Dear Board of Supervisors, Create a Cannabis Advisory Committee

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Humboldt County needs your help!
Your neighbor needs your help.
We need your help!!

We, as the cannabis community are coming together Tuesday, Sept. 25, 9 am at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting to request that a Cannabis Advisory Committee be put on the agenda by our leaders.

This call for support isn’t to rally for one cause, this is asking you to come and rally for YOUR cause.

We encourage representation from every valley, region, watershed, canna brand, advocacy, and cannabis organization in Humboldt County to attend. Let us all participate in the process, so we are heard in unity. Our county leadership wants to know how their decisions are impacting their communities and they need our help to find real solutions.

Each person has 3 mins of public comment to help Humboldt find the way forward. Please come with not just the problems but with your innovative solutions. Let us show that our advice is valuable and our concerns real. It is truly time for US, Humboldt County, to come together as that unified community that made us who we are.

We ask that you come with all the love the plant has taught us and the innovative solutions we know our community has! We are requesting that this advisory committee be made up of a diverse group of cannabis community member’s that represent the diversity in our cannabis communities….

It is time for the #lovealution Humboldt!!!!!

Dear Humboldt County Board of Supervisors,
We are requesting that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, create a Humboldt County Cannabis Advisory Committee that is chosen through an open application process similar to that of a commission. This committee would serve the BOS and consists of cannabis community members representing each major watershed, full sun cultivation, mixed light greenhouse cultivation, indoor cultivation, nursery, breeding, processing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, retail, land management, environmental, labor, community equity, patient advocacy, business, medical, legal, law enforcement, and heart. Members of this committee would help the BOS build the legitimate cannabis industry in Humboldt County.

We thank you for your leadership. Humboldt!

Lelehnia Du Bois,
Rob Golightly,
@Chad Steelman,
Jodi Wright Steelman,
Wendy Kornberg,
Chris Anderson
Karyn Wagner
Kelley Usborne Bruce
Holly Carter
Tessa Knight
Maegan Dean
Manndie Tingler
Michelle Dizitser
Graham Shaw Graham’s Brand
Brooklynn Willett, Emerald Employment
Adele Tara
Theresa Addington
Rikkie Chambers
Lisa Sundberg
Alan Dale
Michele Hernandez
Lisa Barrett
Karla Robb
Ramblin Dejavu
Doug Lewis
Von Vultee
Brittney Crosby
Luke Besmer
Susan Condon



  • Repeal the ordinance. Start over from scratch. If you attended or listened to the recent community in crisis meeting at the redwood playhouse you would know that our elected county officials rubber stamped many of these early projects to appease to their constituients that were financial contributors to many of the dirty Supervisors. This is referred to as corruption in other parts of the country. Just business as usual here in Humboldt.

    Please No more lame advisory committees like CCV-H who got us into this “crisis” situation. No more wolves in sheeps clothing. Corporate cannabis is here to play. If you can’t play like the big dogs time to return to the bench.

    Mabye a more intelligent idea would be to form a economic re-development committee. Whose goal is to move beyond black market cannabis sales. The price of Douglas fir is at an all time high right now. Let’s start whacking trees again if we got to. Boom and bust economies are what this county was founded on.

    • Let’s allow the Doug fir forest to recover old growth status in at least 75% of it’s original range first. We don’t want to act like a bunch of orcs.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Lisa sunberg, the corruption after the corruption.maybe she can kick some more kids outta there school bus stop into the rain. On a positive note thanks to theses people for at least trying to do something before 90% of our county losses their lives. The 5% of the greediest growers are wanting less regulations now so the supervisors/countys cash cow wants to form a there not concerned about the ones who couldnt afford or got left behind cuz of zoning

  • some body going to represent interstate black market trafficking (aka. distribution) or does that fall under law enforcement?

    fuck this shit i am packing up the bindle and heading to aruba.

  • It's not all about you

    Although no one constantly complaining about abatement here would ever notice it, there are many other voices in the community than pot growers and users. Water use, pot stink, public nuisances, etc are issues that matter a lot more to a good share of the population than the opinions of those who loudly object to every control on their bad behavior.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Recall extortion Estelle!!!!!!

  • Fire the planning dept, they can’t handle the situation they have created…. appeals are to be cleared within 15days lol, you get a 10 day notice but county won’t respond, been 5 months…. Anyone with a 10 day notice, you actually get at least 6months don’t sign anything it all a trick…The county is running a pay to play scam.. Lawsuits will ruin this county… Come on elections…. By the way what’s up with a sheriff that hasn’t been elected, sure hope to see him on the ballot so I Can vote him out….Going to be a long winter for the county goverment…..

  • OUR Board of Supervisors ANSWER to the PEOPLE of Humboldt County…please attend this meeting if not for yourself than for our community..this current Board is obviously so out of touch with implementing an easy, concise, affordable and and speedy permitting process and need an advisory committee…word is you cannot grow cannibis if you start the permitting process until the county is completed with the 1st tier permits (approximately 1-3 years from now) the new 2.0 ordinance could therefore potentially take 5 years to obtain..U CANNOT grow during this time…who can afford this? Not many …is this OK? NO would
    be the answer…is this happening with other industries? The answer is NO…New 2.0 setting 200 ft. from a water source (previously 100 ) while 200′ for large farmers might be appropriate expecting a farmer under 2000 ‘ may not be appropriate..we CANNOT LUMP ALL farm sizes together…so many issues, a local farmer with 18 medical plants received an abatement notice…a full permitted farmer woke up to a notice and a chipper coming down his road later in the evening..whatever your feelings about cannabis it is legal to grow at the state level and our rights as American citizens are obviously at stake… it is up to our ELECTED SUPES to take heart and take ACTION and WAKE up to the realities that are happening in our community and their respective districts…each one of our Supes are co-authoring these regulations and can at this NOW moment change them… they have no idea what they are doing, making it up as they go along and CAN CHANGE these regs to better serve ALL farmers… NO need to reinvent the wheel, look to other industries and other counties who have it dialed in and in the meantime SUPERVISORS STOP DESTROYING YOUR / OUR HOME

    • The trouble is that so many people are delusional about zoning. They want to grow pot commercially in places that they couldn’t grow carrots commercially. In ways that would still be illegal if other businesses used them.

      They just got used to doing whatever they wanted, legal or not, and find having to live with regulations and its financial burdens up the whazoo just plain painful. 90% of the wildcat grows are still illegal and will always be. They can remedy their bad practices til the cows come home but they will still need to steal water and damage wildlife. The industrial grows, which is what most are despite the cries of mom and pop, just is incompatible with the delicate place they thought was so rugged as to be hidden when they chose an illegal money making scheme. And all the spreading of hate and frustration will not change that.

      • And what about the people who ripped everything down and moved to an area with AG zoning and PrimeAG soils who are 1000′ from any creek, stream, or river with zero trees to be removed and zero grading to be done. They were promised that if they got their initial application in before Dec. 31 2016 that they were guaranteed to have a permit by Jan. 1st 2018 if they had all of their paperwork in order, which they did, and are still waiting for the county to issue their permit almost 2 years after they had applied for it? What about us who actually have done everything right and are still getting pissed on? Put in a 110ft deep, cannabis specific well from Fisch Drilling, have had 4 attempted meetings with the BOS to receive my permit only to have them yanked every single time because they decided to enact new regulations that cost more money? What about us with an EMPTY FIELD OF PRIMEAG SOIL AND A CANNABIS SPECIFIC WELL. Where is my permit?

        • I of course don’t have details but, based on what you say, you indeed have a valid complaint. Either the regs were poorly designed and they offered a guarantee when they shouldn’t have or the State imposed different requirements necessitating change. Either way, I would think that a limited, conditional permit should be temporarily issued with the understanding that it might later change. Of course it all depends on what you intend doing on the land. Growing plants with setbacks should be doable until the dust settles and regulations are finalized. If you did what they wanted, and there was a guarantee that this would get a permit, they owe you a permit.

          One of the complaints I have with the way government, certainly county government, operates these days is the unfriendly, adversarial attitude. Government should work to provide information that useful to encourage cooperation. Too often officials refuse to give information as if the citizen needing it is the enemy. Even worse is when they don’t understand the purpose and details of the very rules they want to enforce.

          I suppose you have filed an official appeal already?

          • I have filed more than one official appeal. Their attitude is disgusting. I only asked for 3000sqft. They told me I needed to prove that I had water for it first, stating that I needed to purchase all the storage tanks to store water for the forbearance period BEFORE they issued my permit. I told them that could cost me up to $50,000 as water tanks cost anywhere from 0.50 to 0.99 a gallon depending on the size of the tank. I said to Rodney(biggest a$$h0le on the planet) at planning do you know anyone who has $50,000 to spend on a project that might get denied? His response to me was “No I don’t, but I’m sure you know plenty of people that do.” I almost went over the counter at him for that. So instead I put in a cannabis specific well from Fisch Drilling that isn’t connected to any surface water, and here I sit, with my thumb in me bum. I have complained and attempted to contact them for months and months, spent hours on the phone, and I have gone in and requested meetings with John Ford multiple times, only to be told he is too busy. Driving to Eureka is not easy for me. As a small mom and pop style farmer, this is absolutely destroying me financially. I’m not supposed to grow until I get this permit, but how can you not do your job and go through this at the same time? The level of dishonesty and incompetence and corruption is disturbing. All my neighbors got abated, I got to watch one neighbor, who was further along in the process than me, go down hard. I am now in the same position I have always been in. I’ve come to the realization that my farm is not worth enough money tax wise to them for them to even TRY to issue my permit. The 6 acre mega grow next to me had a ton of environmental problems, flats, clearings, water diversions, all illegal, they got their permit months ago.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Lets run theses corrupt RIP OFFS out of there livlihoods and homes. RECALL

  • Kinda late now but thanks for trying, I guess. I know a half dozen of those people and they are greenrushers. Came here, blew it up and now you’re surprised that it went down this way? Thanks for nothing, you ballers. We welcomed you in and you blew out our communities, our simple way of life. It’s hard for me to agree to anything with the likes of you and your greedy desires… Here comes the next beating down- federal tax penalties and prison sentences….Enjoy your “legalization”!…..

  • Power to the people! Vote..sign.. make them resign!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Are you talking about the petition to recall Estelle they’re passing around that is legally worthless? LMFAO! 😆🤣😂

      Didn’t you hear those petitioners haven’t even gone to the Elections Office yet with the petition? Which means ALL of the signatures gathered so far are INVALID. Nice job guys. 👍🏿 Awesome.

  • A Cannabis Advisory Committee is a great idea…. IF the Board choses to ensure that the cannabis community is well represented, as you have done in your proposal.
    Thanks to ALL for put their name on this ‘letter’. Appreciate your LEADERSHIP!

  • Having served on a number of boards and the County Planning Commission i think a community advisory committee is a good idea. It would give a window into what is a very difficult problem. The main driver is the collapse of the price of pot. Much of the abatement effort seems to be around the environmental impact. The contradiction seems to be that due to the economy and new regulations the message seems to be go big or go away. How that helps the watersheds is is questionable. Remote rural counties face an entirely different set of challenges when it comes to environmental concerns. They don’t have to deal with spawning creeks and sediment and grading violations in places like the San Joaquin Valley. I would suggest that this advisory committee be composed of as few members as needed to represent the various segments of the cannabis community. The larger the body the longer it takes and the more difficult it is to reach consensus on any position. Just my take.

  • …. I like the enthusiasm, but fighting goverment officials is futile these days. “They” designed the system to fail, it was never “in favor” of the humboldt style “community “. Deplete them of there illegal cash to permit, punish for permitting, abate the rest with bogus letters to “CAMP” themselves, bust a few with scare tactics, tax whatever is left and when you can’t pay….. take the land ! Ingenious if you ask me.The war has been won…. all because the people voted it in.

  • Trying to eek out another year

    I recognize a ton of names on this list & many are pro compliance and have bought the lies, hook line and sinker and are probably the ones hating on (reporting) those that were prohibited by land issues, land partner issues, or being flat out too broke to apply cuz they didn’t grow balls out like the “pre existing” permit seekers did .

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Just hope to see some kind of change cuz our AREA is ruined at the current rate of things.think these supervisors are the REAL CRIMINALS

  • To encourage diversity of representation on the committee, I suggest that member appointments are conducted with the same methodology as county advisory commissions (2 members appointed by each Supervisor).

  • I advise the advisory board to advise that the board of supervisors resign.early retirement,hit the road,go away,move out of the area your destroying.

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