[UPDATE] Convoy Near Willow Creek This Morning

ConvoyThere are multiple reports of Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles convoying with Department of Fish and Wildlife near Willow Creek this morning. Lt. Ernie Stewart of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that deputies from his department were in the Willow Creek area yesterday and presumably this convoy is from them also but we were unable to confirm that before publishing.

Today there are reports of between 10 and 20 law enforcement vehicles, one pulling a chipper, that are east of Willow Creek off of Horse Linto Creek Road on what a local describes as River Access Road just south of Coon Creek.

Lt. Stewart promised us information on yesterday’s raid later today and we’ll ask about today’s convoy also when he has some time to answer questions.

UPDATEFour Search Warrants Served in Eastern Humboldt This Week



  • Finally! Let’s see Willow Creek get a week’s worth of action. Btw- I hope they heavily audit the production and distribution from Emerald Scamily’s industrial farms. And if they find that they are back-dooring product into illegal sales I hope they revoke their licenses and fine them into bankruptcy. That would be proper.

    • You do know this is dry snitching. I can’t stand anything about them, but I’ll die before being a narc. Either grow some balls and do something or shut up with dry snitching.

      • “to be an outlaw,one must have honor.”

      • Ha Ha Ha! No thank you. I love your concept of “dry snitching”. You probably think we are all on the “same team”. We are not. “Grow some balls and do something or shut up…” Ha Ha Ha! That is exactly the lame mentality that has allowed our county’s mom n pops to get run over and demolished by corrupt and greedy greenrushers. I have balls. Bigger than yours. I post here because even though its just an anonymous post with no weight to it…perhaps if others can see it and agree with their own observations what is happening then maybe we can get some attention and justice. I guess you think it would be cool for me to track down [edit] and punch them in the head? Ha Ha Ha! I would get an assault charge and they would continue scamming out our neighborhood. That’s how it works in the real world, bro. Yes- it’s weird how we all now hope that the authorities will clean up our mess. But I’ve been advocating for eradication of mega-grows for over a decade. I am not on the “same team” as the greedrushers who came here for the loot and the drama and the baller lifestyle. I never was on the “same team” as them just because they grow weed. That’s pathetic.

    • None of the legal growers I know are trying at all to sell legally. They sell to whoever calls up with cash. Maybe this year they will try. The state will be able to figure out that you have a legal grow but no product in the legal pipeline (BOE cannabis sellers #). When they figure out that growers are diverting to the black market they will call in the chipper guys to come and grind up your biz. Snitching is not required, these fools will snitch themselves out.

    • Its all illegal according to the supreme law of the land, every leaf. Where you want to take it from there is up to you, but there is a path for all within the definition of legal as well as illegal for growing. Environmental messes left as a result are both illeagal and immoral.

      • what about the environmental mess that was left behind from the mill operation and tee-pee burner at the subject property?

      • “illegal according to the supreme law”:

        Like driving too fast, throwing cigarette butts out the window as if the Earth is a garbage can, pig cops framing innocent individuals. Your supreme law of the land is bullshit.

      • Funny how a plant can be made illegal….what’s next. …illegal to give birth without a permit…?

    • I agree! Well, not about the chippers being a good thing in willow creek heehee.. I don’t think anybody likes the chippers being in their ‘hood, but I definitely support the cracking down on these supposed legal farms, who are just black market enterprises who paid off the county to leave them alone. I don’t like it… and I think the county is going to have to answer some questions if they are implicitly allowing an illegal enterprise to operate under their nose with no oversight.

      Anyone else notice how terrible the plants look at emerald family farms? You can see the mite cloud swarming over practically… all yellow and burned looking.

      • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

        You didnt know Emily? They specialize in craft production of russet/broad mites aswell as root aphids! Integrated pest management at that scale is very difficult and expensive.

  • Eastbound and down

  • The cops need to protect our feeder creeks. Coon CK is probably dead by now. Green diamond is to blame

    • Sorry but Green Diamond was no longer working at Coon Creek when I moved here and there was lots of water there so if it is dry now it could be from all of the grows up the hill or all of the well drilling that took place in the last couple of years.

  • What a ugly mess scamly firm has got. The cops must feel something driving by that dump

  • What are the costs of an average raid like this?

  • I think lost coast outpost should do an article on the legal grows that still dont pay there employees and burn them. The legal growers that threaten to kill there employees if they go after them for payment. The truth should come out. Most of these growers are big pawn shop owners here in humboldt. Sad.

  • I mean green diamonds land grab rape then sell to pot farms TMZ It means timber management zone. All cf cook Ck was supposed to be NO Houses just trees

    • Looks like Waterman Ridge has been zoned as the Industrial Cannabis Production Zone of Willow Creek. County sold a bunch of big permits up there.

  • Don’t forget seven acres of white pvc pipe for all the kids to admire from the bus

    • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

      Funny how you mention that you forgot to mention all the 1 year rated cheap greenhouse plastic. Funny how these people are so wealthy but cant afford good infrastructure. Plastic upon plastic. All 1 year.

  • Why didn’t this article show up in LoCO’s “elsewhere” section? Is your reporting on raids no longer being included there?

  • The niegbors just need to grow males .
    If everyone grows six males we can run them out

    • neighbors!

    • so much for Christian brotherhood among neighbors where you live… Love thy neighbor as thy self… grower or not. hating on the neighbors is whack, and Not Christian, regardless if they grow lettuce, or head lettuce.

      • The Christian definition means treating your neighbors as you wish to be treated. If I was a water stealing thug who treated my neighbors badly, I would wish for someone to come along and straighten me out before I lost my soul. Anyone who works on being a good neighbor has a perfect right to expect something similar from their neighbors. There is no requirement to love evil or the people who haven’t given it up.

        • Jesus would impeach Chump trump in a second, no questions asked!

          • no jesus would be running rails of powder off of strippers rears, if you read your bible you would know this.

          • You’re confusing yourself with God. What the Bible says about government is in Romans 13- 1-7 “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.”
            And it gets worse! “The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.”

            Darn Bible is never quite what people think. It is most frequently about self examination and self understanding first . Then, having done that, you might start to think about other people’s understanding. So until Trump is proven to have been a law breaker and removed from office by legal methods- not just your fantasy that since you don’t like him, he must be- don’t look to the Bible to justify your own lawlessness. You are no Jesus.

            • hardly ! jesus not god is who we were seaking about. jesus hung out ot in churches or with law abiders however, when he did go to church he tore the place apart. he stayed wuth known rostuites encouraged folks to challenge beliefs and question laws. yes jesus was an outlaw to the point he was killed for questioning and enouragibg others to question the governing athorities.

            • weed is legal, so that takes away the “doing evil” — Jesus was a rebel (and a hippy?) who wore long hair and sandals. He was for the downtrodden and meek. He liked the poor better than the rich. He was tolerant and kind. “Doing wrong” is so confusing post prop 64 — at least with 215 the law was clear that medical was OK. Now, there is a whole host of legal issues, but it is not “illegal” so therefore not against God.

              Judging folks for weed is against Jesus. Though shall not judge. We already “pay unto Caesar” what is his in the form of sales taxes, which are way too high in CA already.

              I’m agnostic about trump, but I admit I like that he defends Christians and weed users at the same time — he is pro-Christ and pro-pot. I think there are a lot of faithful Christians who feel the same way. Jeff Sessions, on the otherhand, has mis-interpreted the bible with his view of pot and of minorities.

              Anyway, Jesus hates nazis too… even if it’s just the local “Pot Nazis” who complain about their regions only viable economic crop.

              • There is no historical proof that Jesus even existed, but even the mythical fantasy version of God’s Only Son would not be down with some rich one percenter orange king who separates toddlers from their mothers and puts them in cages. Just sayin’.

      • Hating isn’t a good trait. But taking control of our neighborhoods is a good concept I think. I have a family and want to live a decent if somewhat outlaw existence. I don’t have any patience for these organized crime groups of people from other countries or others parts of the country moving in and shitting all over my neighborhood. If we had done a better job of keeping them out we wouldn’t have so much heat on us now.

        • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

          I do hope you know that not everyone that moves here from out of state is here to exploit the community, resources, and land. I am someone who migrated from elsewhere 5 years ago without the intentions of getting rich quick. In fact I left a career where I was earning more to live in this beautiful region of the pacific northwest because money isn’t everything to me. Money comes and goes but quality of life in the urban centers is poor in my opinion and is not conducive to my overall health. Obviously the greenrush attracted alot of unconscious and greedy slimy people, this cannot be debated. Where there is a quick buck to be made the degenerates will come. As a young man who lives in the same community as you who migrated to northern Humboldt to find a better quality of life I remind you that not everyone here is apart of that greedy demographic and that new faces can bring alot of fresh energy/inspiration into the community.

          • I would hasten to remind you that the greed you mention is now encouraged by the new law, prop 64, and has turned the “green rush” into a scheme to blow it up even worse, by greasing off politicians. Now the police look the other way when they drive past 7 acre grows to bust mom and pop with more than 7 plants.

            Jesus would not approve.

          • I agree. I like new people and I don’t mind the trimmigrants here either. A lot of locals grumble but I find them interesting and nice.

        • We have met the enemy and they are us. Pogo

  • Emerald farms. Honeydew farms honeydew creek farms all are selling black market. Can someone stand up an do something about this you go legal play by the rules if not you shouldn’t have went legal. Look at honeydew creek farms buying 10 trucks a year and he has a neck tattoo of course hes not following the rules. He owes so many people money. Someone stand up for the real boys in the woods.

    • Yes, the neck tat is the crime indicator. All persons with neck tats need deportation off planet, immediately😎

    • Owner of Honeydew Farms went to a Board of Supervisors meeting and publicly requested that grows w/o permits be punished. Other permitted farms have also called for this. Why? Because unpermitted growers are depressing the prices on the BLACK market, which is affecting these permitted farms….because they are selling on that market too!! It’s a farce and our county government is protecting their illegal behavior. Since track n Trace is obviously failing we need some busts of these farms. It’s not snitching. They have done everything to take everything from the mom n pops of this county. Now they fund the chippers and the abatements. I’m glad people are finally seeing this. I’d suggest writing to the office of the US Attorney General. I have. I included a short list of farms that I know are engaging in conspiracy to distribute across state lines.And they are doing this by selling outside of track n Trace. These guys have scammed every mom n pop and deserve to be destroyed.

  • Oil is about all the bug infested firm could sell anyway. Yuck bug juice

  • Is this the same convoy(5 CHP, 1 fed) that was going 80 passed McKinleyville High as students were getting out of school?

  • Legal or not unless you have an out of state market your gonna be fuckked in the next 5 yrs. Ofcourse legal and illegal growers will strive to push product east and south that’s where the big moneys at. Everyone knows the risk legal or not. The game continues as usual. Prices r stabilized this yr anyways, ain’t that bad. Keep it up

    • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

      You forgot quality. Good quality and I mean really exceptional quality is hard to find and people pay.

  • 7:13 and they just came back down the hill into Willow Creek.

  • Has anybody figured out why that Federal Courthouse is at the end of the airport in Mckinleyville?? Maybe free flights to San Francisco just wondering , maybe real soon its going to be interesting on how or who gets to ridefor free??only if those folks who signed up through the local travel agency —- Board of supes get first opportunity?? With all the info they handed over like complete credit report , Yrs of experience , pics sq footage of there job and ap numbers etc , but i feel they should hug there tour guide in there experience— There personal Supervisor which has held there hand thru this tumultuous ride they have endured and maybe they can sit with them on their experience to Beautiful San Francisco

  • Disgusting grow cuts on the flanks of the western trinities. See for yourself, Google earth waterman ridge, willow creek

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    We could only hope that the bone family gets that federal jet ride after ruining so many constituents lives. CARMAS. A funny thing it always comes back around maybe not as fast as some hope but its coming.

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