Mateel Hosting Old-Growth & Young Sapling Generational Gathering Today

This is a press release from the Mateel Community Center:

The Mateel Board of Directors would like to invite the community to a potluck dinner and sharing/feedback session, Sunday, September 16th from 4-7pm at the Mateel Community Center, 59 Rusk  Lane in Redway.  Old-timers, members, non-members, youth, newcomers, all are welcome! We’ll be cooking up beef and chicken – please bring a vegetarian dish, side or dessert to share.

Board members will be present and ready to listen to the community. Rio Anderson will be on hand to facilitate a constructive conversation about the current state of the Mateel, upcoming plans and ideas relating to fundraising and finances.

This event is of course free, but donations are welcome. Attendees can also become a member or renew their membership on site. Please join us as we further the conversation about the Mateel’s past and future. For more information, call 707-923-3368.



  • Will They Have my Payroll Taxes ? Do they even have insurance for the hall to put on events ?

  • Here is a kmud news interview with Bruce Champie concerning this potluck. About 3/4 into the interview, it talks about how some people have not been paid by High Times from ROTR 2018. I guess the shoe is on the other foot now?

  • This event is a GREAT opportunity for comm-Unity members to share their thoughts, suggestions, their positive and negative stories about the MCC, so the HEALING can begin in earnest!
    Kudos to the Board for choosing to provide an opportunity for people to share their truth!
    Let the HEALING begin!!
    We are the WHOLE MATEEL!!!

  • Oh dear. Work in progress? But we are hopeful ? ROTR was an event that pretty much continuously generated quarter million in profits each show now continues to lose a lot of money… and so no split money? And some have yet to receive wages? Mercy! Like a bad refrain that goes on and on and on . So sad.

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