Deceased Identified in Phillipsville Shooting

Shooting investigation

Law enforcement at the scene of the shooting near the former Sawblade in Phillipsville. [Photo provided by a witness]

Press release from the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has positively identified the deceased person from the Phillipsville shooting as David Oney Hanna, age 28. Hanna was a Humboldt County resident who was living in Phillipsville at the time of his death.

A forensic autopsy is scheduled for Saturday, September 22, 2018. More information may be released after that time.



  • google this cats name! sounds like he liked the meth mayhem

    • There is some jerk name Bozo that owns the property let’s the drug addicts live there there also selling

      • Not true. The property owner is not dealing meth. However he does also own the farm across the street. There is a pretty large unpermitted grow there. Weird how they just let stuff like this go and go…With all the tweakers who know about the grow wandering about all night it’s lucky that this has been the only shooting so far.

        • in march of this year the property owner started the eviction process by having the sherrif serve the tenant an eviction notice. the sherrifs have since twice more been there paid by the landlord to serve her and multiple john and jane does with eviction papers. the farm across the street has nothing to do with the tweekers ball occuring over there every night from 10 pm to 3 am, but the permit process is well underway for that grow.

  • I searched the name on fb and found a link to a 2013 loco/Kym Kemp article in which David Oney Hanna was convicted of burglary and given probation for robbing a fortuna business. Sad that he didn’t seem to have learned anything, and that it cost him his life. It’s sad for his family. Thoughts are with his family and the injured person that had to take his life.

    • It doesn’t matter what my cuzins past was all that matters is that my baby cuzin was murdered in cold blood do u know for sure he lost his life due too anything other then the fact that the other guy wasn’t just a cold hearted killer no u don’t because nothing else has been said abt don’t shame someone that isn’t even alive anymore u have no idea what our family has been thru this year like if ur some perfect angle I fuckin doubt that next time keep ur [edit] comments to ur self or post them on ur own facebook page [edit]

    • Well look idk who you are but I’m his kid . that was the past he was tryna start fresh

      • I’m sorry. But he was “tryna start fresh” by hanging out at a known tweaker scene at 3 am? Not saying anybody should get shot for that but…that don’t sound so fresh. I’d advise anybody trying to reboot their life to get away from all the drug fiends who were your usual crowd and get to bed early unless you’re working the night shift. Rehab is a lonely yet rewarding voyage.

      • If you were his child that would make you what, about 10 or 11? Maybe even younger? He was only 28. You are too young to be reading these comments. Grieve for your father and stay off of social media. Prayers for you and your family

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      If this is true, the alleged perp may have finally robbed the wrong “victim.” Too bad, so sad. I hate thieves; that’s my bias. We’ll see.

  • Whats the name of the suspect that shot him??

  • Who the man in jail

  • why spend the money when dude was shot ? it isnt like people go around shooting dead people. autopsys cost money and imo cases like this it is wasted.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You don’t watch the crime shows like forensic files? If no witnesses, the autopsy can show if facts support the shooter’s story. We can also find out if deceased was high and what on. Stuff like that.

      • okay, seriously. please don’t use TV shows as a way to determine what is or is not happening in the world around you. please, just, i don’t have the words right now but really please don’t do that.

  • Well said Anon.

  • As I sit and read everyones comments it saddens me how people think. Rather then getting on a social media page and giving prayer or condulonce to the family of the decesed, people would rather research someones past and spred and blast it on Social Media so everyone knows. It is a shame what our culture has turned into. To the family of the deaeased my prayes and thoughts are with you. And im sorry for your loss.

  • This is my brother that was shot. He was 28 years old had 3 kids 6 siblings and many other family members and friends that loved him. Like most people in life he made mistakes and was making plans to correct them. Someone took my brothers life and in a blink of an eye we are planning a funeral when he’s young enough to planning a wedding. Before anyone posts anything negative take a second to think if this was your brother, nephew, cousin, dad, or friend and ask yourself if you would be saying the things your saying or assuming the things your assuming. We are patiently waiting for justice to be served to the man who took my brothers life. Please pray for my family and pray for justice! #justicefordavidoneyhanna

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