You’re Invited to Join Sanctuary Forest for a Pints for Non-Profit Event at Gyppo Ale Mill on Friday

This is a press release from Sanctuary Forest:

Join Sanctuary Forest on Friday, September 28 from 3-6pm for a Pints for Non-Profit event at Gyppo Ale Mill! This new local brewery located in Shelter Cove has been doing an outstanding job providing a great place for people in Southern Humboldt to gather, and through their Pints for Non-Profit events, they’ve been helping to support our local non-profit organizations.

Sanctuary Forest is a non-profit land and water trust located in Whitethorn, whose mission is to conserve the Mattole River watershed and surrounding areas for wildlife habitat and aesthetic, spiritual, and intrinsic values in cooperation with our diverse community. They have conserved over 15,000 acres since their founding in 1987; provide a free interpretive hike series each summer; award 6 annual scholarships to graduating seniors; have helped 30 properties store a total of 1.7 million gallons of water through their Storage & Forbearance program; and work on a variety of fish habitat structures and groundwater recharge projects that benefit fish and people. They are also currently working on conserving the 1,300-acre Van Arken property in the Whitethorn valley.

So come on out to Shelter Cove on September 28 and grab a pint with your neighbors! Between the hours of 3pm to 6pm, Gyppo will give one dollar for each beer purchased. Then at the end of the night, they’ll add it all up and double the amount! For more information, please visit, or Cheers!



  • so wouldnt that just be two dollars from every beer? or are they going to match dollar for dollar with all other donations?

  • Poor Gyppo, they built a high volume brewery and restaraunt at the end of the world. In six weeks all the summer biz will be gone and the drought begins.

    • Negative b.s. Keep it to yourself ‘Scooter.’

    • One of the downsides of tourism, it is seasonal.

      Come on locals go buy a darn beer. I have been to Gyppo when there were zero locals, zero.

      • Unfortunately Mario’s dive bar is still the local spot. I support Gyppo when I can ( personally I don’t drink though) AND…a lot of locals go there and get ther growlers o beer filled there and don’t hang out. Thanks to both new restaurants keeping there doors open and serving GREAT food.

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