HSU’s Jacks Have Been Set Up to Fail by the School Administration, Says Hamill of HumboldtSports

Humboldt State Jacks

[Photo by Ray Hamill of HumboldtSports.com]

We’ve joined forces with Ray Hamill of HumboldtSports.com to bring you local sports. We’ll be sharing a teaser and a link to his stories here for easy access. Click through to his site for the latest in local action but here’s a teaser on his latest report on HSU’s football team:

Maybe president Lisa Rossbacher and/or interim Athletic Director Duncan Robins want this team to lose every game to ensure this program dies off with a whimper instead of a wave of emotion that winning would provide.

Or maybe they want the team to stink so fans won’t show up and they can tell us all the community really doesn’t care that much, and draw less attention to what we’re all about to lose forever.

The community showed up in large enough numbers to show they cared about the team this past Saturday (officially 4,137), but the entertainment value of what they were served up was unfortunate to say the least.

And that’s because this current team has been set up to fail by an administration that made recruiting close to impossible over the past year.

For more analysis on this game by Ray Hamill go to HumboldtSports.com.



  • Isn’t this the last year for sportsball anyway?

  • The decision by the Administration, mainly Rossbacher and Robins was pathetic! They took the easy way out and the easy option…eliminate football. Nothing about trimming the fat, and there is lots, LOTS of fat at HSU. How about looking at the disproportionate salary ranges for the Administration, compared to other urban and city areas.

    As one example, President Lisa Rossbacher makes over $500,000 per year!! That may be okay for CSU President in San Francisco or LA, but in Humboldt. That is not right.

    Sad times for the community, a venue (Redwood Bowl) like no other in the state, hell on the west coast for that matter, and no team. Couple this with unbelievable local community support. I would say that Lisa and “team” shot themselves in the foot.

  • Cry me up a storm.

    Until about ten years ago, HSU was much more of a liberal arts school, except they continued (and even still continue) to cut funding for the arts. They’ve transitioned to generic “all american” appeal, focusing especially on sports. Remember, also, that the new dorms were supposed to save everybody money and solve the housing crisis?

    I can’t cry for the football team, when academic and artistic intelligence is being sucked dry from our youth. Closing the gallery in old town was a very sad display of HSU’s stupid direction.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Would be a shame if Redwood Bowl was left unoccupied and unavailable for future revenue-generating events. They need event promoters, not the failing bean counters finding reasons to collect a paycheck making the decisions.

  • TBI is real you know. Football has outlived it’s span. Dementia is a poor substitute for a diploma.

  • I’m not a Democrat.
    I think Hsu football is a joke.
    If the players were any good, they wouldn’t be playing here.
    We don’t need to waste the meager resources we have on scholarships for football players that won’t be going on to the pros.
    Re allocate the funds to something else.

  • I think his name is Ray Hamill

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