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Press release from TCSO

Earlier Chapter: Man With Multiple Gunshot Wounds Found Along Hwy 299



  • “man suffering from AN apparent gunshot wound”

    but the headline says multiple shots

    • “Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available”

      Calm thy mammaries!

    • The headline to this article doesn’t. The TCSO’s press release says an apparent gunshot wound as no autopsy has yet been performed. However, the headline to the earlier article said “multiple gunshot wounds.” The report listed over the scanner backed up by a report from a witness said multiple. As always, we stated in the earlier article, “Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.” But, my bet is still on multiple.

    • Must have been a bad shot.

  • Man, rural norCal is a terrible place to get shot- or to suffer other major trauma like a traffic crash, or even to have a heart attack. Lengthy ambulance transport times mean the advantages of modern medicine are still hours away. This dude was talking at the scene but later died. I have to think that the hour- plus transport time to Redding plays into that.

  • Ok. Out with it it all.

    Can anyone confirm if the pot garden at the house was permitted?

    Also, for public curiosities, 3 weeks ago driving by this house a lone CHP was parked at the house. Without describing what I thought at the time, im now assuming* that the CHP was called out for a domestic dispute. This may be a domestic dispute issue come to an end.

    I’ll add that most likely the TCSO was called, and the TCSO said call the CHP. Like I’ve highlighted before:

    • I don’t know if it was permitted but I would guess not. It was domestic. They had been dating for awhile. She shot him 3 times with a 12 gauge when he was trying to leave.

    • Probably should have arrested the MAN for 273 BEFORE he was shot & killed

  • take it easy taylor.

  • Regardless of how many or what size gun, bullet wounds are ugly, and many bullets make wounds that no surgeon can repair.

    If you decide to pull that trigger, remember, your life, as you know it, is pretty much over.

    Guns are a bad way to solve disputes, and removing others, from the plane we occupy, by violence, is almost always a bad way to go.

    Everyone talks about defending themselves, but 99 times out of 100, a private citizen with a gun is tempting fates they don’t understand.

    A gun in the hands of an intoxicated person, on the other hand, is always a bad idea.
    You will sober up in a jail cell, but the person you killed will not recover, and you will have a legal problem that you are not prepared for.

    Just don’t shoot people, unless you absolutely have to.

  • hey pike they had a lifeflight chopper there that wasnt even running, so 1 would assume the victim was in such bad condition that he couldnt have made the flight to redding, which from the other side of buckhorn summit would prob be no longer than 5-10 mins…. and Brian i really doubt that the tiny grow there had anything to do with it…. but as we both saw it did take place right in front of somebodys home and small grow

    • Fighting over how much money they don’t have.

    • Completely.

      Im curious, because I dont know and normally don’t see it included in press releases, why a Ca. Dept. Of Justice team is there.

      Is that the norm for a murder scene?

      I thought a murder was generally handled by local authorities and sent to the DA for prosecution…

      If it’s not the norm; than maybe it’s because the TCSO is kind of a joke.
      This is a murder by a new business operator at their place of business…

      Thanks for any insight.

      • Wow. These comments are so full of innuendo and conjecture, thought I was on loco for a sec..the moon must be in ascending rumor

        • I have experienced the TCSO detective unit first hand. They are crap.

          The rest may be conjecture…

          But I was there, im curious.

  • How rare, a dude shot his girlfriend and a girlfriend shot her boyfriend within 24 hours. Too bad the two weren’t dating each other and just shoot each other up and took out two murders.

  • Lewiston area is full of grows. Almost every single property has a scene. Unpermitted, illegal grows. Trinity County turns a blind eye.

  • Trinity County does not turn a blind eye. It’s a matter of priorities.

    • I disagree.

      Would you like a case # for reference?

      Easy case. Violent crime on an elder. Josh Ford doesn’t even respond to the victim anymore regarding new evidence.

      I complained to Bryan Ward, the detective supervisor, and that was like telling a baby to stop crying.

      Total BS. The case would have brought down violent foreigners that now are permitted in Trinity to grow.

  • Such a beautiful place and now such a violent place. too. I left 35 years ago. Other than missing the Eel River (before it was a poisonous stew in the summer), I have no regrets.

  • Self-defense?
    That area is miles from law enforcement,remote area, if it was self-defense she had nobody to help her but herself.

  • If he was truly trying to leave self defense isn’t going to work.

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