Driver Located in Yesterday’s Major Injury Hit and Run

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

At approximately 12:30 a.m. yesterday, September 25,  a pedestrian allegedly was struck by a vehicle on 4th Street in Eureka that fled the scene. The pedestrian received major injuries and was taken to the hospital. According to a press release from the Eureka Police Department, “The vehicle and driver have been located.”

Yesterday, the Eureka Police Department asked that witnesses or anyone having surveillance footage please contact them. Today, the press release noted, “The Eureka Police Department appreciates the community’s assistance with the investigation.”

Earlier Chapter: Eureka Police Seek Vehicle in Hit and Run Collision That Sent Pedestrian to the Hospital



  • Good, they should have stopped and helped the person, and called 911; no matter who it was.
    The quicker the person who was injured gets help the better their outcome will be.

    The county should consider lighted speed bumps on all the crosswalks and cement islands, more lighted pedestrian crossing signs; and permanent dui checkpoints.

    • thats a very totalitarian thing to say and how do you know they didnt drive to a pay phone and call 911 for the victim. you just assume too much and want to try to put everyone into the same little box. hey lifes not fair but i sure dont want to live in a police state. stop and think about what you are saying

      • Are there any pay phones these days?

        It’s an interesting theory going around that less rules, signage and safety devices actually increase safety. The theory is that both drivers and pedestrians are more cautious in the absence of the illusion of safety and therefore less likely to be in an accident.

        • There’s not much signage on Bell Springs rd, and we all know how safely people drive out there /s

        • there is a pay phone at 4th/R at the gas station. 4th street surprisingly has 5 pay phones.

          • What is this, The Flintstones? Which end of the pterodactyl do I speak into?

            • you dont think outside the box. lots of things could happen… you can lose a phone, you can break a phone, you can forget a phone, your phone can have no charge, you could have forgot to pay the bill on time, or you could just plain not want a phone. last time a used a pay phone it was 65 cents, i hear it can be up to as much as $1.50. please stop trying to put all people into a little box where everyone has to do things your way

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          Payphones? Yes. There’s about 4 that I can think of within a couple blocks of where the accident happened. But calling 911 while driving is no different than texting while driving. You don’t want one accident to become two.

          • do you remember the day when we all had phones mounted in the car? the problem is texting and worse would be scanning your media. the head down part is the problem. with your logic eating fast food while driving would be illegal.

        • Yes, Shelter Cove has a pay phone. Many people cannot receive cell service on their mobile phones. But please do not assume everyone has a cell phone.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Maybe you should move to Mexico. They have Military Checkpoints on all major roads and in all major cities. See how well that stops DUI down there. They also check everyone’s papers to make sure that they are there legally and rip your car apart to make sure you aren’t carrying anything illegal. I think the solution to this issue is to change the law so that cars have the right of way, its like this in just about every other country in the world except ours. You can be driving through eureka at night in the middle lane and be obeying all traffic laws and be keeping a watchful eye for pedestrians and some mentally deranged tweeker or a homeless person with mental issues dressed in all black will run in front of your car more times than not. The expectation is that you will see them and stop, the law is that you will see them and stop, they have the right of way. The unfortunate thing is you cannot stop if it happens so fast you don’t see them. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this particular incident; you should always stop and help the person who has been hit, also leaving the scene will just make matters much worse for yourself. I think if a pedestrian/vehicle accident occurs at night and the pedestrian is wearing all black and is not crossing in a cross walk, the blame lands square on the pedestrian’s shoulders. Its not fair for a driver to have their life ruined because a pedestrian made a poor decision about where to cross and assumed that the driver would see them.

      • Actually in Sweden it’s the other way. They wanted to figure out how to stop hitting kids (with hands) and shouting at them. A necessary part of the solution was to require people to drive safely in any zone where there could be children.

        Personally I dislike the enforced choice we all have, to threaten the lives of all other beings in order to have the convenience of not actually being anywhere. I know some of you object to thinking about any occurrence more than 50 years ago but there were human societies before cars. I’m not sure there will be any after cars. I prefer to think that we may learn to create better transport systems.

        One other problem with cars: radical proselytizing vegans who drive. Have you ever seen the front bumper of your car?

    • Good idea! Can we count on you for the first $100,000.00?

    • Lol. On US 101? Ya right. Hard enough getting through Eureka.

  • yes . beause freedom to travel is not a thing……dui check points are not legal. that is why you do not see to much of them anymore. how about stepping back and allowing darwin to work. if one is not evolved enough to ensure they can get across the street before that speeding car hits them then perphaps we are attempting to merely delay something that will merely happen anyway.

    • The supreme court has ruled that DUI checkpoints are legal, and compares them to screenings at the airport. They do have to publicly announce DUI checkpoints, and they publish on this very website sometimes.

      • they are nithing more than warrentless searches. infact one could argue that since the us courts have rules manytimes over that ones auto is an extension of ones home that police should send out teams having anounced the dates to ensure all homes are up to date on codes and that all paperwork is correct and question occuupants about living conditions inspecting all areas to ensure no laws are being broken

        • Local jurisdictions get to decide what is a civil violation and what is a crime. A person who objects to the decision can ask for a legal ruling. It is never an individual’s choice to accept or decline a law just for himself, however that rankles some.

        • Nope, the supreme court considers dui checkpoints to be administrative inspections. Whether you agree or not, that’s the most current case law.

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          You armchair, internet constitutionals need to give it a rest (lets see these court rulings that apply here geniuses). Most people that complain about these seem to already have a DUI on their record. Or five. They are constitutional, plus you can simply find a way around them like the other drunks seem to do. Or wait to get popped by a regular on-duty officer when you’re sneaking around the back routes at 1am. Take a cab or Uber it if you feel so inclined to imbibe and need a way from point A to B. Don’t be some uppity asshole that think rules don’t apply or shouldn’t exist.

  • Nature taking its course.I agree people need to quit walking in the street in eureka,get a clue one of these every few days.Your 20 sack of meth will still be there in 5 minutes.!!!!!! And taxpayer we are living in a police extortion based one.spy sattilites hired by the board of supervisors,warrentless searches by fish and game,aggregious fines by 8 different agencies of extortion,and dictatorship mentality by low level corrupt county officials.get ready for total collapse of our local economy.

    • yes i know but would that be a step in the right direction? to me that is more like a communist or nazi kinda thing (the stop and search everyone) although it did work in new york city
      by the way in todays day and age there are so many cameras

  • I try to stay away from downtown as much as possible because of the tweaker zombies, typically oblivious to reality that a three thousand pound car will crush them. Several months ago, on the way back over the bridge into town from Samoa, one of the many zombies, wearing dark clothing, decided the red light for him was really green, and just walked into the lane I was driving in. He was DAMN lucky I saw him. Would’ve put quite a dent in the hood.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Doesn’t even have to be a tweeker zombie. I was driving through Arcata once and there was a guy (HSU student) on a bike riding in the bike lane, i could see he had ear buds for an iPhone in and was listening to music. I had an odd feeling in my gut as I approached him so I started slowing down and moved over to give him a wide berth, and low and behold as we approached an intersection he cut it, right in front of me without looking once, luckily I was already going about 10mph and giving him plenty of room, there was no where for me to go except to hit the brakes, we collided, going all of about 2mph. He rolled up on the hood of my car (luckily i was driving my car) all the way up to windshield and off onto my driver’s side. I got out of my car and just started yelling at the guy, I was so mad, all I could see was myself going to jail for his obvious mistake. Luckily he knew it was his bad and there were no injuries, he picked up his bike said “Sorry sorry” and rode away. The fact is few young people and drug addicts have no value of self-preservation. I still look both ways before I cross a one-way street.

  • A few overhead crosswalks in Eureka would help a whole lot. They work for the rest of the world, why not here.

  • Al, a couple of lighted crosswalks on 4th ..and 5th streets are a great idea. Not everyone can afford a car, they have to walk.

  • Bring back Humanity

    Yes, we may need more flashing lights alerting of pedestrians, yes people drive crazy, yes pedestrians need to pay more attention but the real issue here is that a driver HIT A PERSON AND DROVE OFF. It may have not been the drivers fault, it may have been too dark to see, whatever excuse you want to come up with fine, but the fact that someone just left a person to die…. that’s the issue. Obviously, they didn’t call it in because Eureka PD wouldn’t have been looking for them if they did.

  • This was 1230 am…aaaaaand drunk drivers know if you leave they can’t test you for alcohol when you have left and come back legally . ..when somebody runs usually it’s for a reason..

    • Leaving the scene of an accident (Hit and Run) can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony in California.

      i have heard of people who got felonies for hit and run but you are right they didnt get a DUI

  • Has everyone forgot you don’t leave the scene of an accident! All this talk about phone booths I know for a fact that one of the next people that seen the accident would have a phone this isn’t the 90’s . … wishing the injured a speedy recovery!

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