Humboldt County Office of Education Sponsors Education Themed Utility Box

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Office of Education:

The Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) recently completed a utility box painting, as part of the Eureka Box Art Program happening throughout Eureka. Emily Reinhart, an artist and employee in the Information Technology Department jumped on the opportunity and enlisted the help of an aspiring artist and community school student from HCOE’s Educational Resource Center, Sevion Rivera.

Emily and Sevion worked as team over the course of a couple weeks to come up with an educational theme, rendering concepts from pages in a binder, to full-sized paintings surrounding eight sides of two utility boxes attached by a pipe on the corner of West and Myrtle in Eureka. Sevion came up with the design for the top of the box as a solo project that coincided with the theme.

The overall theme is that of a student, to which you cannot see a gender or an ethnicity, which has fallen into a daydream of careers, all of which require higher education or advanced training to obtain. Careers aimed to include skilled professions of the immediate businesses, and then others relevant to our local environment such as a firefighter, chef, dentist, electrician, information technology technician, composer, police officer, farmer, engineer, chemist, astronomer, and photographer.

Feeling inspired and energized about the completed project, Sevion stated, “I’ve always aspired to be a great musician. For as long as I can remember, it has been a huge part of my life. Working on this box has really showed me how much I love art.” Sevion is looking forward to future endeavors and aims to keep reappearing in the art scene in Humboldt County’s future.

“HCOE is proud to support Eureka’s art culture by sponsoring a painted utility box,” stated Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Hartley. “It was great to see the collaboration between the Educational Resource Center and our IT department to showcase their individual artistic talents to promote education in our community.  Having student involvement in the project not only provides an opportunity to develop art skills but also the embraces the importance of positive community involvement.   Big thanks to Emily Reinhart for taking on this project!”


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