Eureka Woman Arrested in Nashville After Money and Marijuana Found at Two Warehouses

Marijuana and money seized in Nashville bust involving a Eureka woman. [Photo from Metro Nashville Police Department]

This is a press release from the Metro Nashville Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Acting on a citizen tip about an illegal drug operation, Narcotics detectives assigned to the Specialized Investigations Division Wednesday arrested two women and seized 17.5 pounds of marijuana and $113,670 as the result of search warrants at two warehouses both located at 1015 West Kirkland Avenue.

Kayla Hansen, 33, who lives in one of the facilities, is charged with felony marijuana possession and marijuana concentrate manufacturing.  She is free on $25,000 bond.

Kayla Hansen

Kayla Hansen from Nashville

Jessie Wilkinson, 34, of Eureka, California, is charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell. She is free on $15,000 bond. 

Jessie Wilkinson

Jessie Wilkinson from Eureka

Also seized from the warehouses were 28 vials of THC oil, two vacuum sealers, marijuana concentrate production equipment, and money counters.



  • On the right side of that pic. It looks like a mortar, or a bong. Is that their extraction device? Uck.

  • gotta love that smile that just says it all. “I’m so proud to get busted” & her thug little partner saying “Yeah fuck off” so cute,,,

    • Meanwhile, corporate cannibiz is investing millions into producing, processing & supplying cannabis worldwide. But hey, let’s ruin the little girls.

      • What a peculiar perspective. The women, in their thirties, knew exactly what they were risking in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

        • Corporate bass turds are allowed to flourish while poor suckers like her are made examples of. Simple is as simple does, INDEED!

          • So in your simple view : Corporation bad because they might be greedy, white women not bad even though completely blinded by greed.

            • How do you know they are “blinded” by greed?

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Corporations “might be greedy”? Read the papers much? Been alive since 2008? “Corporation bad”? Gee, I dunno. Been in a coma? The Wells Fargo stagecoah drives up and robs people. That’s a switch. How many massively overpaid execs went to jail after ’08?

              These gals will get the book thrown at them: the Bible. Smite those heathens, smite ’em!

              • Do you know that you find corporations running local businesses from furniture stores to dentists? That not for profits from Goodwill to the Sierra Club are corporations?

                Condemning a business because they are in business is a gross over simplification and over statement. It is simply not that corporations are generally run by the worst people but that, when large, they have more scope for damage (and for good for that matter) that the individual rat criminal can achieve-that is the difference.

                Since I have had experience with all those types of people, I know where I was. But where were you?

                • What about the difference in corporate environmental damage, low wages, high consumer prices for their products, toxic cancer causing ingredients in their products, slave Labor, political influence, etc compared to the “rat criminal” who grows or possess or sells or buys marijuana?

                • There is nothing that corporations do to cause harm that the aggregation of pot growers don’t do worse. No employee benefits, labor standards or benefits for them at all. Use ’em and lose ’em is the illegal growers expectation for employees. Not to mention the constant violence that seems to surround them.

                  Have the 400 compounds in pot been tested? It can be expected that some, if not many, of them will certainly be carcinogenic. And as for price gouging, who is better at that than the illegal grower?

        • The only danger in cannabis is possessing it!!!

        • Making more than the $10.50 an hour average wage that local businesses pay their employees is not greed, it is called using your noodle. Paying $10.50 to someone who works hard for you so they may support themselves and their families, yeah, thats greed. [edit]

      • Be a better hustler.

      • thanks from her broken heart mom

  • Lol that’s a smile of .. not my money that’s my big …. daddy’s money. I don’t care. I was just moving the stuff.. who’s heard that one before

  • The state they’re in doesn’t think pot is funny
    That’s a Bible Belt state
    she won’t be smiling for long

    • Nashville’s not too bad on cannabis. Not great by any means, and certainly not like Eureka, but the police force has been in support of decriminalization the last two times it has come up. The citizens/legislators are more against it than the actual legal system. Nashville has a ton of violent crime to deal with; cannabis is an afterthought.

    • I thought the same thing until I saw the bail amounts.

      • What do you mean? 15k and 25k bonds are pretty cheap, especially for the amount they had and the various charges against them.

        • Exactly! Low bail amounts means Nashville isn’t as harsh on pot crimes as some would think they are.

          • Ms Hansen’s manufacturing charge is problematic. Judge wont like that much. She’ll get time, the others will walk with a fine. Wait and see if the add a conspiracy charge.

  • So the tore up one is from Humboldt?

  • Bail is low in Nashville.

    • this is the black market, glamorous aint it. living in a warehouse slinging some nasty ass oil for your crew back home.

      bail is low in nashville when the cops get to steal more than 100gs for their toy fund, and you tell the investigators everything you know. the latter will be extracted from their drop phones regardless.

  • Jessie looks familiar. Looking like a straight baller in that mugshot.

  • There goes my dog groomer…

  • That’s a lot of money, more than doctors and lawyers make, and no hard work or student loans, no wonder they are smiling.

  • $ 113.670 is know where close to what a white collar worker makes

    • Cmon, you know that money was for the folks she got to front her the herb.
      And shes probably smiling cuz its pretty tame compared to the REAL sht goin on in tennessee, for instance. ..

      Meth Remains A Big Problem In Tennessee
      Matthew Torres
      5:21 PM, Jun 22, 2018
      6:22 PM, Jun 22, 2018

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Despite the ongoing opioid crisis impacting communities across Tennessee, experts said the problem of meth remains in the picture.

      Michael Reynolds, a regional substance abuse coordinator with Centerstone, believes meth is making a resurgence.

      “Meth never really went away. There is definitely more methamphetamine being used in Tennessee,” said Reynolds.

      Centerstone is an organization dedicated to providing mental health and substance abuse treatment, education, and support in multiple states, including Tennessee.

      “Usually somewhere in their list of things they use pretty regularly is still methamphetamine,” added Reynolds.

      Earlier this week, authorities in Montgomery County busted two people for allegedly carrying 54 pounds of crystal meth with a street value of $2 million.

      Reynolds said meth was considered an epidemic more than a decade ago. It reached its peak in 2013 when 213 meth labs were found in just one month. That was seven labs per day.

      Through programs and law enforcement initiatives, there was a drop in meth labs in the state, but meth use has gone up, according to the Tennessee Dangerous Drug Task Force.

      “Law enforcement especially has done a spectacular job in combating the epidemic and reducing the access to certain components in the manufacturing of meth,” stated Reynolds.

      The drug task force also stated that meth incidents reported by officers have jumped 80 percent.

      “Cartels are shipping in product to our urban areas, and it’s going out from there,” said Reynolds.

      A state report showed more young adults and rural communities are using methamphetamine.

      Mental health officials reported about 2,500 people sought treatment for meth addiction in 2016, a gradual increase since 2011.

      However, the number only reflects state-run services.

      For Reynolds, he continues to work to expand the organization’s addiction services. It’s a tough job as the drug crisis sees no end in sight.

      People are continuing to mix their use of methamphetamine with other depressants to suppress their signs of addiction.

      “For some people, they want to try and live normal lives and hide the fact that they are on meth, so they will manage some of their symptoms by using other drugs,” added Reynolds.

  • doctors and lawyers make a good amount over $113k. A truck driver earns $113k a year.

  • Some doctors n lawyers make more, some dont.

  • Kayla wears that cute little smile because she knows the cops didn’t get all the dope and money.

    • Maybe she didn’t know the other warehouse was busted too. Either way smiling in your mugshot is often used against you in court, doesn’t bode well with anti pot Bible belt juries or judges.

  • They’re getting off super light as-if in CA. That area is usually 2-3X their bail with minimum yrs. jail time with that lot.

    • Because slowly every state is stepping into the reality that marijuana isn’t as bad as all the government lies have led them to believe for so long.

      • In twenty years, the government will be doing PSAs on the health dangers of smoking pot. And the NYT, if still in existence, will be writing about the damage that large numbers of pot users cause to the medical system and the drain on the welfare system. Oh well. Self driving cars will help with the DUIs and the social security system will benefit from the early deaths due to COPD and liver damage. So it will all balance out in the end.

        • Liver damage from pot? Keep dreaming,[edit] This area is an open-air pot testing lab, and in 50 years of research, no one is dying from liver damage because of weed consumption. It must pain you that people are becoming healed because of the beneficial compounds it possesses. Keep rooting against people’s health. That’ll get you into heaven real quick.

          • “But back to reality. For stroke, the county ranks dead last, 58th, and is the only county in the state that failed to meet the “healthy people 2010 national objective” for that category.

            The numbers are numbing. In deaths from chronic lower respiratory, it ranks 54th; liver disease, 50th; accidents, meaning unintentional injuries, 56th; suicides, 55th; firearm deaths, 52nd; and drug-induced deaths, 57th. ”–-amid-stunning-beauty-sad-health-profile

            There are no tests for the cause of someone’s COPD, cancer or liver disease. But Humboldt County has awful stats and the long term pot smokers I know personally died of COPD. Research will eventually tell but I doubt it’s going to be rosy news for pot users. That’s not “rooting” for poor health, that’s a reasonable question that should be addressed without hysteria.

            • There has already been some very good research conducted on the impact of cannabis on the respiratory system, some of it quite surprising, even to stoners:

              “The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer.

              The new findings “were against our expectations,” said Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.

              “We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use,” he said. “What we found instead was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect.””

              Having followed these developments somewhat closely, I agree with you that research on cannabis is likely to hold more surprises for us, but I think you’re wrong to imply that they’ll be mostly negative.

  • At least someone is making real money.

    • ….was making real money. lost 100+ in profit. (btw nobody fronts money for weed, its the other way around – give me the weed i’ll be back with the money, maybe)

  • That’s an awful long way to haul stuff to make oil out of there???

  • The lawyers and state are getting the money on this one. 17 pounds and $113k seems like a normal day in Humboldt.

    • You are better off being Snoopy......................

      Oh Really? The lawyers (and corporations) ARE the State. We all live under their umbrella controls. And the same, but larger umbrella controls, is the Federal State. You either bow to businessman Jerry Brown or suck Rip Off artist Donald Trump. It is a no win life Charlie Brown and you lose!

  • the small mortal looking thing is a stand for open blasting butane to make wax or bho…. its whats used when explosions and fire occur during the wax production….incase anybody was wondering

  • $405 per oz. of course she is smiling!

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Well, they’re “Cannabis Businesswomen” who live in a warehouse, apparently…

    What’s the matter, ladies, couldn’t find an apartment? I guess now you have lost your deposit ($115,000)…

    Good luck in your future endeavors, you are making Humboldt proud every day!

  • She learned how to make oil “on youtube”. 5-0 popped the doorman first.

    Julian Jordan, 32 (Male), of Augusta, GA, but an extensive Nashville arrest history. Charged with felony possession w/intent SCH VI. Free on a $3,000 bond.

  • Jessie is a nice person. I am sorry to see this.

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