Pipe Bomb Located in Blue Lake

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On September 13th, 2018 at about 8:00 p.m. Deputies were dispatched to the parking lot of the Blue Lake Casino regarding a reported pipe bomb located in a vehicle.

Upon arrival the Deputies were told by the reporting party and owner of the vehicle that the pipe bomb had been located in the 2500 block of Glendale Drive, Blue Lake. The reporting party did not know what to do with the item so she put it in her car for safe keeping. She eventually reported it to the Sheriff’s Office and requested to release it into our possession. The reporting party is not suspected of any criminal activity in relation to this incident.

The Humboldt County Bomb Squad responded and deployed the Bomb Squad Robot. Render safe procedures were conducted and it was confirmed that the item was an improvised explosive. The device was constructed of white PVC pipe containing black powder with time fuse inserted into one end cap.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public that you should never touch or move a potentially explosive device. If you find something and suspect that it might be hazardous, contact law enforcement immediately and try to keep people a safe distance away from it until our arrival.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.



  • I don’t know if I have ever heard of anything as dumb as putting a pipe bomb in your car for safe keeping. Is there some kind of logical conclusion I’m missing? I’m reaching for understanding and empathy but kind find anything bro grasp onto.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      thought the same thing, putting a bomb into my car would be the very last option. But we don’t know the lady, for her, this might be reasonable…

    • its not much different than picking up a used needle. it needs to be lit or struck with a hammer, but its PVC so a hammer wouldn’t do it, so it needs to be lit. do you think she was going to light it? similar to the needle. are you going to stick it into to you? the brain is a terrible thing to waste. maybe she was thinking of the safety of kids or anyone that has wasted their brain.

      • Hmm, there are several contact sensitive explosives that are extremely dangerous to handle. Some are easy to make, but not easy to make safely. Had it been someone’s intention to hurt others, this pipe could have been filled with a shock or contact sensitive explosive. This would not require any lighting or even hard contact. So the woman was extremely reckless to handle the device.

      • A client at the law office I worked at accidentally blew his own arm off putting a PVC pipe bomb under his victims car so I adamantly disagree with you. A needle has a zero percent chance of accidentally flying into your arm, you have to physically do it yourself so not an accurate comparison. Standing a safe distance away while keeping an eye on it and calling the cops is about a trillion times smarter if you are concerned about children picking it up. This bomb also had a time fuse which can have a delay up to few weeks so this bombs fuse could have already been activated. I was looking for any logical, educated reason she did this, not grasping at straws.

      • Local observer…your logic is that it’s perfectly safe to put a strange pipe bomb in your car and anyone who thinks different is stupid?

    • Sounds like a clear case of “Criminal Stupidity” on her part but otherwise better late…!!!!

  • What a bunch of shit
    When cops need to suit
    Up in full body armor to
    Watch a robot put out a
    Fucking cigarette butt
    Who ever the menace
    Has already won

  • Contact explosive Wow
    It sounds like you’ve been
    Drinking the kool-aid
    Dumb kids more than

  • Gee. Thanks for the link

  • Well Seamus Yer a much better chemist than I Any dimwit can blow shit up if they have the precursors None are available. Making the kind Yer talking about is next to impossable in the U.S It’s like that on purpose
    Thank god

    • I don’t know what kool aid you’ve been drinking, but “contact” type bombs were some of what Ted Kaczynski and many others have used with deadly results. Ingredients easily obtainable in US…

  • arent there cameras in that parking lot? why cant they give us some sort of lead on who “dropped” it there

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