[UPDATE 2:56 p.m.] Man With Multiple Gunshot Wounds Found Along Hwy 299

GunshotAccording to scanner traffic, a man with more than one gunshot wound was found near Hwy 299. The report indicates this was west of the sandhouse which is on Buckhorn Summit but is unclear on specifics.

The Trinity Journal states that the “report came in at approximately 6:45 p.m.”

One person reported hearing that a medivac helicopter had been requested.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 2:56 p.m.: According to the Trinity Journal, the victim did not survive and a woman, Jessica Chase, was arrested.




  • I was driving back from redding to Weaverville and saw him lying there.

    He was on the north shoulder, shirtless. In front of
    a lone house there west of the sandbox, but closer to the road than the house.

    Me and other cars had been the last traffic control heading west out of the buckhorn/carr fire repairs.

    I was up towards the first 10 cars, many more behind. I saw brake lights and something in shoulder. I then saw it was a man. At first i thought tattoos but then i saw it was blood.

    I saw 3 or 4 people pull over in trucks, and my brain thought this guy just got hit by the truck.
    One of the 3 trucks was a cal fire truck, he was backing up to the victim.

    Thats that. I kept on.

    Its nice to hear something about it. Ive been the first of 5 people at 3 accidents on 299 this year and not seen much news about ’em.

    Careful out there.

  • Take it easy there tye bag.

  • What the heck is going on. To many people have had their life taken. This for sure is scary. Why is this happening? Do people not have a conscious? This is someone’s son, brother, friend, or husband. This is happening way to often. It has to stop.

    • Brace yourself Emma. Its going to get worse before it gets better. People have lost their basic compassion and tolerance for each other, and in increasing numbers people are opting for the use of violence to get their point of view across. If you doubt me just take a drive up highway 299. The already dangerous highway has become even more dangerous due to the drivers on the road. The highway is only nice to drive when the highway is closed, which is kind of pointless, except for the local drivers.

    • Violence is as old as humans themselves and happens in the world outside of the drum circle.

    • Let’s see, hot head moves to the hills to grow weed because he can’t be civil around society, weed prices are in the toilet, hot head returns to society

    • Welcome to the green ghetto

    • too many people. to much lopsided pc bs. to many control nazsis. gone are the wise words of live and let live for today folks live to judge and force or convince others to join in shaming or pushing others around . this creates short fuses along with shrinking resources as the population keeps increasing beyond critical. it will only get worse until 1 third of the worlds population gets removed

  • Violence has no friends

  • The car accidents and violence seem to have increased lately. Peple drive just crazy out there.
    Anybody know why?

    • Capitalism. Time is money, coffee is breakfast.

      • Except places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, etc are bastions of capitalism and are routinely top the low crime lists. Possibly because owning stuff gives both the resources to have an effective police force and the desire not to lose ones goods through crime.

        There are wealthy countries with high crime rates and poor ones with low crime rates. Basically having a pretty universal respect for the law seems to be the key but how that is maintained is I don’t know. If the population values honesty with fellow citizens and has a fairly non diverse population, the crime rates are low.

        • It may help that in places like Singapore you will get a $1,000 fine for spitting on a sidewalk. Weed, $20,000 and 10 years in jail. When you actually enforce the laws on the book people get the message. Consist enforcement is a great deterrent.

          • No cartels or gangs, violence or crime in Asia at all. Nope. None.

          • Consistent law enforcement deters free trade and is the enemy of Capitalism. Corruption is necessary to facilitate free trade in such a system. The artifice of a “drug war” creates the illusion that the poor can participate in the system, while also creating an underclass of felons that cannot vote or hold government jobs. Thus, corruption, croneyism and nihalism are ubiquitous in today’s modern centralized “Capitalist” states.

        • true but when laws are dishonest and unequality enforced the law no longer works. california state parks have just as many if not worse enviromental voliolations as the worse grows i jave seen yet no fines nothing

    • Overpopulation, have you ever seen a coup with too many chickens? They get ruthless. Expand the coup and they become more peaceful. We can’t expand the planet but yet we keep overpopulating and expect things to magically get better.

      • A coop and too many chickens? You’re gonna love Gavin then.

      • Careful “J,” truth is not something folks want to hear. Absolute fact that the earth is overpopulated, but we are not going to do anything about it. Economies depend on Growth, and growth comes about by increasing the population and creating more demand. A decrease in “Growth” is called a recession — and we don’t want that. The problem with economic “growth” is that growth is what “non-producers” depend on for their livelihood. Manufacturing of Durable Goods and Agricultural Production are the bases for an economy, everything else either supports or depends on these two pillars. The “non-producers” would be those who do nothing, yet reap financial rewards, I don’t mean the “homeless” or welfare recipients as much as the 1% who do no real work. There are way too many “billionaires” and not enough “millionaires — consolidation of wealth has not been a good thing — yet we continue to hand out the idea that if “I just had enough money” and it takes some a long time to discover that the most valuable things in life can not be bought with money. (Ah, I digress . . .)

        Yep, the REAL problem is overpopulation coupled with the “American/European” lifestyle as the way to live — the planet is fast approaching a climate climax that is not going to be “pretty”.

        Yeah, we could do something about it, but we are not going to.

        • I dont know. When we were Neanderthals there was lots of space, but still, we killed each other then too.

          Noting the facts of resources and space vs. baby making is totally fine and right and important.

          But, I would not make a huge stink of overpopulation , personally. I think that leads to extremes of thoughts for solutions, of which none are pretty.

          It is in our nature to explore, travel and find. Im sure that if nature gives us time to, we will soon be off to colonize other worlds. For better AND worse.

        • I’m atleast doing my part plus trying to spread the word. I proudly chose a meaningful path plus created zero extra humans which actually prevents an infinite and unmeasurable number of future humans. Slight glimmer of hope is the population growth is slowly decreasing each year. It is just by a mere .03 percent each year, but the fact that it went from 1.12% to 1.09% growth may seem small but these millennials are getting a couple things right and hopefully this shift will continue. These kiddos are more aware then I was at the same age and they are noticing overpopulation and vowing to help. More woman are choosing not to have kids, I’m holding on to hope but also grateful I won’t be here in 70 years because that shit sounds aweful it’s even a billion more peeps than now.

      • The true elephant in the room. 1/4 MILLION new mouths every single day. We are breeding like insects.

        • 200,000 people every day, dont exaggerate.

        • Yep, and people trip on the marijuana and wine industries. We could all quit smoking and drinking and still not have enough water to keep everyone alive at that rate.

          • [edit]consider coming up with viable solutions to the problem. Maybe it’s cutting welfare for single mothers, maybe it’s creating a tax on having more than two kids, or maybe it’s about having to take an IQ test in order to become a parent. Something has to give, but selling your soul or joining a enviro-nazi cult aint the answer.

            I do agree that GDP growth is not a good measure of progress. Stock prices don’t mean jack in trinity

      • Yep J. People don’t get it. Saw a similar scenario in high school (1969) in my science class. It was a film using rats to show the effects of overpopulation. Same thing, violence, eating and fighting within their own species. The rats just went crazy. I see similarities with human behavior.

  • Drugs and apathy

  • What would your fantacy world look like without capitalism? I keep hearing about people wanting to abolish capitolism, but what do you expect would happen? Forcing one group of people to work hard to support the other half is what the government has been doing for years.

    • I don’t think we have to live without capitalism, but we need a far bigger dose of socialism. It’s like saying we need oxygen but not nitrogen. Capitalistic competition keeps us all fed, but left alone without check, it devolves into monopoly and plutocracy. We need labor unions and industry regulations as much as we need private industry.

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        Yep, we could use a heavy dose of socialism, I mean, look at Venezuela, it’s just a worker’s paradise…

        • Venezuela’s economy was 70% capitalist. They just made the mistake of pissing off the CIA by privatizing their oil industry.


          • Yep 70% capitalist and doing great. You left out the part where it turned to Socialism and the whole country fell apart in about 15 years or less. I don’t see how you can put a percent value on how much of what a society is. The truth is it was a capitalist country, was one of the richest countries in the world. The wrong person got in office, turned the country to socialism, consolidated wealth and power, and the country turned to sh1t in less than 15 years. In a nutshell. [edit] I have an idea for a new game show where we ship people off to the countries with their ideal form of government without any money or resources and see how long it takes them to get back.

            • I didn’t leave their “socialism” out. They tried to nationalize their oil industry. What did you think they did?

              • I like it! Let’s export socialists to socialist countries! We could pay them a one time FU fee to leave the good, sane, working folk a friggin break… AND I PUFF DAILY… what we have now in USA has been “corporatism” and not capitalism. It was “socialism for the mega corporations” or communism for the elite.

                Trying capitalism again (unrigged markets, lower spending, etc…) would be nice!

    • the purge episode of Rick and Morty.

      • You mean the one where it turns out a bunch of shady capitalists control everything? That one? They literally live in a rococo manor and wear powdered wigs.

  • the shooting victim died and Jessica Chase has been arrested on suspicion of homicide.

  • i drove by as well and they were doing cpr, the life flight chopper was there bun not even running so i assume he wasnt gonna make the flight to redding which is 5 mins from that area….

  • How did this go from a report on a gunshot victim who died to people going on and on about capitalism? RIP to the victim.

  • How did a domestic violence turn into a weed related cartel crime staging war on capitalism? Obviously deps are in you all are smoking way to much

  • Omg where do you people come,up with these comments?? My God so many of,you sound like osychotic lunatics. I swear it’s more scary to read your comments than to read the actual incident that Kim’s posting about

    • The comment police showed up late. Imagine if they had shown up with their imaginary rule book on September 25, 8:40 pm and stopped any extraneous remarks! What a pure comment section we would have had.

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