One Fatally Shot in Phillipsville Early This Morning

GunshotAt approximately 3:30 a.m., law enforcement received a report of a shooting in Phillipsville. According to a report over the scanner about 15 minutes later, the person believed to have been the shooter allegedly surprised the man shot as he was stealing some items.

According to the report relayed by the dispatcher, the victim was bleeding from the chest. CPR was attempted.

About 4 a.m. the victim was pronounced deceased and the person who shot him was taken to the hospital with “severe head trauma,” according to the dispatcher speaking over the scanner.

Lt. Ernie Stewart of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed, “there was a shooting and that there is one deceased subject.” He added, “This is an active ongoing investigation of a complicated event.” He said more information will be forthcoming from his department but he isn’t sure when.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Department Releases Some Information on Shooting in Phillipsville



  • Theiving tweeker get’s the ultimate sacrifice. Maybe others will take heed. Ehh. I dought it.

  • Stinky Wizzleteats


  • Stand your ground. Thieves beware, your next! Before you touch something that does not belong to you, think: Is this worth loosing my Hand over?

    • Before you shoot someone committing a non-violent crime, just remember: You can only legally kill in defence of self or others, and California is not a “Stand Your Ground” state.

      If you want to get away with murder in Humboldt, use a vehicle.

      • “the person who shot him was taken to the hospital with “severe head trauma,” according to the dispatcher speaking over the scanner.” = self defense

      • It sounds like self defense…(from the report)…. the person who shot him was taken to the hospital with “severe head trauma,”…. How do you get severe head trauma if you are not assaulted? These thieves are getting so bold.. A few days ago someone came into my neighbors driveway (in Redway) and stole the tail-gate off his red Ford Ranger…

      • The law apparently wants the resident to go away and call police while a thief, unconfronted, takes what he wants and maybe the police show up in an hour or two after he’s gone. The law is, as George Chapman says, is an ass if that is the standard. If a person is to rely on the police and courts by law to fend their property, then that law has created a right to have the police actually be there is a reasonable amount of time.

      • That’s why you always have a knife on you

      • Thinking back to the wild wild west, when a thief stole another man’s ride, the thief was hung when caught, even if the victim was not harmed physically.
        Just because no physical happened at the time, that didn’t mean that the victim was not in a state of violent repercussion.
        None of us have the right to assume that a few stolen items won’t hurt anybody. That is up to the victim to know, not the bystander.
        A grand jury can very well nullify the law in a case, if it’s proven that the stolen items were indeed a matter of life and death to the victim.
        How can a silly item be of crucial necessity to the victim?
        Those who’ve never had to list their personal items on ebay, yard sales, craigslist, pawn shops, in order to pay for meds, food, shelter, are not a good judge and jury of those who have.
        I’ll do my best to leave this one up to the jury, and not opine the victim’s guilt or innocence.

      • “If you want to get away with murder in humboldt use a vehicle” – I’m dying 😂

      • You break the in a house that is a violent crime.. shoot the fool.. Or I guess you can wait and see if he is intended to hurt you?

      • Castle Doctorine though….

      • Bahahaha, right?!

      • in California however a citizens arrest by the homeowner and subsequent legal force used to either make the arrest OR defending ones person from assault by the perp is legal.. copcams are cheap compared to lawyers and sold on amazon…if you are going to carry legally or or on your property get one to prove your actions post-arrest..
        btw carry pepper spray and cuffs also as the object is to apprehend the criminal not kill them..

        btw authorizing statute is CPC 837

        anon traveler

    • Kym

    • Hobbs act.and the untouchables.

  • Boomstick regulator

    Tweeky tweeks last thieving mission

  • The shooter had head trauma. Sounds like self defense. Im so sick of thieves. Someone broke into one of my vehicles last night in benbow again. [edit]

  • It’s Complicated!

    The body count increases. Welcome to Detroit of the west.

    • Looking at the boarded up house in a previous article about a fire in Eureka, I was thinking the same thing. When criminals feel entitled while law abiding citizens feel helpless, Detroit is not far away.

      • Sounds like none of you have lived on Detroit . It’s on the ups.

        • Detroit is a helluva lot nicer than this dump!

        • Periodically it’s been gloriously touted as on the up swing since the 1970s. Hasn’t taken hold yet. Despite a population drop of over 30%, it’s murder numbers are still among the highest in the nation.

          Their situation reads like Eureka’s. Most crimes are drug related and arsons in abandoned buildings frequent. I suppose that Detroit has improved somewhat since its worst days. It’s no longer clearly the worst- only amongst the worst. The city’s made an effort in the last decades to remove abandon building before they get burnt down.

        • gentrification right next to the ole ghettos. not exactly working for everybody.

        • Detroit has good places to eat too!

      • I lived in Detroit for a couple of years in the ’90s. It cannot be compared to P’ville.

    • Yeah!

  • If I am on a jury I will probably never find anybody guilty for shooting a thief. I don’t care what law says what about it. The laws are supposed to protect the good people, not the thieves! We can correct it when we are in the jury box. A couple cases where the jury will not convict and then the DA will not bother bringing more cases to trial. ..and then we can all feel better about shooting thieves. Harsh? Well, sneaking on to people’s property and into their homes to steal stuff is harsh too!

    • If people break into a person’s home, then it is not an unreasonable expectation that their outlaw behavior extends to willingness to harm personally. So that a thief better be the one expected to retreat by the law, not the resident.

    • We should probably shoot jaywalkers and speeders, too. Just to be safe. Don’t pick up your dog’s poop off the sidewalk? Then you’ll be picking up your brains! This is truly the recipe for a peaceful society.


      • Slow down, dum-dum

        Well, maybe not the jaywalkers or the people who can’t pick up dog poo like any good 5 year old can, but those dangerous speeders who put all of our lives at risk…………. still seems harsh, plus hitting moving vehicle is harder than you think.

  • As the abatements leave more and more people hungry and unemployment,with no hope to the future the more of this I’m afraid we will see. Only the wealthiest 5% were able to afford the process and 95% left behind with nothing except a huge debt to the power hungry rip off county

    • Right now what’s happening is the big ballers that were sucking the creeks dry on historic droughts were able to make enough money to get permitted. The ones that were modest just trying to make a living and not be a millionaire are screwed because they don’t have piles of cash saved…’s actually pretty sad and shows the county doesn’t care about its community just money. The whole environmental damage thing is just a nice way to sugar coat it.

      And guess what all those big ballers are selling their “legal weed” to whoever has cash on the black market! There is zero oversight.

      • Spot on over it. California’s new spiraling toilet bowl of living is no punishment for non violent crimes. So…do drugs than steal from your neighbor to supply more money for your drug habit and you wont have any punishment or jail time. My theory in life is if you have a drug habit and no job, your either a thief, or your a whore!

      • Douglas "Dougie" Powers

        The Feds should shut down all of the scenes in Humboldt County until there is a legal, traceable market for the product. Charge everyone who applied for a permit with the federal crime of manufacturing marijuana. Send in the IRS to audit ever entity and person who applied for a permit going back 10 years or more.

        Have the FBI dig up one bud of Humboldt OG outside of Cali and use it to charge the county officials involved with the permit process with conspiracy to commit drug trafficking. We need Jeff Sessions to get on this crap show. Start over after track-and-trace is up and running.

    • While I certainly don’t agree with the abatement program as it is, that has little to do with the plummeting prices of marijuana. It’s over production that killed the golden goose.Even if there was no regulations right now people would still be trying to sell their shit for like 400-600 a pound.

      • I don’t think prices are plummeting for everyone. I know people selling pounds for 950 to 1100 and they are actually getting that. Due to all these huge busts and the fires this year a lot of product got taken off the market. Maybe if you’re only making 400 to 600 a pound you need to find some new buyers.

        • Or grow better weed.

        • $950 or $1100. Funnyshit . well yes thats depo. Remember how much was depo. Dont make it sound like its where the money maker is at. Lol.
          U keep on thinking thats good price.
          In mean time im goin to grow lots of poppy plants. Now we’re talking about big boys/girls money making game.

          • Baked Bean. I never said it was where the big money was. I wad just stating a fact that people are getting more than 400 to 600 a pound. Doesn’t matter if its dep or not, if you know the right people the demand is out there. So yeah, go ahead and grow those poppies so there is even more heroin junkies out there. Just what Humboldt needs, more heroin! Smdh

      • Not completely true, If you go to any club or cannabis cup, prices have not changed and are high. Cannabis had a huge bubble & bust (similar to any goods or booming industry) and was overpriced, even though few have the ego to admit it. Ridiculous how overpriced it was.

    • Poor, poor growers. I weep. I hope every single one of them goes out of business or off to jail. They are dope pushers, pure and simple.

    • Hillbilly, what’s an abatement?

  • Some of you are delusional, people were stealing before the abatement notices.

    • Acid, hateful and mindless remarks only drive reasonable people away from anything it proposes to support. That’s the reason that trolls are ugly- they have to have swallowed their own venom before they can spit it out at anyone else.

  • That 2nd half of the 2nd sentence is not well written. Confusing.

  • Hey Jerry Brown… when has been a no job having, drug addict thief with no accountability or punishment an acceptable part of society????

    • what does having a job have to do with any of that? retired folks dobt have jobs . stuents dont either. facts are millions of folks are addicts and dont even realise it. ever see someone literally sick from not havingtheir morning coffee or soft drink ? just because you agree with one lifestyle does not make others wrong. they just arent for you.

    • Lostcoast, you funny. 🤔Kym has reach, but I don’t think Jerry is cruising the comments section. At least not til he retires. LoL

  • I’m confused how could the guy that was shot in the chest still be trying to steal stuff 15 minutes later? That’s just crazy!
    He must have been so jacked up
    I hate to say it but this thief deserved to die
    One less rip off in the area I swear these drug crazed people roaming the streets during the witching hours need to be rounded up I thought shooting up drugs in public is a felony & it’s happeneing daily here & everywhere else in front of kids no less
    It’s pathetic
    Prayers for the assaulted man’s full recovery

    • Information gotten 15 minutes later doesn’t mean the action reported happened 15 minutes later. No relation between time of report and sequence of events!

  • I wonder how many times in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity this has happened and it`s never reported? A bit of work with a back hoe and the whole thing is history and saves a lot of hassle.

    Likely it`s happened more than once — 10 times? 20 times? Does anyone have any guesses?

  • Smoke meth is super and chip! It’s the cool thing for high school homey.

  • It sure doesn’t happen as much as folks make out
    But it has happened

  • Transport any amount of any comodity across any state line.federal felony,20 years prison(and they sing).if assaulted or robbed you can shoot them as they like inlandsea phytoplankton for fertilizer and fish food.not drugs.transport plankton for Hobbs act protection.and to be seen as an asset by police instead of just another liar.

  • Just remember- YOU are the first responder, not the police.

  • I heard there was a shooting so I looked it up. Started reading. Who are you people. How is it no matter what has happened the comments turn to drugs, how low life county we live in. Then turns to weed. Now your discussing prices like your experts with years behind you. As well as the abatement notices. Totally county based still illegal as far as feds go. Spend the $ conform then the feds can step in take whatever. I wonder who you all really are. If you raised children in this county. If you pretend to smile while thinking ” drug addict” Follow “redheaded blackbelt” like she is one of the ” good ones” no skeletons in her closet or rather sitting next to her. Came from the Cleavers?? Do you see the sun rise and set, the same stars at night the beauty all around us. We live in one of the most incredable places in the world.

    • I’ve got a lot of skeletons. Most of them not in the closet though there are a few I’d rather not shake around in front of people that will be hurt. But is there something specific you want to accuse me of, because I’m unclear. It seems like you are angry because I posted about the shooting. Am I correct?

    • Got something to say then say it Sandy. Innuendo is for LOCO. Do you live in a glass house?

    • Sandy Williams, you may be spot on about some of the things you say, I may even agree with a few of your opinions (Especially how often comments posted in reply to a story take left turns that leave me scratching my head) which is why I don’t understand how you could complain about it and then do the very thing you complained about. One thing I cannot stand is a hypocrite. Oh and the other is a troll. Talk about yourself and the contents of your own closet. I don’t even get how you thought Kym’s business has ANYTHING to do with any of the subjects previously discussed in the original post nor in the comments.

    • I agree we do live in one of the most incredible places in the world. As far as discussing prices like an expert with years behind me? Nah, I’m no expert but I do have years behind me. Like I remember when pounds sold for 3000 plus. Granted that was years ago before everybody and their brother moved to Humboldt and started blowing up huge grow scenes. Also yes I did raise a child here all the while smiling and looking at people and think “drug addict”. I follow Redheaded Black belt and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the skeletons in her closet. I still think she is “one of the good ones”. So Sandy, why don’t you get off your high horse and take your snarky comment about us somewhere else? Like to LOCO. They like that crap there.

  • I seriously think we should stop with the comment section 😞

  • Has there been a spike in crime within the past 2 months?

  • No, just a spike in really lame comments.

  • Why so Sandy…. Sandy?
    I mean umm it seems like there’s some sand in your…
    I mean umm..
    You seem irritated..
    Too much gluten?..
    Or yeast?..
    Algae bloom?..

  • Every last one of you that made comments are so deprived of any type of an education, it’s funny to read such childish remarks. Of course if one has nothing better to do with their time, other than being a sarcastic & nasty person only to make himself/herself feel good then I really think he/she is a person in critical need of self makeover. Comments are like assholes & yes we all have one. Only some keep theirs cleaner & nicer than others. Be nice & have a pleasant day ok.

  • I really wish there was a like or unlike button for these comments like on Facebook. Some of them are too funny and make me actually laugh so hard I snort!

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