Local Tribes Receive Several Million in Grants

Yurok girl in regalia [Photo from Yurok Tribe]

Yurok girl in regalia [Photo from Yurok Tribe]

Press release from the US Department of Justice:

U.S. Attorney Alex G. Tse joined the Department of Justice today in announcing more than $113 million in grant awards to improve public safety, serve victims of crime, combat violence against women, and support youth programs in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.  Tribes receiving awards in the Northern District of California include the following:

Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe                                                                               $256,150

Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria                           $450,000

Hoopa Valley Tribe Total                                                                                 $731,362

Hopland Band of Pomo Indians                                                                        $265,539

Yurok Tribe Total                                                                                           $1,628,658

In addition, the Karuk Tribe, spanning both the Northern and Eastern Districts of California, will be receiving a $1,682,084 grant.

“The programs funded by these awards can be extremely effective in improving public safety and preventing violence against vulnerable populations in Native American communities,” said United States Attorney Tse.  “The funds granted to the tribes in this district reflect the Department of Justice’s continued commitment to support violence reduction and promote public safety.”

Nationwide, grants were awarded to 133 American Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages, and other tribal designees through the Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation, a streamlined application for tribal-specific grant programs. Of the $113 million, just over $53 million comes from the Office of Justice Programs, more than $35 million from the Office on Violence Against Women, and more than $24.7 million from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

In addition, the Department is in the process of allocating up to $133 million in a first-ever set aside program to serve victims of crime in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.  The awards are intended to help tribes develop, expand and improve services to victims of crime by providing funding, programming and technical assistance.  Recipients will be announced in the near future.

            “With these awards, we are doubling the amount of grant funding devoted to public safety programs and serving victims of crime in Native American communities,” said Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio, who made the announcement during his remarks at the 26th Annual Four Corners Indian Country Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  “There is an unacceptable level of violent crime and domestic abuse in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.  This increase in resources, together with our aggressive investigation and prosecution of crimes, shows how seriously Attorney General Sessions and the entire Department of Justice take these issues.  We are committed to reducing violent crime and improving public safety.”

The Four Corners Conference is facilitated annually by U.S. Attorneys from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah to provide a forum for discussion of justice-related topics with a large number of populous and diverse tribal nations located in the region.

CTAS awards cover nine purpose areas: public safety and community policing; justice systems planning; alcohol and substance abuse; corrections and correctional alternatives; children’s justice act partnerships; services for victims of crime; violence against women; juvenile justice; and tribal youth programs.   CTAS funding helps tribes develop and strengthen their justice systems’ response to crime, while expanding services to meet their communities’ public safety needs.

Today’s announcement is part of the Justice Department’s ongoing initiative to increase engagement, coordination and action on public safety in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Further Information:

A listing of today’s announced CTAS awards is available at: www.justice.gov/tribal/page/file/1095161/download.



  • Elric of Melniboné

    Good news!

  • I am so happy to see long overdue help going to our indigenous Native Americans. Everyone in the world wants to come here to the USA but in truth these peoples were here first. They should be cared 4 first before anyone from other countries. Thank you

    • Thank you! We should be the most important here.

      • This is where I get confused. People cross an ice bridge and claim the land. More people come over water and claim the land. The ice bridge people’s fight among themselves about territory. The ice bridge people fight those that came over by water about territory thought some traded for some cheap sparkly dodads in exchange for land. More people come by land and sea, mixing, fighting for God knows how long. Lots of bad things happened by our modern standards. The ice bridge people get pushed aside where many of them can barely survive mentally, physically nor spiritually. Generations later the ice bridge people declare themselves a sovereign nation, demand handouts. Many of those ice bridge generations rise above while some tribes continue generation after generation a self destructive behavior and victimhood.
        Yes, some of those res are appalling by modern standards. Outside money keeps flowing in. Some res are doing super while other consistently decline. Is it because of the drug and alcoholism that is present? There are more and more opportunities but yet the mindset is not reaching out to grasp these offerings.
        You have some young people’s from the tribe that recognizes these opportunities and grab them so they can return and help people of their tribe. Unfortunately, some see these as traitors but yet these are the same that cash their US dole for drugs and alcohol. It is hard to get off the dole and the entitled mindset of victimhood no matter who you are.
        So your point of “most important” status smacks of something akin to self centered, privledged and imaginary thinking. It’s like racist saying send all those of African decent in the US back to Africa. Is not saying send all those of European decent or Mexican decent back, is that not racist?
        There is only planet earth. We are all brothers and sister. Once we recognize that, the next step is self betterment so not only can we reach our full potential but help those out along the way. Shake off the chains of being a victim. Shake off the chains of addiction. Stop being a slave to the mentality that keeps you down and rise above. Doesn’t matter your tribe nor skin color or what percentage blood you are, you are a human being who can do great thing, big and small. Banding together regardless of the afore mentioned makes things a better place for all. It’s not the white man or the gov that is keeping you down but your own mind. Why make that out to be some else’s responsibility?
        So why are we continuing down the highway of victimhood in a basket when we can do and build and be so much more instead of sitting around bemoaning the mean ol white man? If I sit around always dwelling on the past, I am missing the present and the future. I can cry that my homeland was taken, my traditions taken and play the blame game or I can take responsibility for myself and family, keep the traditions alive in our hearts and minds but move forward, look forward to the great possibilities ahead!
        I don’t understand the new rage that is rising except it’s across the board for all Americans their sense of entitledment and their “right” to be angry, divisive and lay blame on others for their actions. Perhaps we have lost our spiritual selfs and just rely on the now and what’s in it for me. I would love for all people’s to rise above. Give up the anger and hate as it only destroys you and those you love.

        • The “Ice Bridge People”, did not declare themselves a Sovereign Nation. It was recognized that the native people, were a sovereign nation,by birthright a free people,as endowed by their Creator and has been affirmed since Federal Justice Thurgood Marshall,declared them to be in 1869,clear up until recently Tribal Sovereignty has been recognized. That’s why the federal Government signed Treaties,with Native Tribes and is affirmed in the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.The land, the Natives,now occupy,are lands,reserved,while ceding lands either by force of arms,or through Treaties,to the U.S. Army,Government. The “Mean Old Whiteman”,terminology has been well earned by the perpetrators, themselves as their U.S. Government,approved Genocidal War was waged,against men,women and children alike. I call out as specifics, The Gnadhutten massacre,Pequot War(!st Thanksgiving attendees)Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and the list goes on.Not to mention the mass execution of 38 Sioux. ordered by the great emancipator,Abraham Lincoln,himself.You’re written piece is notable only by your Racist Ignorance, and complete lack of knowledge of history. Natives, did not give up their religions and beliefs, it was the U.S. Government who made it Illegal,and meant imprisonment or even summary death as at Wounded Knee,for Natives to practice it. By contrast, is it not the main reason why the “Pilgrims” to emigrate to Turtle Island, escaping religious Persecution, only to inflict the same on Natives?Now,finally,if you had a nice piece of land, which you lived on for time immemorial,and some one took it from you, by force of arms,would you not expect and demand compensation,for the value?, and mayhaps the Treaties you signed be at least honored in the provisions, agreed to?..it is my opinion,that you study, your own history,and look at through the eyes or fairness and not bigotry..

    • Hard to have any pride on the government dole…

    • Amen To That!! …..LONG OVERDUE!! For Their ATROCIOUS CRIMES!!!

  • Moonglum sends regards

  • No doubt, so much for a sovereign nation.


  • It’s about time That First Nations people be Recognized as Human beings. Our lands , Languages and Rights to live our own Cultural way has to long been infringed upon. Big Business has destroyed so MUCH of Natural way to live.

  • I am glad something good has come from this. To many lost of beautiful educated young women from metis or mik’maq have die from Northern Canada. I hope this will come to be also with these tribes. I am in the process of searching out the history of a pocket watch that has hieroglyphics n the crown of France or England during King Louis VI,found in my father’s old cast iron Well Fargo safe. Both grandparents from both sides came from Whitmore Reserve,Cacouna,1808. I understand the time peace was given from the King to settle peace between the Chief of the tribe in the French n Indians Wars to “The First Nation”. I have a picture I took of it. If I can proof it and find someone who can read hieroglyphics. This tells others in doubt that we are, n exist as a tribe to run a casino that a attorney has prevented the tribe from opening up

  • Hello,
    My name is sherry morin. I am of three different tribes but have never been blood tested. Was trying to get help for college. I have been bought and sold and used in bad was for many years. My whole family. So much abuse. Of every kind. Could you please tell me who I can speak to about getting help?.
    Thank you. My number is

    • Hi Sherry Morin I believe the Mormons can get it done for free they go back and find out about family history’s or trees as they call them today.

  • They are not the only natives…
    But almost all of us mexicans are natives, indeedsome mexicans are Spaniards those would be the white complected and color eyes or just white complected usually no native features, some are mixed, some what mixed or very mixed, some are not at all mixed, so yes we are natives too the brown people with Native features are natives, I’m a native. Our ancestors sufferd too! The white race came and took our lands all the way from south America to north America… grand us back our lands we don’t want your money we want our lands!

    • How self serving is that idea. I propose to go back even further and point out that all humans are related, all humans came from somewhere else and not one of them has a superior right to anything.

      • 40 to 100 million, men,women and
        children poisoned & laughtered, justified their actions, is that what
        you call self-serving. We were people of peace, we taught the white eyes, how to live of our land,
        so in return, they left us with nothing, now every white man says
        their native American with less than
        50% of DNA, you have no clue about
        true justice.

        • I feel that too. My great-grandmothers, one Winnebago and the other Souix and Fox suffered through the horrors of what Caucasians brought but it doesn’t give me the right to go after benefits that belong to the tribes that weren’t forced to be domesticated.

        • Or not so peaceful- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crow_Creek_massacre
          other scholars have noted or otherwise documented, the view of a peace-ful past in North America is no longer tenable (e.g., Bamforth, 1994; Bridgeset al., 2000; Haas, 1999; Haas and Creamer, 1993; Keeley, 1996; Lambert, 1994;LeBlanc, 1999; Martin and Frayer, 1997; Maschner and Reedy-Maschner, 1998;Milner, 1999; Moss and Erlandson, 1992; Owsley and Jantz, 1994; Rice andLeBlanc, 2001; Wilcox, 1989; Wilcox and Haas, 1994; Willey, 1990).

          “Many NorthAmerican societies that make their appearance in written records only in the lastfew centuries have long and complex histories that clearly include violence andwar.”

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

            Look, “Guest”, you need to allow Native Americans the opportunity to vent some emotions on this subject (and MANY others) without nitpicking every single detail for its historical accuracy. And, anyways, who appointed you to be the historical accuracy czar of this comments section?

            Sure, relatively few folks outside of the Native American community take seriously the claim that “Caucasians brought” the practice of physical violence to the Americas. I mean, THE AZTECS! Hello?!?

            But, Guest, you know damn well Caucasian intruders kicked the violence levels up into the full-blown genocidal range, not to mention smallpox, etc. Get real and quit criticizing Native Americans for every little thing already. They’re your brothers and sisters. Show some compassion for Christ’s sake, unlike those invaders who raped and murdered by the millions and often did so in Jesus’ name. 🙏🏻🔫🗡💣⚰️☠️

            • Yes it was as ugly as they alleged. But where I drawn a line is making a racial attack as in the old Rousseau-esque Noble Savage nonsense. In my experience, there is plenty of the exactly the same ugly behavior from some individuals in any race and they do as much damage as they are allowed to do. Trying to hand racists their own vomit as a cure only creates ever more vomit, never a cure.

              Besides, it was not always a one way street on diseases and violance, although the European immigrants overwhelmed the current residents through sheer volume rather than anything else. They just kept coming. But the best theory on syphilis is that the virulent strain came from Indians. And the first recorded school shooting was when Indians killed the teacher and children in 1764 in Pennsylvania. Bad is rarely as simple as anything else in the world. Just look at the complicated history of Indian US citizenship. Nationhood and citizenship too over two years to evolve and is not finished yet.

    • You are only Native in your ancestral homelands, you can’t come to the USA and think you are going to start claiming indigenous, when you don’t even claim it in your own country of Mexico, Valenzuela, Guatamala ect! Besides that, most Hispanics have been detribalized for over 400 years, unless you are mayan, Nuahtl, Tuhamara, Mayo, Yaqui ect. The Natives of The USA have never assimilated and still live in the ancestral territories.

      • California was in all REALITY Native land…
        France, Spain and Mexico were interested in ownership now the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT…
        Let’s see history be repeated.
        Oops would that mean another TREATY…..

  • Well where does all the casino money go ?

  • Not too many haters. good deal

    • Most Americans Black or White are envious of the indigenous status of The NAs. They know they can never be Native American, and have ties to the Blood and soil of the Americas. They are not true ethnic Americans, but European and African who’s deep history lies elsewhere!

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        You do of course realize Native Americans, Whites, Blacks, etc. have been having massive amounts of interracial sexual relations with each other for several centuries on this land (regardless of laws against it). It seems to me at this point you’d be hard pressed to find too many Whites or Blacks, etc. (with the exception of recent immigrants) whose family trees don’t include at least a few Native American branches.

      • Envious? Oh, please. There are plenty of victim narratives to go around.

      • Sorry but everyone who claim Native came from somewhere over an ice bridge or across water (or from sky) except for the Hopi who claim to have sprung from the ground according to scientist and folk lore.

  • Awesome news !!!
    Praying to the Creator for more healing for all people

  • How self serving is that? With that comment that tells me u r Anglo. If that’s the case you don’t know ur history – ur people enslaved blacks, Browns, murdered children, old folks n women ruthlessly with no concience. So I wouldn’t comment and add any of ur 2 cents [edit]. What treaties n promises did the European anglos keep. What promises about keeping ..us fed with cows after all the buffalo were killed for target practice. Be for real, quit thinking european.whites are good folks,

  • If only the “black” communities really know who they are, they’d be eligible for many grants..It’s truly sad to know how their culture was interrupted and broken promises from existing Treaties keep them in bondage and drugged out to fully understand they’re not African Americans but Indengenous Aboriginal people who originated in present day America ..Their own government and so called supreme status holds their untold truth about Southern Blacks being stripped of their true identities,murdered,hung,beaten,raped,sodomized and exiles in their own land..The system of the americas such as Census Bureau forced the elders to relinquish their identity or risk many deaths to accept the term of Black-Colored-Mullatto,Afro-American,African American, all categorized as black race instead of their ancestral tribal names..If they knew who they were they’d purge themselves away from their enemies…I AM Unapologetically Cherokee from Goochland County Virginia who’s true people are not accepted along with so many others classified as “Black” or “African American”.Our tribes aren’t recognized due to hidden agendas to continuously steal deeds to land which does not belong to them, accompanied by millions of my people brutally murdered by the hands of wicked cavebeast who landed on Plymouth Rock to kill,steal & destroy all tribes with a smile on their faces and muskets or swords clutched in their hands behind them…Offsprings of the latter has a responsibility to right their ancestors wrongs ASAP including those ancestors pilgrims who paid a simple $5 to register their fictional tribes with meaningless names due to the fact of their abilities to know and read the languages & laws that did not exist before their four fathers began their plumages on tribes who did not understand the latter…Whoa be unto those who’ve transgressions are infinite to date.

  • This is a great start, but so much more to be done…

  • I’m happy that the Blackfeet children will benefit from this

    • Love to see help for the dakotas and sw desert people! Would love to see more prosperous tribes help those that are not doing as well.

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