Eureka Police Seek Vehicle in Hit and Run Collision That Sent Pedestrian to the Hospital

Pedestrian HitPress release from the Eureka Police Department:

On September 25, 2018 at about 1230 a.m., EPD officers responded to the 1700 block of 4th Street for a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian hit and run traffic collision. When officers arrived on scene they located the pedestrian in the roadway suffering from major injuries. The pedestrian was transported from the scene to the hospital for treatment.

The suspect vehicle was described as a black, two-door coupe. It was last seen traveling westbound on 4th Street from the vicinity of R Street.

The Eureka Police Department is asking anyone that may have witnessed the collision or who may have surveillance footage of the collision or the suspect vehicle leaving the vicinity to contact Detective Corrie Watson at 441-4032 or the Eureka Police Department at 441-4060.

This is an ongoing investigation and more information will be released when available.



  • The amount of hit and runs in humboldt is stupid high. Maybe if law enforcement took police reports for crimes, and patrolled the streets and cited the smaller crimes this would go down.

    • it’s because these idiots walk right in front of cars all the time, i see it and deal with it daily ! it’s like they want to be ride i guess…ugh…

      • It was obviously the pedestrians fault. (Sarcasm)
        The driver didn’t bother to stop so lets blame the victim. Only one person if being charged with a crime and it’s not the victim.

  • EPD has no concerns for pedestrians. A law was passed making riding your bike on the sidewalk in Eureka illegal. I bet they have made ZERO citations. If we compared EPD citations to other cities of same size I would bet my savings Eureka is at the bottom. Safety of citizens is of no interest. Crazy drivers running stop signs all day long (see it near where I live all the time), angry drivers rushing straight at citizens in crosswalks, speeding in residential areas, and on and on. ZERO ENFORCEMENT = NO LAWS. Every time a pedestrian dies it is on the head of the EPD and the city council who do ZILCH.

    • They also doubled the safety zone when passing a cyclist

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Sidewalks ARE for pedestrians. Bicycles belong on the street. Sorry. I see the terrible driving every day so I understand the fears of bicyclists. I also know the fear of trying to walk and avoid collisions with a hard contraption carrying 150 lbs. or so of flesh traveling at 10 to 20 mph or more. Sidewalks are for walking unless otherwise noted. Please, somewhere, a refuge from machinery. That’s why most towns have such laws.

  • Wow so it’s the cops that caused this?Kinda reaching don’t you think?You don’t own a black two door coup do you?

  • so many drug addicts in that area it is hard not to assume the pedestrian was under the influence ( so much weed here maybe the driver too ) I find it hard to believe but there is rumor that if they can not get drugs they try to bounce off a car and get pain killers from the local E R . lots of tweakers get $$$ settlements too. I stay away from Broadway 4/5 6/7 th as much as i can I’ve see BMOB sail right trough stop lights without looking.

  • Whoever it was, this is terrible.

    How could anybody hit a pedestrian and run, that’s only a 30mph zone, they must have known what they did.

    Some of the drivers around here are just scary; they drive on top and over the cement dividers as well.

    Maybe the city could try puting lighted speed bumps on the crosswalks and on top of the cement dividers, and add lighted pedestrian signs; wouldn’t cost much.

    Also the county should really consider permanent dui checkpoints throughout the county; maybe hire more officers just for that.

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