Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit Serving a Search Warrant in Whitethorn Area Today

ConvoyToday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit is serving a search warrant in the Whitethorn area, confirmed Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office. Karges confirmed that this was a marijuana related incident.

A reader reported seeing “10-15 [government] vehicles with chipper headed west on Briceland Road.”

We’ll update with more information when we get it.



  • Any updates? And by that I’m asking the commenters if they know where these criminals went

  • “It’s an intergalactic kegger out there”

  • Man, this will go down as the busiest mega grow busing summer that ever was!!! I am just loving this, sitting back and watching this unfold knowing that the fricking scum bag growers are finally getting the shit they deserve. This is the best way to go into harvest (chipping) season.

    Laughing my ass off at all the young mega grow punks that have been ruining our community, hope they all are going to be suffering this winter!!

    Kym, anyway to get numbers on the amount of raids this summer compared to the start of all this bullshit in the late 80’s?


    • I agree. And yet the sad thing is all this new revenue from permits paid for all this heightened enforcement. It’s all sad.

    • You are absolutely correct, it’s amazing how effective this chip and abate is working. I only have to teach my kids some of the following useless knowledge I learned while inventing a way to live here: backpacking into the woods alone, breeding strains, kayaking the Mattole at high water,cutting clones, light cycles, fishing off the Trinidad pier, tarp pulling, dh curing, eating los bagels with Larupin, pruning, drift boating the Klamath, heavy trailer hauling, good friends, fertilizer schedules, watching foggy fireworks, plumbing and electrical design, family, buried pickle barrels floating out of the ground, pest control, Trinity Lake trips, trim crew management, duffing pounds, jumping into Noonan creek in Whitethorn, transport checklists, sales networking, partnerships, real estate development, llc’s, permitting, cash flow, investing, hiking the lost coast, business plans, consultants, abatement letters, attorneys, engineers, conditional use permit, track and trace permits…..wait. It’s been a great ride Humboldt. I’m sure we will reinvent ourselves. I’m not worried, this place, is why I invented a way to live here.

      • Thanks!! Really enjoyed *ain’t no mountain high enough playing in background* they try and put a mountain in our way yet do not realize we are from the mountains!

    • The county is doing all this abatement fines driving all your property values down so they can buy all you properties and resell it to the rich because 75% of the land is privately owned with almost all the properties are 40 acre estates. You can’t buy properties of that size in southern Cali where 75% of the land is gov owned. Northern Cali is 75% privately owned 25% government owned. Southern Cali is 25% privately owned and 75% government owned. All this has nothing to do with weed and everything to do with acquiring your land to resell to the wealthy who are looking estates to dump money into. The five year plan

      • Rich people don’t want to live in the bushes bro .

        • I think many of them have bolt holes in the country. They mostly don’t live there but they are scattered all over the place- big estates with big houses, swimming pools, tennis courts, Etc. Not exactly neighborly. But there at need.

          But they also don’t need the price knocked down to buy them. The rich could by almost anything on the market now without noticing.

        • There are millions of rich people who want to live in California or Oregon’s temperate coastal green zone and get out of the inland hot dry burn zones. I predict an influx of hip rich people will gobble up the best of the Humboldt properties set up with nice houses and good access. Now, due to the incredible amt of pot money that has gone into Humbolt, we now have good restaurants, shops, breweries, clubs, festivals, artists, theaters etc. Its a great place to live, we know it and they will too.

    • Guess what pleanty also made it there about 9,000 they got 400 whoopie doo

  • Um bill. The young greenrushing mega grower punks have already left with there millions. The [edit: Bulgarians] have tripled up and the few that have paid there do’s to the county are selling there “legal” weed on the black market. The people who are getting screwed and your laughing at are a lot of locals and homesteaders who have been here for 40+ years and are losing there homes,land, businesses, etc. keep laughing though if it tickles you

    • Very true. My eyes are open I can see the difference now vs. 10 years ago vs. 20 vs. 30.
      Disappointing how those that have gone through so much during probition are not supported by this county, really pathetic.
      I along with many others know the faces and I will never forget the war that was falsely waged against us and the tremendous toll and tragedy caused prior to legalization.

      Nothing will stop me and the more they delay and create new “gotta do this first” rules as we go a long the more determined I become to see this process through and the louder I will get!

      • You expect that you will be supported by those you spent decades belittling and scamming while making land too expensive for most and creating an atmosphere of lawlessness and drug addiction that acts as repellant for normal businesses? Really? Oh well pot makes that kind of thinking seem reasonable.

        • I expect only one thing and that is to achieve my goals as I always have and will. Laws never stopped us in the past, nor the raids, the lies to the American people, the abuse or national stigma. We were never supported then but here is the great thing about all this legalization. I can speak now about the things I could never speak of before. You hear me now and that is a huge win and not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it, lol

  • Recall Estelle fennel and rex bone. There the worst thing that’s ever happened to Humboldt county

    • Another bandwagon fan. Where were you 4 years ago when I demanded this action? Have your pipe dreams and Estelle love finally vanished?

  • Ours might be just like the decline of the timber culture, and that’s strange fruit indeed.
    Don’t blame Estelle, you’ve done it to yourselves.

  • Kym,

    Comment Guidelines Violation

  • Gnarly narly narlie

    Looks like the LE boys are getting into their rhythm in taking grows down, now if they could manage to bust 3 or 4 a day I would buy them free donuts for a month.

  • Next is unpermitted rural homes.theyre going to rip off the hill people endlessly if not stopped.steal there income and extort em Evan after they quit growing. Recall Estelle fennel

  • I am friends with some of these people. I work at a local store and I can tell you many of the people getting busted are not the problem here in the county. Humboldt should be at the forefront of the canna industry and instead we are in the Stone age.

    • I’m sure some of these people are “nice and friendly”. But really all I’m hearing about are scenes with 99 plants and above and so I must say- I’m glad to see them chipped. 99 plants gets you 500 pounds done right, maybe 400 if you screw up. I am not worrying about people who have been making that kind of money for years with no enforcement suddenly having to cancel their health club memberships or cut back on hairdressers and vacations. They can leave as far as I’m concerned. They blew it up and in doing that they ruined my county. Maybe they smile and talk nice but they can go now- on to the next “opportunity area” where they can then destroy those peoples’ peaceful communities. I will shed zero tears.

      • Can you teach me how to grow 500 lbs off of 99 plants? 😂😂😂😂 you’re delusional but thank you for the best laugh this morning. Also, destroying our community appears to be the zombie apocalypse of meth heads, I’m more scared of them than all these “nice growers”. This is almost as funny as spotted owl blaming Rex Bohn, who is probably busy taking money to Carr fire victims, but he’s right, this must be his fault. 😂🤦‍♀️🤣

        • I was just shown a legal pot farm in Oregon who’s owner claimed 7 lbs a plant average. Based on the plants I saw I can believe it. And he had about 4 acres of the stuff so there go your prices. If he nets just 100 bucks a plant after expenses he will still have a decent middle class income.

          As part of the conditions for getting his permits he had to considerably upgrade a road shared by several neighbors, get a legal well and some water storage in place. For his worker’s toilet breaks porta-potties were sufficient however.

          Change happens…

          • Monsters can yield 15 bows.

            Are the Oregon plants in ground or thousand gallys?

          • sponsored by miller light

            i wonder how much the price of beer dropped once prohibition ended.

            • I think it went up per unit to the consumer with regulation of taxes, who could sell, where it was available, controls isolating the producer from the seller, etc. But the producer got less for his product as he needed to sell to licensed and limited venues who could force competitive pricing. The infamous “middleman.”
              Producers had to go through these venders to sell their product. That’s the way it worked with alcohol just as it works with food producers. A food producer may sell at a farmer’s market but most money is through grocery distributors and pot growers are not even going to have that alternative.

          • Quality drops in my opinion. I will take a manageable 6 to 8 footer with fatty nugz over a stretchy monster anyday!

    • they are flipping thru the AP file from their office after looking at images. its not random, its easy to pick fruit. I am starting to wonder what they think there end game is. non of them will be re-elected. some might even be forced to leave establishments that don’t want their business. short sighted conservative values always end the same. the fact that they think the problem in Eureka will go away when weed leaves is astounding.

  • The only thing that’s hurting is gonna be humbolt s local economy. Hard drugs will thrive and naysayers like BILL will see his property value drop so corporate beyond mega grows will come in and swoop. This whole thing is a joke. Leave mom and pop alone u thugs for cops. Ten times greedier than any grower🖕🏿.

    • Yep. Redwood fort and spotted owl ( dam hippys!) is right. I would rather have mom n pop growing there 99 plants next door than theiving tweekers or Eastern European/Mexican mafia and there 9900 plants. That’s what is running humboldt right now, not the cops, not the supervisors, not bill or his “straight” buddies. Mafia and tweekers rule the wasteland. Enjoy your new found paradise. I’ll survive. Will You? PS. Your not getting 500 lbs off of 99 plants FYI. Obviously you have never grown.

      • Ha Ha Ha! Been here since ’76, bro. I love my small-time neighbors and they love me. Never liked the people who think they need 400-500 pounds to support their ridiculously lavish consumer desires. I’m just happy to be here in paradise and I spend nearly all winter here too! We could have led the country as a county of strong, small independent growers by insisting on allowing people 25 plants- 100 to 150 pounds per year but many people like you rejected that kind of self-control and raged the mega-grows. CCV-H pushed the limits for the mega-asses and now we have permitted mega-farms. Now it’s time to get chipped and abated! See how that worked out? Oh and yeah- I’ve pulled consistent 8 pounders- seed starts sexed under lights in early February and they each get about 800 gallons for roots, use teas and guano, no salts, work every day….

        • A Cooperative would have been needed. But being ok with being illegal means rejecting voluntary control equally with government control. It is so unlikely that any operation that selectively violates the law as a livelihood would have ended up anywhere else but being a little fish eaten up by ever bigger ones. It was inevitable as long as money was to be had but then even small growers did it for the money to be had.

          • kind of like wells fargo and other large banks right ? selectivity following certain laws and rules while ignoring several others making billions …. no one goes to jail no one loses their homes except for those who were taken advantage of …. wells fargo paid over 2 billion in fines in the last 5 years and havent even blinked ….. but according to your theory they should have been eaten up by now.

        • I like but I do not think many know how to grow a plant like you describe anymore that was pre DEP era. Would be funny though I wonder how they would cope, lol. I am in support of this logic!

    • A hundred growers wreaking uncontrollable damage versus one large, regulated grower? Which does less damage?

      But that is not the real option. The big producers will be most likely elsewhere whether County raids or not. So bringing lots money into the county ends anyway, whether it is a healthy economy or a damaging one.

      • One large legal grower paying taxes with employees who pay taxes and selling into a legal market versus thousands of illegal growers selling into the black market and paying nil in taxes and hiring transient under the table workers. You decide.

  • Your hippie neighbors who generally care about folks can’t make a living out of selling black market weed now that it is legal? (rubbing two fingers together) Do you hear that sound? I got the world’s smallest violin, and I’m playing it just for you.

    • Lol. The black market is still strong and will ALWAYS be there, it’s just if you have the balls to keep going big or not. Outdoor Lbs in humboldt are going for 800-1k all day long…. how many you got? The biggest black market drug right now in the U.S. is RX drugs! Yep…. the legal ones.

  • You can make 20 pair of wool socks or you can make one jacket. Humboldt county is making jackets.

  • Much of the ugliness of pot growing comes from so many having a totally self centered outlook on life. The refusal to acknowledge that anyone other than themselves is out there. Your spew is very comforting, know that finally, finally, finally, they have been hit with a big enough stick, not to make them self aware and better neighbors, but at least get their attention due to their own and only interest -self interest.

  • Self interest is the reason every working person gets up and goes to work every day in any kind of employment.not just farmers

  • Oh guest you wish I had to work at McDonald’s fortunately I’m a very skilled individual who makes good $ .lol. Just think the county are extortionist rip offs
    And being born and raised in so hum thinks you suck

  • “The Rich, they’re not like us”
    (I think😏)

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