Four Search Warrants Served in Eastern Humboldt This Week

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Over the last two days the Humboldt Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit has served four search warrants in the eastern Humboldt area. Two warrants were served in the Red Cap Road area of Orleans, One warrant was served in the area of Orchard Park Lane of Willow Creek, and one was served in the area of Waterman’s Ridge.

From these four search warrants a total number of 5898 marijuana plants were located and eradicated. One butane honey oil lab was located and dismantled. Agencies involved in this operation included Wardens from the Fish and Wildlife, environmental scientists from Fish and Wildlife, County Code Enforcement, specialists with the Environmental Health Hazmat team, and the State Water Board.

All properties were outside the scope of medical marijuana guidelines and did not possess the necessary permits or interim permits for commercial cannabis cultivation.

Multiple environmental violations were observed including water diversion, sediment pollution and trash dumped in waterways. County Code Enforcement observed multiple commercial cannabis building code violations, grading violations, streamside management violations and improper waste disposal violations. The Environmental health Hazmat team discovered unauthorized hazardous waste storage violations, spill prevention and counter measurement plan violations, and mismanagement of universal waste violations.

Information on the involved suspects continues to be confirmed and when these investigations are completed it is anticipated that they will be forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Red Rock Farm?

  • Why are they spending any time or energy “investigating” who the responsible parties are? If you’re not going to find them guilty of anything but misdemeanors and then release them? Spend those resources instead on another convoy and go chop down more. Still at this very late point HCSO does things in an extremely inefficient fashion. They should be chopping down more in a day, every day. They are making no difference, just conducting a freak-the-meek program. Nearly every huge scene served with an abatement letter is still humming along and pulling in their harvest. That’s how much difference you’re making!

    • The abatement letters have no bite at the moment – wait until property taxes come due. They better let folks harvest and make money otherwise they won’t be able to pay their fines.

    • Better yet, how about HSO and the BOS forget the futile attempt to enforce weed regulations since it’s decriminalized, and focus on providing the citizens of this county effective law enforcement? Like use your weed cops for patrol instead, that way when we call for a real problem you actually have someone to send!?

  • Weedy McGreedy……
    Making all of us look bad.

  • What the heck. The buds are still small It seams like the cops wait until their ripe as a rule

  • Where’s the 6000 plants? I see one janky hoop house and a couple small patches of full term…..

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Ever notice how the convoys seem to be getting bigger and bigger and the busts are getting smaller and smaller? Either all the mega-grows have paid off the sheriffs and county for the year, or this is becoming a joy-riding routine to get the HCSO out of the office for the day. I hope that we can get back to actual law enforcement that is in accordance with the Bill of Rights The abatements need to stop and the HCSO needs to do more investigations and step up the raids and stop using DFW to get around the warrant thing. At least the raids would be legal and our Rights would be left intact. The big mega-growers would have more to fear as well. Call in the DEA while they are at it and really put the fear in them. Stop the abatements that are trouncing all over our 4th and 8th Amendments though please, they aren’t legal anyway since they aren’t in accordance with the Supreme Law of the Land.

    • They probably count 100 clone trays as a full plant.

  • Four warrants and only a few thousand plants ! paying the sheriffs high wages to cut a legal plant that is not a felony to grow but is a misdemeanor is wasteful . Mabye the cons could be utilized and save some of that money to clean up the transient drug dealing camps or for the schools or roads.The idea john ford and the supervisors have is delusional ,No amount of cutting will bring back Demand for humboldt product . Memo to supervisors production is now statewide legal or not .

  • Take em all down law dogs! Take em all down and send em running back to mom’s basement.

    What a piece of shit extraction lab. I can’t believe that anyone would smoke that shatter garbage. Must be a dope fiend thing, and a damn good way to push your mite and chemical infested schwag onto the black market. Shameful how greedy grow bros are destroying humboldt’s reputation. When people get caught with that shit and face the penalties they chirp away[edit]

  • That first picture cracks me up. The fuse boxes and his electrical panel station outside…what’s he gonna do when the rains come? Throw a tarp over that and call it good

  • those poor plants! not even worth the effort this late in the season 2 have smalls like that!

  • Lol that oil/shatter looks like poop soup straight garbage.

  • Isnt anybody pissed off about the water redirection. Waste in the river or creeks😕

  • That electrical setup on the first picture is definitely up to code… 😂

  • Poor people did a alot of work and got ripped off by the cops. Funny how they show pictures of people catching water on there own land which is a constitutional right amended into the Constitution in 1880.that all of a sudden is a crime.OH yeah only if it’s for weed but if you had 50 head of cattle and are doing it they ain’t putting you pictures on here.propaganda to cover up the real crime —. The stealing of property rights, the extortion abatement letters, the violations of the people are witnessing the dissolution of our bill of rights under a propaganda campaign. Lemmings and slaves

    • Cattle?

      Stock tank water collection is reported in the winter. Usage is reported spring through fall. The water board threatened a $500 per day fine for failure to register and report. They sent letters to everyone.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Yeah there you said it not me. $500 per day fine, not $10,000. I guess everyone does see the major discrepancies between the pot farmers and the rest of the farmers, they just choose not to admit it.

  • Right now what’s happening is the big ballers that were sucking the creeks dry on historic droughts were able to make enough money to get permitted. The ones that were modest just trying to make a living and not be a millionaire are screwed because they don’t have piles of cash saved…’s actually pretty sad and shows the county doesn’t care about its community just money. The whole environmental damage thing is just a nice way to sugar coat it.

    And guess what all those big ballers are selling their “legal weed” to whoever has cash on the black market! There is zero oversight. And Track n Trace doesn’t work.

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