Raid With Chipper West of Ruth Lake

Chipper and convoy from earlier today.

Chipper and convoy from earlier today. [Photo provided by a reader]

Several readers reported seeing a law enforcement convoy on the Ruth Zenia Road today near Hettenshaw in Trinity County.

One reader described seeing eight vehicles, one dump trailer, and one chipper. At least one officer belonged to the US Forest Service, according to the reader.





  • A dump trailer? So they don’t leave chipped up “material” on site anymore?

  • U.s. Forest Service means fed?

  • Awesome news, glad to see they are shaking out the shit from the hills!!!

    Keep it up Law Enforcement agencies.

  • i’m a friend of bill

  • Gnarly narly narlie

    Yup take these guys down, the more the merrier!!

  • Dope Grows increase food for spotted owls like suction dredging increases food for fish.
    Really it’s about money.
    The growers, dealers, brokers, realtors and growsteaders are all the mini Rockefeller’s in our midst.
    Many are themselves progressives or community hat wearers in order to save face and grease the skids of industry, but the main theme is always capitalism, just like the parent culture that created the black market niche.
    Many also are blatant con artist capitalists who have exploited the dumb tolerance of the hippies security culture to turn ranch and timber country into vast agricultural appellations for fetish products that most humans don’t use or need.
    A sad terminating point for one wing of a previous generations revolutionaries.
    Now the black market status quo is lobbying county officials to recognize their criminality as legitimate and community minded, to not be so harsh with the abatement..
    But what do people tell me when I talk down the lofty advertisements of social change idealists? They tell me, “the only constant is change”..
    What a bullshit saying.
    Well it may be true, but then maybe so is “what goes around comes around”
    And every industry must know that eventually the “ chickens come home to roost”

  • Jealous people with no motivation are haters.people that never got anywhere cuz they never tried are jealous.As you people hate, the last industry this area has is being exterminated,you will all be haters of poverty and government assistance soon cuz 90% of the county will not be able to survive.

    • [edit] Spotted owl, that is not going to happen. You really think that having these green rushers, mega growers destroying our environment and tearing out community apart with crime is the answer! This area will survive and survive very well, in time it will thrive once again.

      The spirit of our North Coast and the vibrant community will way out shine these punks that think they own the world because of their greed for more money.

  • Oops, sorry Kym, with the bad word.

    Question that would be great if you could research …..What are we looking at as far as total raids this summer/fall compared to raids going back to the mid 1980’s? It seems we are way above the historic level but I remember some pretty intense summers back during CAMP days.

    THanks Kym!!

    • It wasn’t that it was a swear word but that it was a direct insult to another commenter.

      I think that would be a great article. Currently, I have articles that are important that I’ve promised to do for weeks so I’m not going to make any promises.

      • Why don’t you just block “bill”?all he is ,is a passive agressive troll that comments negatively on every story!

        • Bill mostly comments negatively on marijuana issues. He is entitled to his opinion just as you are entitled to yours.

          • Thanks Kym. I do get a bit fired up when I hear people come to the defense of the mega growers and those that are not liking to see the raids that are ongoing this year.

            The younger crowd that has moved into our communities over the last 2 – 3 decades has destroyed much of the environment, and more importantly the strong community feel that the old hippie growers and back to landers had brought to us.

            I don’t see how others can’t see that, so it gets very frustrating at times.

    • When DFW repels from helos in combat fatigues and is armed with assault rifles then it will be like the 80s Bill. They are driving a slow convoy to the property with paperwork in hand, very inefficient. Sorry to burst your bubble, if you wish to get any satisfaction just know the lies the government has told you about marijuana allows them to continue to torment us.

  • Am I the only one who recalls the U.S. Army raiding Whitethorn in the ’80s?

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