Leader in Drug Trafficking Ring Sought After Bust Nets Money and Heroin, Says Drug Task Force

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Rodrigo Moreno Rios (aka “Shorty”)

Rodrigo Moreno Rios (aka “Shorty”)

After a several month-long investigation, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) has identified Rodrigo Moreno Rios (aka “Shorty”) as one of the primary leaders in a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) in the Eel River Valley. Rios is believed to employ multiple individuals who assist in the delivery of heroin to Humboldt County communities.

On September 13, 2018, at approximately 9:45 a.m., HCDTF Special Agents, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, Fortuna Police Department, and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, served six search warrants at the following residences:

3100 block of Smith Lane, Fortuna
3200 block of Smith Lane, Fortuna
1900 block of South Second Avenue, Fortuna
2600 block of Boone Street, Fortuna
1500 block of Ronald Avenue, Fortuna
Private road, Niles Lane, Loleta

These search warrants were related to properties frequented or occupied by Rios and members of the DTO. In addition to the search warrants, Ramey Warrants were obtained on the following individuals: Rodrigo Moreno Rios (age 40), Ubaldo Mendez-Carino (age 45), Arturo Ruiz-Anguiano (age 19), and Cesar Cabrera-Barragan (age 37).

As a result of the investigation, agents seized approximately ¾ of a pound of suspected heroin and over $40,000 in U.S. currency. This currency is believed to be the proceeds of illegal narcotics sales and will be held pending asset forfeiture proceedings.

During the serving of the search warrants, Mendez-Carino, Ruiz-Anguiano, and Cabrera-Barragan were contacted and arrested on their outstanding Ramey Warrants. The charges on these warrants include conspiracy to transport and possess controlled substances for sales. These subjects were subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked on their outstanding warrants. Agents were unable to locate Rios and he remains a fugitive at large.

Anyone with information related to this investigation, or know the current whereabouts of Rodrigo Moreno Rios, please call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.

Arturo Ruiz-Anguiano

Arturo Ruiz-Anguiano

Ubaldo Mendez-Carino

Ubaldo Mendez-Carino

Cesar Cabrera-Barragan

Cesar Cabrera-Barragan



  • Can you find out Kym if these were foreign nationals or citizens of the USA?

    • That doesn’t even matter!! PLENTY of people who are citizens of the US do the very same thing. Please don’t buy into the bull that certain people and groups are trying to shove down our throats: make an enemy out of your fellow human being to distract us from the bigger pile of crap in the distance.

      • The question is relevant. Illegally entering the country and trafficking huge amounts of human poison is problematic and fuels the debate for tighter border security and tighter immigration laws, which should be in place anyway.

        • People will always find a way. Regardless of their immigration status. People who aren’t immigrants do just as much damage as people who are, if not more so. While I don’t even remotely support anything of this nature it’s time to face the facts that we will never win the “war on drugs.” As long as there is demand, there will be supply. People saying that the immigrants are the main problem REALLY need to take a step back and look at the crap that happens in our country caused by people who a legal US citizens

          • Who said immigrants were the main problem? No way. Hard drug poison is the problem. But not a nice assimilation tactic to deal heroine when illegally here.

          • The difference is pretty clear. We’re stuck with citizens but not with non citizens. Then there is the tendency care less about the natives when it is not considered home. They become a money making tool only. If things get too hot, running back across the border where there is a welcome is always an option where it is not for citizens of another country. That is true for Americans heading south as well as Mexicans heading north. But the difference is made clear by Narcocorrido , a music genre which is self aggrandizing celebration of the drug trafficker as hero. Similar to the gangster rap except it celebrates the awful drug related violence.

          • I had a similar conversation with my mom when
            I was a kid… why make your bed if it’s going to just get messed up again that same night? Why tighten up border security? It will just get into the country some other way.. Just give up already. *sarcasm of course. The problem is there isn’t enough being done to keep drugs out of the US. Think it’s bad now, just wait until unmanned drones start dropping off packages.

      • Just stop, that’s horseshit! over 93% of the heroin tested in 2015 came from Mexico… who do you think is bringing it here. We have a border for the same reasons we have doors and locks on our homes , for security!

        • But wait, how is the opium to make the heroin getting to Mexico? Is it grown in Mexico? If so where are the extensive Mexican poppy fields? How much of the opium is grown in Afghanistan? How did the opium get from Afghanistan to Mexico? Who controls the sea and air routes from Afghanistan to Mexico? Is Al-Qeada transporting opium to Mexico for cooking into heroin? Are many Mexicans going to Afghanistan and bringing home suitcases of opium?

          The USA consistently creates economic and trade realities in Mexico — from the perpetual exploitation of Petro Mexicano (PeMex) by US interests, to the collapse of the Mexican agricultural economy under NAFTA. Prevent Mexican heroin trade; protect Mexico’s borders.

        • Not anymore. Opium gum has gone from $7,000 kg to $265. Growing goma de amapola is now not worth beans. Starvation , they are wanting to legalize it , like New Zealand, for legal use. At 26% morphine instead of 10%.by controlling fertilizer,like they used to do with pot. A self reinforcing stimulant/depressant/mild hallucenogenic.(used forever transdermaly for disassociation from pain)unlike here where pain is an entitlement and potentiator 4times by neurotically focusing on).do not talk to your doctor about because he is integral.fentanyls are often legal, easily made,sent by mail to many a third wierld country.with nafla fox wants legal pot for fun. Concentration and. Delivery , TAXFREE. Just like areiel bombing the spun Saudis or Syrians fighting over and on captagon and injected testosterone. Compiendo el maricon.

          • I ment dropping the 50 tons of cristal they just found but did not evidently destroy. Funny , most comes from miramar.ephidring from simple fermentation of sugar. Even possible in Ghana that averages 56 IQ.cristal makes factory slaves smile. And on cannery ships.

        • Nope theyre using the canadian border down through eastern washington. Friends in those rural areas say its crazy, so much coming through. Way way easier in so many ways. No need to dig big tunnels or use the catapults to fling drugs over (the video they made of them flinging bales of pot over the border wall are pretty amusing).

          Theres hundreds of thousands of illegal chinese immigrants running birthing houses for other illegal chinese women to come have babies all over LA county. Why is the “immigration” issue only for brown people, many of whom actually come here and work the jobs no white people will do? I dont get it.
          The Russian and Bulgarian cartels bring in tons of cocaine and human trafficking, why arent the bulgarian grows being busted? theres always illegal folks on them when they do bust them every once in awhile. They’re trafficking women out of a base in fortuna/rio dell as we speak.

  • Get them off the streets. Citizens keep your eyes open for this a$$ hat.

  • Fuck ya get those pieces of shit! Heroin is death! Haha “shorty” isn’t that el chapo in Spanish? Smart! Note to self. (if I’m ever head of drug ring don’t call myself el chapo)

    • And miramar is where.el Mero Mero is there now arranging things.cristal is easy. Fermentation of any disaccharide sugar with ambient, airborne microbre.first product, in 14 to 16 hours is ephedrine , followed by alcohol,vinagre.ephidrine is reduced, by truck battery to desoxyephidrine. Cristal in a day. $250/oz mckinlyville.

  • “Shorty”

    Shorty got popped with heroin in 2013 and 2007.

  • Looks like “Shorty” eats pretty well.

  • No tats? WTF?

  • Wow, crap like that would be better off kept elsewhere. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what pieces of shit the whole lot are,,,,”Shorty” there’s a piece of work,,,,what a fuckin loser. Your right, no tats??? Wha- dup wit dat shit mane,,,,,,he’s open game in the joint, they’ll pass that fat little fucker around till he’s literally “Shot-2-shit”

  • Haven’t all of them had their picture in the paper before for something similar?

  • Not FORTUNA!?!?!? the town that kept DARE and won’t allow any cannabis.

  • Here is our failed justice system on display. Busted two times previously but kept dealing. Probably while on probation. We need a death sentence for third offense. He’s probably back in Mexico already. They do not send us their best…do they?

  • I don’t have any information but, what end of the lawdogs are they using? I mean really, smart, educated, well trained professionals as the hcdtf, with “months” of investigation on the KINGPIN and they don’t catch him. JOB WELL BOTCHED. where do these well trained cops come from????? Under a rock ? I mean cmon you mean you just let this guy slip away??? And on top of that get the little ” no habla ” little guys? OH WAIT……40k. THATS IT, wait for the lil guys to be replaced, since the head dog gets away….. Then get another chunk of money. Sounds like a good deal to me……. gimmie a break

  • That dude has been around doing shit for a long time. I don’t understand why the Trump administration goes after working families, but nothing ever happens to this fecal matter with lungs? Priorities I guess

    • First he was deported but obviously it didn’t take. Of course now that Caliifornia is a sanctuary state, will he be deported again? Will Truth North protest about deporting him too as they did the only family (ie individual with children) in local news who had a conviction too?

      Maybe, since laws are held in such contempt here, we should just poll a group of people to see whether this time the law should be applied. Vote “no” if sympathetic to the illegal, vote “yes” if you don’t like them.

  • Mexican immigrants pushing drugs. Bulgarian immigrants pushing big mary jane grows. Indigenous meth heads destroying heritage. White trash meth heads selling anything they can including their asses. African Americans coming up from big cities to pillage and steal at gunpoint. Money truly is the root of all evil. These guys are like cockroaches. Squash one and 50 more take they’re place. Neverending. California’s laws are weak to criminals. But Humboldt will always be the most beautiful place on earth. In my opinion.

  • Trump is after these guys, Obama let them in, Obama = One Big Ass Mistake for America

    • Human nature equals one big ass mistake for anywhere! Doesn’t matter who’s in charge.

    • so illegal immigration has only occurred during the 8 years of Obama. what about in the 50s? whose fault was it then? the simple fact that the majority of companies that hire illegals are conservative owned sums up who is at fault, if you want to call it that. America runs on cheap labor, it always has and it always will.

    • Actually Obama’s Administration changed the definition of “deported” to include people turned back at the border. Made numbers look good (or bad, depending on your POV.) Of course, while indulging in his “righting the wrongs of previous America policy”, he created some whoppers of wrong all by himself. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-obama-administration-children-human-traffickers/ In his usual circumnavigation of Congress, his words left the impression that minors were not going to be deported and created a surge in unaccompanied children crossing illegally. Then, like his DOJ announcement about not prosecuting medical pot, he was taken by surprise that people believed him and flooded in to take advantage. The attempt to staunch the flow that he created all by himself, he then took to- gasp- holding children at the border or passing them along to anyone who showed up to claim them. That ended badly too but, unlike the press response to Trump, Obama was subject to long periods of absolute silence for his faux pas.

      No Obama didn’t create illegal immigration. He just made it worse.

    • wrong, you have no idea about the citizenship status, doesn’t say from Mexico and if there wasn’t a demand of mostly white people using the drug (btw) there’d be no buyers. Obama had very very high deportation numbers, way more than most Presidents, educate yourself.

      • The linked report posted by Al abovensaid that the missing man was deported previously. That pretty much means illegal. Having returned, there is no provision under the law for him to have obtained US citizenship subsequently. So illegal he is.

        Also Obama’s Administration did fiddle with the figures and he did not actually deport more people , not that the procedure used was a bad thing. The bad thing was the drastic reduction of actually deporting people already here illegally rather than the policy about border returns

        – “Expulsions of people who are settled and working in the United States have fallen steadily since his first year in office, and are down more than 40% since 2009.

        On the other side of the ledger, the number of people deported at or near the border has gone up — primarily as a result of changing who gets counted in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s deportation statistics.”


        People who try to educate others ought to first educate themselves. Or at least be less nasty so that reasonable opinion can be exchanged.

      • Worst storm in 1,000 years and we can’t pick our fruit help us frinoleros,camaradas.

    • Then the frenzied stupid Democrats should stop trying to out stupid them. This decay of any pretense of reason in the political world is like two idiots wrestling each other as they fall off a cliff. Hello! There is no winner. There is no reason listen to either party as their mutual stupidity is on view the whole way down to the inevitable end.

  • Somebody tipped him off, only 3/4 lb of heroin and 40k for a “kingpin” yarite

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Somebody tipped him off cuz someone got payed off, thats how our currupt little county operates now.if you win public office your children and relatives and same sex partner get to grow and everyone else is a criminal.thats whos makin the rules now and taking the bribes.

    • 50%of moneys from slavery,cristal, now fentanyls, is gifted to an army general. He is forced to take it.he is a family man. Someone gifted a govenodor$25 million twice. And faked his death , everyone thinks.cant fight a war with ones head up ones culo . Being from the very bottom of the middle of nowhere, sometimes it seems the whole wierld circles around me.lowest point of the highest estate.opim gum, Sinaloa 1980,$7,000 kg, now $1500.but iguala, G.$265/kg.cant buy beans.this will effect us profoundly.we must destroy the symbolic(embarrassing)walls of discrimination.latinos hit their wives here but not allowed in Mexico,neighbors and family frown on that.

  • So the three were “were booked on their outstanding warrants. ” They were not charged with any of this? Do they have a bail?

  • I wonder why they bypassed the DA and went for the Ramey warrants? Can’t trust the Da or maybe the DA refused the case due to lack of evidence? Ramey warrants are uncommon.

  • Like I always say wait for the racist comments to come, I say one little word and I get edited, but if your white your all right! But who’s the ones that buy this stuff? And of course there’s the$$$ for 5.0 to take! Shake that tree boys.

    • I imagine drug use is an equal opportunity destroyer. Clearly not only white people buy drugs and, if you think that white people are buying illegal drugs disproportionately to their demographic , then provide something to prove it. Otherwise it is making racist allegations in a troll like manner.

    • Yeah i guess that’s it …. so sorry for your victim hood …..

    • Same race as us.they are nationals,otm,or simply tonk.we same race but from poor country just doing what you might do in our shoes.

  • When people from another culture, who speak another language, who have different loyalties, distribute debilitating substances in a host nation, they must be understood to be the enemies and rivals that they are. Their apparent actions are an act of war to anyone willing to see sharply, and are very obviously rascist(though I don’t believe in the label) as it reeks of smiling animus to enter into another cultures jurisdiction, and disseminate dangerous drugs..
    I feel the same way with crack in the city, or McDonald’s in another country.. it’s wrong.
    All these larger hard drug busts out of fortuna are not good P.R. for humboldt countys growing Latin colonies. Most Latin people do share our values, and are more upstanding than many of our own degenerated people. Unfortunately, each community harbors its own brand of criminals, and immigrant colonies have international ties that most of us villagers don’t.
    It’s not our job to trust them.
    It’s newcomers job to fully immerse and integrate to our community. Otherwise, they are halfway people, like trimmers or tourists who come and go, or like a separate nation within your own, with their own language and a different origin story.
    Natural diversity is fun, right tree huggers? but thats because the raging competition and cooperation inherent in nature doesn’t affect us much, hidden in our societies like we are.
    On the contrary, human diversity is not as cute a spectacle, especially within a attempted democratic governing model.
    Everything is a fight between different world views, or a feeble cooperation between all cultural corners where each group more or less gets shafted, and are forced to live dumbed down versions of their own ideals. Then you’re told to smile as you see your own community replaced by people you don’t want to appreciate.
    So, sure, it’s only a bust.. but the story is long.. and it involves our communities bieng willing, tolerant and sometimes compassionate hosts.
    Eventually though, the tables turn..
    All I’m asking for is a little foresight..
    A little hindsight..
    It’s happened before, it can happen again.
    In the meantime, follow your bliss.🍂

  • When Americans who speak English and have different loyalties, distribute debilitating substances in a nation, they must be understood to be the enemies and rivals that they are.

  • Tax paying blue collar citizen

    Yeah and I bet no Caucasian Humboldt County residents bought any of his heroin and in no way contributed to the problem. Yes, what he does stinks but there is plenty of blame for drug trafficking to throw around in Humboldt..Including the illegal grows and illegal sales to other states 🤔

  • Fortuna
    The cartel community!

    Local pharmy sales will see a sharp increase….

    One cartel to the next…

  • Destino fortuna,heroina.no punishment, free medical. No cure for those with estrogen in poisonous amounts.

  • Don’t deport send him on a boat with some bricks then he won’t come back!! Last time he sells drugs!

  • I’m sure this clown’s back in Mexico by now. If caught he would have been facing up to three years informal probation from a Humboldt judge. Who wants to deal with that bs?

  • Wake up my people, there is a war on the horizon, Mexico is the next Afghan, the us, is going to invade and destroy, they obviously have something we want, they are our next victims, I feel sorry for them, read between the lies.

  • I was wondering other than his job has any of you ever met him in person? Hes actually a nice guy,friendly,polite,helpfull,family man! ya would never guess ,

  • This organization is running heroine and weed up and down the 101. Check the cheap motels, follow the money, investigate the bar scene. These same guys and their runners have been spotted in the Laytonville and Willits bars lately using their street soldiers to deal in the parking lots of the Willits bars; All kind of drugs; crystal meth, cocaine, heroine and black tar. More money to be confiscated as this ia a big enterprise with men who drive big new 4x4s…. Go get em boys, got Connections with those cocaine selling Corona boys in the Willits area; the ones connected with the exmayors grandson who also deals Coke around Willits and Laytonville and has brand new shiney cars, trucks and boats and no job……. Check it out, clean these dope pushers up….. Been operating in Willits for like 8 years now selling drugs in the Willits bars from amigo mexicans and Corona Boys… Cartel

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