DEU Eradicated Around 12000 Marijuana Plants On Two Search Warrants

Marijuana grow greenhouseThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Over the last two days the Humboldt Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit served two search warrants in the southern and eastern areas of Humboldt County. The first warrant was served on four privately owned parcels in Rancho Sequoia. Approximately 5000 marijuana plants were eradicated from this site.

A second search warrant was served in the Blake Mountain area near Hyampom in the Mad River watershed. Approximately 7000 marijuana plants were eradicated from this location.

Agencies involved in this operation included Wardens from the Fish and Wildlife, environmental scientists from Fish and Wildlife, County Code Enforcement, specialists with the Environmental Health Hazmat team, and the State Water Board.

All properties were outside the scope of medical marijuana guidelines and did not possess the necessary permits or interim permits for commercial cannabis cultivation.

Multiple environmental violations were observed including water diversion, sediment pollution and trash dumped in waterways. County Code Enforcement observed multiple commercial cannabis building code violations, grading violations, streamside management violations and improper waste disposal violations. The Environmental health Hazmat team discovered unauthorized hazardous waste storage violations, spill prevention and counter measurement plan violations, and mismanagement of universal waste violations.

Information on the involved suspects continues to be confirmed and when these investigations are completed it is anticipated that they will be forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.Marijuana grow trash excavation Marijuana grow greenhouse Marijuana grow greenhouse Water toilet Marijuana grow Marijuana grow



  • These people have ruined these communities and I’m glad to see they are actually pursuing individuals for criminal prosecution, if I understood the article correctly?
    Most of the time there are no arrest and just fines passed to the property owners. In some cases the owners may not even know what’s taking place on their property. They just rent it out or have care takers. However, I’m sure most are the investors of the scenes.
    In any case the grows have a huge impact on the communities in so many ways, somebody needs to be held accountable for these messes..
    The ones that are financed by people that don’t live in the area should also be sought out and their crews run out of town and, or jailed if possible. Or in many cases deported.

  • Drying on location. All eggs in one basket you deserve to be treated as a child. As you act like one.

    • Drying on location should be the norm. The people that bogart multiple properties should be run out as much as these trashy people. If your a respectable Mom and Pop farmer then you grow a small amount to live off the land. It’s the greedy people that want to be farmers but don’t want the common farmer wages. Don’t be a farmer if you don’t love the country and just want a way to pay for your one piece of land and expenses, LIKE A FLIPPING FARMER DOES.

  • Cry Me a River!!
    For the most part growing has brought prosperity to a forgotten corner of California. There are bad actors in every Walk of Life. Growing still hasn’t caused as much environmental degradation as logging, dams, and the nuclear power plant in freshwater. None of which benifit average citizens.

    • Pot growers have nothing to be so self satisfied over. A few made an unconscionable amount of money, attracted a huge population of drug addicts, corrupted public officials. And probably choked off any chance of a viable, self sustaining economy for most people. And while doing it, they knew darn well what damage they did. They did it for the money because they thought no one could stop them.

      • And what do you do with your life to consider yourself so much better than someone who took a risk and got rich? Winners and losers in life..

        • It is not getting rich that is a problem. It’s not even then people who decide that getting rich is more important than any other activity. It’s the people so in love with having more that they ignore the damage done in pursuit of it that is the ugliness. The ones who look at a creek and don’t see the animals who live there, their down stream neighbors or the birds that need that water source to raise their family or spray round up to kill competing weeds, who scrape off the dirt to have a convenient flat spot, who avoid responsibilities as inconvenient, killing anything that lived there, rejoice in the illegality of their actions, don’t care if it contributes to the stagnant life of their customers or danger to those around them AND DO IT ALL FOR MORE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. Not a place to live, to produce necessary food. Not to provide jobs, houses, food for others or any other necessary.

          As to how I spent my life- I don’t owe you any kind of explanation but what I will say is that I helped people live, survive disease, keep their homes and helped minimized their fears. Anyone who showed up and anyway I could much of the time. In the process I learned from so many people that I couldn’t number them. Didn’t make me rich but left a great deal if satisfaction. I was never a person who valued money- at least any more than gave me an income enough to get by. Probably a defect of character that I never was much interested in money but I was lucky enough to get what made me happiest.

          What did you do?

        • Nothing is more pitiable than an ineffective bully. Try at least for some humor or original thought.

    • Hey, “sheesh” What’s yer fckn point? Oh yes by ALL means let’s give a pass to these shitty Practices that destroy the environment and watershed because , hey, the other industries did much worse.
      Just leavem be, cause their money is going to be put back into our community and economy , right? It’s worth the trade off, right?

      WTF…nothing worse than a hippycrit .

    • What was....... is Gone!

      So we should let them continue growing because previous bad actors did bad things to the land and growers are just following. Are you lacking an eighth grade education? On large grows the money doesn’t end up here. It goes to cartel like people or foreigners, but not the people of the counties. Like lumber and fishing the money goes to owners living in places like Texas and Oregon and other places a long, long ways from Eureka. Clearcut all the trees and then leave. Catch more fish than can reproduce and leave. They pollute and disrupt the environment messing up all of the biology. With weed it is the same thing. The 5000 weed plants will be harvested and the growers will leave a mess only to do the same thing somewhere else. The common element is MONEY!!! Lots of MONEY!! The most notable difference is lumbermen and fishermen were not murdered when the did their destruction. Yet competition between growers and people who want to rip them off or arrest them didn’t exist with lumbermen and fishermen. And lumbermen and fishermen created the need for other service businesses. Sadly they went out of business when the trees and fish ran out. And it will be hundreds of years before the fish will recover and the mighty Redwoods return to maturity.

  • The top picture looks like the garbage was laid out on purpose. To perfect of a lay. Animals don’t leave piles like that. Maybe I’m wrong because I’m definitely not an expert on garbage and animal activities but it just looks like a set up picture.

  • Basically this is for land confiscation, this is my belief. Just another way for the government to suck us dry and call us dusty. Some garbage and sewage has been delt with in similar wAys through out history in humboldt county. Situations such as Rancho is because they were warned and ignored. They hate that! You get warned and comply no worries. You don’t, public outing. I mean comply with erDicating the green stuff. The other stuff is just pile on when you piss em off. So just take your hoops down and a. Shed or two and your done. I remember not to long ago we HAD to grow in the shade. Or in the trees, or where ever. Green house? Sheesh….

    • All. About. The. Benjamins.

      The “drug warriors” chase drugs,, cause if the chased the money they’d be arresting politicos, developers, and their cronies.. GO BIG REG!!

  • The Bulgi’s are the ones that burn trash in pits. They are too scared to take it all to the dump.

  • @Sheesh!!

    Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant in King Salmon.

  • i would swear at least oneof these pictures was used before from a eariler raid this year.

    • groba dude trustafarian osnt

      It IS interesting that the sites all seem to be identical!

      Maybe there is a textbook for filthy grows – nah, these guys can’t read – probably a you-tube for “Environmentally destructive grows for chronic drug addicts who want to be players…”

      Most bad grows seem to involve lots of 2×4’s and plywood, plenty of plastic pipe, tons of plastic sheeting, wal-mart fans and trash all over the place. Add in some diverted water, 2-3 chainsaws for cutting down the forest, dig a hole to dump the poop and the chemicals: we’re there, dude! Environmental disaster! Poisoned weed!

      Nice going assholes – oops, the DFW is here!

    • I’ve never seen any of these before.

  • They are not very good at drying and curing.

  • Wow the weed looks like shit, grown by shit growers who shit all over the land.

  • Your all right ok

  • They’re growing shit
    With two heads

    • groba dude trustafarian osnt

      Hey! Thanks Pebbles et al for leading us into the future of Medical Marijuana, and creating the “Cannabis Industry”!

      Thanks again to the “pioneers”! Oh and thanks for promoting the future of Cannabis Tourism. I hope the tourists are taken to a typical pot farm like this one, so that they can see the miserable mess, the environmental desecration, the cheap-shit grow pictured here, and I hope that they get to meet the ignorant and greedy backwoods hicks with webbed toes, that grow like this!

      Thanks “Pioneers”, you made the county strong, for tweakers who kill each other in Phillipsville, and outside Garberville, and in Alderpointe, and Mckinleyville, Hoopa…

      Nice going!

      • There is a lot more to be thankful. I personally wish to thank the state/county tax and permit pillaging and the non-support of the banking industry. Let’s not forget the countless citizens imprisoned because of a plant the federal government lied about and said had no medicinal value, I am sure they are all thankful. Cudos to the federal government also for covering up their lies and creating a war on drugs rather than admit their wrong. Thanks for making generations of growers unprotected from the worst of society while you use the money of taxpayers to raid our homes. Thanks!

  • 52.4 cubic feet per second discharge for the ENTIRE Eel river system? Prosperity? Prosperity? This river is dying a quick death due to the water being raped out of the feeder creeks and streams that make up the Eel system as we speak, due to fucking prosperity…

    • Scott Graecen, the Director of the Friends of the Eel River, just recently said that logging and the mismanagement of the local forests has reduced flows in the Eel River more than pot.

      Pot is going to go away soon enough, regardless of what the county or fish and game do. Restoring our forests will take decades of hard work and lots of money.

      Theres plenty of forests that need to be thinned around here. Pick up a chainsaw and cut down some Douglas firs if you care about the river.

      • If this were true, then why did he and friends of the Eel River sue the county with a demand of 1200 cannabis abatement notices to be issued per year, especially for Southern Humboldt. And also were responsible for getting our watersheds declared impacted, thus more clustered abatement notices.

      • oh yeah because doug firs arent as sellable ? or is it because the indians did that because they did not produce what they needed ? doug firs are just a part of the forrests as the oaks and redwoods.

      • forests will all burn down because the regulations restrict homeowner and back to landers from doing anything with it!

        Saving it for nature is turning it into clearlake death trap fire zone hell…

        Save the redwoods, not the tanoak

    • Don’t beleve the Eel can provide you the 4 basic food groups. Block the 101, the 299, and the 36, and see what the Eel river does for your family. Hate to break the news friend, rivers and water sheds are critically low across the state. I don’t think the Eel has any special placement in thirsty so_cals needs. The needs of the many always will persevere over the needs of the few.

    • Try looking at water diversions by the government for wine and dams. Grows are a drop in the bucket. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Your hatred is misplaced.

      • Somewhere else, maybe. But here, and in large numbers, it’s pot grows. What is done elsewhere does not mean a free pass here.

  • I wonder how many of those black bins w/yellow lids has Costco sold to growers?

    Seems like they are the big winners in the pot game!!

    • As it ever was. Those who sold shovels & eggs were the ones who prospered in the gold rush.

      • Today I was st cosco with no waiting line looks like they are biting the big weenie too!

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        No, I think it was bankers, real estate agents, people who knew how to manage water systems, and railroad barons. And the guys who raised cattle, wheat and hay, and brewers…

        • Curse those food producers for the usless scum they are. It’s too bad that some people can object to ruthless people who made huge amounts of money while adamantly saying they have a right to as much of that as they can get away with themselves. It is so Gold Rush. It’s Capitalism with a capital C from America’s Gilded Age.

        • Flatgirls right look it up. Trains and bankers were a little later.

  • Your Mom's Boyfriend

    12,000 marijuana, huh? I’m…so confused…

  • Over 80 abatement notices posted on Friday evening.

  • AAAH , one has to admire your yin and yang kym. On the on hand you are alerting illegal drug dealing criminals of upcoming raids yet you post dirtbags getting busted in other states peddling humgrown weed.

  • Remember when growing pot was illegal? It was much less destructive and profitable. I’m willing to guess most commenters on this site voted for legal weed but bitch and complain about the outcome. I can tell by all the fake names they post under. Get real!!!!

    • Shawn, I am pro legality. It’s bad for the grower’s profit margin but good for people who get arrested, for children who have seizures but can’t get marijuana studied as a possible medicine, and good for the environment. The diesel spill in Hacker Creek happened long before marijuana was legal.

      • It seems a bit unfortunate that a mother and retired teacher, an educated woman, would endorse the giving of cannabis, in any form, to children.

        This seems like something that you should not say out loud, much less in print!

        YOU might think that Cannabis could help, but it could also be harmful.

        • Epidiolex, 98% CBD. FDA already approved it.

        • In my opinion, it is terribly unfortunate when educated people don’t look at facts. An FDA panel just endorsed giving children a marijuana-based medicine
 Why should I be shy?

          • The age limits placed on alcohol, tobacco and other drug use are based on neurological research about their effects on the developing neurology of the brain. Early drug use has been proven to alter neurological development from the normal neuron development that would take place in a brain unaltered by alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

            Fact is, the FDA “endorsed” Thalidomide, Preludin, Ritalin, Addreral and on and on.

            Chemicals are chemicals, some may appear useful, but we need study to insure that the chemicals are not harmful. Alleging that chemicals are good to use in children seems dangerous, reckless and inadvisable. It may be FDA “approved”, but it may not be efficacious or advisable for all patients. A blanket statement that endorses giving Cannabis to children is not the same as stating that your favorite CBD drug mentioned above may be useful for a very small number of patients.

            Cannabis is a complicated plant. Just because you can grow it at home does not mean it is safe for children. Or anyone else.

            Cannabis is already a huge public health problem and behavioral health challenge. It would be well for educated people to provide guidance in a responsible manner.

            • Thalidomide was never approved by the FDA for treating morning sickness.

            • I don’t recommend that every child use marijuana. I said that it was important that marijuana be legalized so that “children who have seizures” can “get marijuana studied as a possible medicine.” I don’t recommend that all children be given insulin either but for some children with diabetes, it is beneficial. The government allows the study of one but not the other.

      • Legal marijuana is not good for the environment. There is no sustainable weed grown but at a few small farms

        • Not true, there are many people with very small personal medical gardens or recreational state gardens that are sustainable and not negatively effecting the environment. The local news outlets don’t highlight these personal use gardens but the local magazines do.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    I noticed quite a few of those abatements are LLCs. Does that mean that they were in the permit process? Or were they just using an LLC as cover for their property. Or did they have an actual business there and were growing on the side? It would be interesting to know.

    • I think they use LLC’s because they think it is harder to find the owners but if someone can give us another reason I would like to hear it.

      • The owner is not personally liable for the business’ obligations if the business is registered as an LLC. The biz can go bankrupt and the owners do not have to reach into their personal finances to pay off the company’s debts or liens. The “members” of an LLC are easy to find, it is public record. Investors in an LLC can be confidential to the public but not the tax man.

        The LLC veil can be pierced and the members can be found personally liable if they dont follow ALL of the rules, including commingling funds or breaking the law. In other words if “ma and pa dep, llc” fails as a business due to a criminal act, like growing weed illegally and loosing it all to a chipper, they could be personally liable for the costo credit card balance or fines imposed against the LLC.

        LLCs offer good protection for members when some unfortunate circumstance blow it up. No protection from members knowingly fucking up.

      • One reason to use an LLC is to protect your personal assets. If you were to be sued, the LLC would be liable.

      • Having innocent sounding LLCS is how you funnel illegal money into the banks.
        The permitted but not operating legally scene next to me has numerous LLCS and Not for profits under multiple names using multiple addresses.

        • if you commit a criminal act the llc will not shield your personal liability.

          if you move money between the llc and personal accounts the llc will not shield your personal liability.

      • From what I’ve read on RE articles, it’s easy to funnel offshore money through a series of LLC’s for real estate investments. I wonder if that’s being done for marijuana investments? MJ is on the stock market now, could be some of these are grey market stock market backed. Or foreign investments. Or both.

        As an aside, if you look at the registered owners of abandoned houses in Mendo county, a lot of them are owned by LLC’s. Same in many urban areas. Many of these houses, apartment buildings and condos are not for sale or for rent, they just sit there and rot. There are blocks of almost all unoccupied housing in NYC, LA, SF and even the city of Mendocino. And we wonder why housing is so expensive and we have so many homeless people…

        When US citizens buy land or housing they need to provide info on how they got the money or they are liable to the IRS. Foreign investors/offshore LLC’s do not. They don’t have any liability of that sort whatsoever. They can wire cash with no accountability. No one knows how much of our housing stock OR farm land is now foreign owned.

        Who do you think will be the first buyers of all this land from the bankers?

  • I see that much trash strewn around “legal” farms too – if you want to get away with destroying neighborhoods and the environment, just get a permit – there is zero enforcement of the rules, especially if Rex Bohn is on your side.

  • I’m all for un-mismanaging the forest. Then we can un-divert and un-dam the feeder creeks, and un-rape the natural year round springs. Whilst there, we can un-carbofuran and un-fertilize the above sources of water that keeps the Eel alive. The ocean is made up of raindrops, and every drop must go where it is supposed to go, the river… Mass pot production is the final nail in the coffin of the 3’rd largest watershed in the (mine, your, our) state. The river does not belong to the pot growers, but they sure act like it…

  • No but the water on our land does its called riparian water rights which was put in the Constitution in the 1880’s. Let’s just give up all our Constitutional rights and be slaves. You first in the name of the environment since you feel so strongly about trampling on the Constitution

    • It is a shared resource in which each individual has a right. When it passes though property you own, you have a right to a reasonable take. Not all of it. Not most of it and not everything you want for any reason you want it. Anytime a resource is shared, someone has to act as a guardian of all people’s right. The State does that.

      If you are going to wave the Constitution, you should not just assume it says what you want it to say. The US Constitution reserves to the State or the people any specific right not specifically in the Constitution. The State has attached water rights to its Constitution per that tolerance and, in California, has designated the right to use, but not own, water. If the people object as wanting to retain water right to the individual, they will have to amend the State Constitution.

      So no, you don’t own the water. Any part of it. You have a right to use as the State defines it.

    • I recommend watching this lecture by Angus McIntosh, especially the 2nd half.

  • I’m an environmentaly conscious person but this is not all but mostly a smokescreen for robbery,extorsion,and greed.the state of California is stealing the pot industry from the people. Period.and most of our local politicians are diving on board to secure there futures and hanging the rest of us out to dry

  • I just eradicated 50,000 marijuana plants by taking one poop in my toilet! They always have these huge claims then show pictures of these janky grows with 500 plants….why aren’t they going after the big dogs?? Like the Bulgarians or the massive permitted farms continuing their illegal activities like the janky ones they scape goat?

  • We the rural people of Humboldt county had better rise up and organize or were( Humboldt) is thru.our economy is done for. Legal buissnesses in the town’s as well.

  • Guest are you really John Ford from the planning department commenting under the name guest?????

  • Or is guest extortion Estelle’s wife????

  • Like I said I’m into preserving the environment,i Stewart my land to protect it for my child’s future,and all children’s future but this isn’t about that.its a smokescreen and there annihilating our economy.theres a balance between the two.

    • Your not preserving the environment. Your
      Mere existence is contaminating the earth. If you eat ,breath, shit and drive a car…. your part of the problem. Step down off the soapbox about preserving the environment.

  • Figure gallons per cubic feet per second, than figure seconds per minute, minutes per hour… Now, Guess how many gallons just went to water weed from Covelo to the forks(middle and main) and tell me how much water goes to weed in the last hour! Do the math, I estimate that at least half the flow is absconded by weed before it ever reaches the riverbed. That is NOT counting all the renegade grows in the Yolla Bolly’s… An hour of your time on google earth will, and shall, enlighten you! It is one giant water sucking grow from source to forks! After your enlightenment, figure the gallons per plant on average(use whatever number of gallons per plant you think each plant needs). The sum total, please????????????
    Next argument…

  • Just another Humboldt grow do dah, do dah. Nor Cal hills are filled with those oh da do dah day.

    (To the tune of clampdown races)

    On a more serious note, it’s just basically ridiculous anymore. Used to be don’t ask don’t tell attitude. It was gravy on your potatoes…buy some extra things, get some Christmas presents for the kiddos. Was not a sole income, people didn’t blow stuff up all over the place. Additionally, now with prices being so low good luck even trying to make your money back. The direct reflection of that is the size of these huge grows people are trying to pull off 1000 lbs +. If you’re selling it for 3 to $500 per and it cost you 150 grand to run your operation for the year with your payments, properties taxes, infrastructure, any help That’s not including fuel costs in groceries and just maybe trying to live a little. People that are just trying to get their foot in the door last couple years good luck with that. Going price for trimming rate this year has been quoted numerous times at $50 per pound. Everybody’s dealing with the transition in their own way good, bad, ugly. There’s still a lot of things to be sifted out. My favorite personal quote strongly applies…” Ever-evolving never resolving.” Only time will tell! ❤

    • True! Thanks, I will say prices have gone up recently.

    • Prices are better than $500 in the California black market. A good bow of outs can sell for $800.

      Volumes are up for outs in the legal market. November is when both will collapse.

      Agree in your point about costs and margins. Used to be you could pull a few pounds at 80 or 90% margin for extra cash. A few pounds is a hobby now. 100 pounds is a low wage job now with all the hours growing takes.

  • My last post does NOT include the South Fork Eel drainage… Shall I do the math for you on this one also?

  • Mendo Mama and Guest have it right…

  • Gnarly narly narlie

    Whats the Trimmigrant population looking like this year?

  • Elric of Melniboné


  • 👍. Yeah Mendo mama. You must be in your 50-60s At least your attitude is

    • Hey Crusty…now it’s not so much about attitude, but how many things have come into favor that were the “big new fad” and it never hung on very long. Seriously who can’t relate to that lots of things that you love and all of a sudden you can’t find it anymore or you find out it that it’s just a scam, bad for you, bad for the environment, or plain bad all the way around. It can be something that we consume for whatever reason think Celebrex, or the recent findings on milk for adults. Batteries in Samsung phones that caught on fire and caused loss of faith in the products. Boston Markets… nobody wanted to pay the price for it. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies they were so super sky-high now they’re just definitely falling flatter than they were before. Glycophosphate that was touted as absolutely harmless use it on everything you don’t like!!! Put in Parks, playgrounds, sports stadiums, and everyone’s homes it was marketed as the safest thing in the world. Now we know it causes ALS, Cancers and God knows what else we’ve all been exposed to it one way or another. ❤

      • One of the things that used to make Northern California marijuana so “special” was the dry time. Limited product. Not everybody had it you couldn’t just go to the grocery store and buy CBD tincture. When folks couldn’t find a drop of outdoor anything fresh for the life of you. From maybe the end of June until harvest. That wasn’t all that tooooo long ago thinking 2007 or so. Bringing it into just mainstream context. Russian River Brewing Company in Sonoma County makers of Pliny the Elder… would it be so special if you could get it as commonly as Budweiser mmm me thinks NOT. ❤

  • Looks like the sheriff and dfw dumped the trash all over and took a picture, how convenient…. Doesnt look so “environmentally destructive”

  • Truths about water and property rights in the West.

    (sorry for spamming, but it’s a highly valued lecture).

  • Mendo Mama, you are exactly 100% right on this one. Back in the day, pot was a part of everytown 101… Now it i has become its’entirety…Too bad, So sad that little towns in northern Ca. have transgressed into a lawless fucking nightmare, complete with mega missing person flyers, over loaded cops playing whack-a-mole, and the general fucked up lawlessness that fills the void! The addition of addiction for precious water will be the death knell for the most beautiful chunk of land we could ever hope to occupy, and for that I am truly sorry…

    • Agreed 100%. What’s the quote…like “if your not changing your dying” I’ll clarify. The industry has treated folks well over the years. Again that lil extra push. All the stores had harvest sales. Charge accounts got paid off at local stores. Kids got new shoes and clothes. Mama got some new tires to run the soccer taxi. Etc, etc, etc. That influx of cash mostly stayed local. Harvest was a happy time you could feel the giggles in the air. Not so much wicked crime because you hired family, close pals only…no unknown out of towners. You didnt get onto a farm or behind a gate unless you were escorted and invited. Everyone benefited whether you knew it, admitted it, or were oblivious to it.
      Now people are divided. Consumerism has taken the industry over. Making a buck on a buck! Folks in it to kill it no pun intended. Have a skewed twisted view…thinking growing is not as HARD as another vocation. Ugh!
      For a fine product it takes considerable effort. Every farmer Ive ever known that was successful no matter what they farmed had one of 2 things.
      A day job or a wife who worked in town!!! ❤

      • Mendocino Mama, I’ve hit the invisible Love icon button on all your posts. Thank you for speaking up.

        We can, however, travel even further back in time, to a time when a working wage actually took care of those shoes, gas tanks and pantries.

        This tweet/post articulates the root of the problem precisely:
        “They tricked us. We pay our taxes as good law abiding citizens thinking it’s to the treasury for public services. Then we use credit just to break even. We think it’s our fault for getting into debt, but we are simply using our cards to pay our country’s interest to the cabal.” -Joe M

      • Thanks for the flashbacks, good times, good times indeed! I run my farms the same as I did long ago some slight modifications but all-in-all not much has changed. The only major change is giving the government their cut. I never operated under mob rule before so it is a unique experience, lol.

      • Oh brother , growing weed isn’t that hard at all . Most of the work is planting and harvesting with a few days of leafing here and there . I had two 12x40s and pulled about 100 pounds every year between dep and full term and my wife trimmed it all .
        I quit growing and got back into building and it doesn’t pay anywhere near what growing did and it’s a hell of a lot more labor . Having said that i have no regrets and I’m glad i got what i got out of all of it .

  • The spill in Hacker Creek Kym? Come on. So much more pollutants have hit the ground and watersheds since legal weed. Get real! The amount of destruction is much higher than ever before.

    • You really think so, Shawn? I disagree. I think we see the mess more. For instance, I can think of multiple places in Salmon Creek alone that had diesel spills before Hacker Creek. And nobody reported them and in most cases, no one cleaned them up. And those are just ones that I learned about. I’d guess there were more.

      • Way more grows equals way more footprint, write that down

        • “Way more grows equals way more footprint.”…I wrote it down, she said mildly.

          I would say the worst destruction occurred between about 2005 and 2016. I think that “legal weed” required some of the worst of the destruction to stop. And some other growers to slow their roll.

          I would also say that 2018 has seen the first wave of abandoning grows. So I would guess the number of grows hasn’t grown this year. Next year there will probably be less grows than this year.

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