Fire Behind Caltrans Yard Near Garberville

Smoke pours from a fire behind the Caltrans yard near Garberville. [

Smoke pours from a fire behind the Caltrans yard near Garberville. [Photo and video by Jason Gallagher]

A fire is burning behind the Caltrans Yard and near the Renner Gas Station on the riverbar between Garberville and Redway. The first report came in about 3:10 p.m. Garberville Fire, Cal Fire, and Redway Fire are among those dispatched to the scene.

This is being called the Canyon Incident.

UPDATE: Fire is out.



  • Hmm wonder how that started….

  • OMG I hope the firefighters get it out before it reaches the Renner Station!
    I hear lots of transients hang out there
    I’m so sick of this happening over & over Something needs to be done to keep people from squatting down there & thrashing the river bar leaving human waste, needles, trash strewn everywhere & causing fires ugh😥

  • Call it what it is. The Bum Fire

  • OMG! I seen smoke in that area coming down Alderpoint road early this morning,but figured I wasn’t the only one that seen it.

  • The ignorance in this comments section is as catching as CA forest fires apparently

  • Forward progress stopped….

  • You know it most probably is caused by the homeless in some fashion,,,. But do we really need your hear say, or speculation??? Why don’t you keep your comments to yourself, until you know the facts, and not spread gossip faster than the fire??? And let Kym Kemp report the facts…

    • Fact. Bums camp by the river indiscriminately shitting everywhere, depositing needles, garbage and starting fires at will. Common knowledge.

  • Tons of road access, low winds, they will stomp that thing in short order.

    • I was standing on the bridge it was spreading badd there was tons of wind….. There were people in the bushes that didn’t know it was coming down the hill I was screaming at them to get out… And no it was not stomped out easily…… It reached clear to the road that goes down to the river….. There was quite a fire storm….. Didn’t like the fact that the gate was locked and the trucks didn’t get down there in time……. And when they did get down there they were too afraid to drive on the river bar…. Guess they didn’t know you could get down there in a Two wheel drive vehicle…. All in all it turned out OK the helicopters came to the rescue

      • The North Bay Area is under a red flag warning so maybe.

      • Since the big fires are mostly suppressed I put a lot of faith in our local fire fighters.
        A lot of them are prisoners of course.
        And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what they do.
        I went up to a property the other day and they were doing shaded fuel break work on our road.
        You get twenty guys with chain saws and it is amazing what they can do.
        Thank you incarcerated helpers of our State.

  • I seen a bum fire behind the yard in the am and at 3 the fire started in the same area

  • Takeout for the “Benbow Drift”. Absolute shithole loaded with junkie bums! Won’t/can’t leave a driftboat trailor down there anymore, fuckin’ shame WE/US/YOU put up with the rats running the asylum. [edit]

  • Omg. What is it with everyone. I mean seriously. Why does everything bad that happens… have to be blamed on homeless or as they would say. Bums. Everyone is so judgmental. Has anyone accidentally ever hit a pedestrian.? Well I have. And I was forgiven. Not on drugs or anything else. But I mean you all have been here longer than me. So you all must be right. I chose to have a little more faith in people. I was almost homeless here. I wonder if I would get the same treatment. Hmmm. If you all became homeless would you want to be treated like crap. Just sayin. Yes a lot of people litter. Use drugs.. and are bad. But not all.

    • So a good person started that fire. Check.

    • A relatively few people, choosing drugs, drinking and soap operas over respecting those who are sober and productive, have a huge detrimental drag on everyone else. They do not deserve respect for this and even pity does not mean the harm they do should be tolerated.

  • Being addled with drugs and booze to the point of living under a bridge, and breaking into my truck/stealing my gas is no fucking accident! Stop sugar coating the lazy junkie bum thieves by calling them some feel good P.C. title like “homeless”. They are scumbags, period… Kinda’ like calling a lazy, greedy, earth raping dope grower a “farmer” or “medicine provider”…

  • Do we have a source of ignition on the canyon incident?

  • Big Bang just went off

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