Injury Accident at the Broadway Mall in Eureka

injury accident

[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At about 1 p.m. in the Bayshore Mall parking lot in Eureka, a white Honda Odyssey collided with a blue Ford Explorer. An ambulance is responding to the scene. According to a dispatcher speaking over the scanner, an elderly man has a neck injury.

Please be careful in the area.



  • Obviously one isn’t even safe in a parking lot these “Daze”!!! It seems like far too many, get their CDL from a box or bag or w/e they come in these days, of Cracker Jack Snack Mix as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

  • There are a lot of accidents in parking lots and a few hundred people killed every year in this country. I feel like a Target walking across one. Bayshore Mall is the worst. Professional race car drivers apparently use it for practice, though they can often be seen sporting trucker hats in fake American sports cars instead of NASCAR-sanctioned gear. Just more homicidal drivers of Humboldt.

  • Parking lot speeds should not exceed 10 mph. Small children sometimes run out between cars. People just don’t think. That’s why laws are made!

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