Local Cannabis Companies Offer a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Look at Their Licensed Manufacturing, Distribution Facilities

This is a press release from Paradigm Cannabis:

GARBERVILLE, CA – On Thursday, September 20th, from 5-7pm, Certified Humboldt and Paradigm Cannabis will host a Grand Opening mixer and open house at their licensed distribution and CO2 manufacturing facilities located at the north end of Garberville, two doors left of Napa Auto Parts. The community is invited to come meet the team and to get a behind-the-scenes look at their facilities.

“It’s been a long journey to get to this point, and we are very excited to be working with legacy, back-to-the-land movement farmers in Southern Humboldt,” stated Karyn Wagner, owner of Paradigm Cannabis and executive director of Certified Humboldt. “The farmers we work with are committed to cultivating in harmony with our wildlife and our watersheds, and we want to see them succeed in the emerging legal marketplace in California.”

A former New Yorker, Karyn Wagner put her roots in Humboldt twenty-one years ago and was one of the original founders of Humboldt County’s first branded collective, called Tea House Collective (THC). “We started THC in 2010 to promote outdoor, organically grown, salmon-safe cannabis,” Wagner stated, “and Paradigm Cannabis and Certified Humboldt continue to uphold and promote these same key values and standards.”

The Grand Opening party will feature snacks, refreshments, and guided tours of the facilities. Guests are invited to get to know the people involved, and to learn more about their award-winning manufacturing process, and their commitment to the promotion of Humboldt sungrown canna-products.

A free presentation by Attorney Lance Rogers of San Diego titled ‘Get it in Writing! Contracts with Buyers’ will also be offered on Sept 20th from 3:30-5pm at 665 Redwood Drive, four doors south of the Certified Humboldt and Paradigm Cannabis facilities. The presentation is geared toward compliant cannabis farmers and is co-sponsored by Lady Sativa Farms and Humboldt Highline. Attendees will learn best practices in reviewing and writing contracts with cannabis distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to mitigate risk and optimize success. Seating is limited for the ‘Get it in Writing!’ presentation, so attendees are encouraged to register online at bit.ly/certifiedhumboldt.

The Paradigm Cannabis & Certified Humboldt Open House is Thursday, September 20th from 5-7 p.m. at 615 Bear Creek Rd., Garberville. For more information, visit www.paradigmcannabis.com.


2017 Emerald Cup Winner – 7th Place, THC Concentrates

2016 Emerald Cup Winner – CBD Third Place

2016 Terpestival Winner – Four awards including First Place Best Overall Quantitative Terpenes



  • Interesting, but laws are laws and unless you are an employee with a background check you are not even allowed inside these dangerous facilities. I wonder how these guys and just advertise they are skirting and breaking the laws set in place with prop 64? Think they been here 20 years and no own “True Humboldt”…… Now they will be shut down by the state for their little illegal tour….

    • it just requires signing in and a visitor badge and a purpose.

    • // “Interesting, but laws are laws and unless you are an employee with a background check you are not even allowed inside these dangerous facilities.” //

      That’s not a State requirement (nor a county requirement where I am).

      Everywhere I’ve been one only need to be 21 or over and escorted by an employee or principle to be allowed in — legally.


      • wrong, the law says you cannot work at a facility without a background check.
        These places still have people inspecting them, working on or getting tours of these facilities, a lot of companies are doing it, the above commenter is correct. you just need a visitors name tag.

  • More drug promo. Best site on the web for free advbertising for drug use.

    • Since we don’t call wine and beer information free advertising for drug use, do you think that now that marijuana use is legal for the majority of the population of the U.S. in some form or another can we move beyond that now for marijuana? https://marijuana.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=006868

      • I suppose when it is as pretty universally acknowledged that pot impairs thinking as is already established with alcohol, it will be easier to accept. And that pot induced impairment lasts longer even if it is not as dramatic. Right now most pot users as reflected on this site are in total denial. Maybe a disclaimer like the beer companies use when advertising -“Use pot responsibly” as soon as the science catches up with what responsible is. Because pot users apparently haven’t a clue themselves. They never seem to notice at all.

  • Pretty cool……this is what embracing the new world of commercial legalization brings to our community, and our community is better for it.
    This woman is a DO’er. And It’s all of our community “Do’ers” , that , through all of their hard work and actions that brings their positive visions like this into fruition.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Salmon safe. Lol. You sell out scabs, cop a kissing worms evan got your own suck a language now

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Boycott products that support extortion and trampling on constitutional rights and property owners rights

  • No one cares Humboldt will never be vodka or wine..For marijuana. It’s to far from everything. No one buys marbrolls or wine cause its from a certain place unless there in the mega rich or random people list. Average people will buy it the same way they always have….Colorado’s 5 years ahead???. An the black market is still thriving. Dream on!!!! Dreamers Smoke on smokers an legal guys keep on trying you’ll be the first broke ones. An the last ones to survive. Hoodlums will always buy black market. Bye bye humboldt hello new black market.

    • Good for these legal business. Sounds like you are jealous crying because your not the Top Dog any more and your days are numbered . AR 15s And Turbo Grow Dozers , Creek and land polluters were never Cool . How about moving to Idaho? Oh you’d have to shovel snow and get along with neighbors Yeah you’d Cry about that too

    • In California, the average household income of legal pot buyers is 50% higher than the median household income. This is not the same market as cigarettes or cheap wine.

      • Median and average incomes are not really usefully comparable. A few people extraordinarily high income always raised the average. It could be that pot users are mostly below the income of the median but a couple of tech billions makes it seem so without it meaning that a billionaire would buy more or pay more for pot.

  • Just move why give any of these losers your money.. that’s the real question

  • Everyone in CA let’s grow all the weed an then you know put it in stores for people to buy. That will work perfect 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Back to the land what a name
    Scabs on the land would be more like it

  • “Certified humboldt” will have to change their name . Horrible name and it’s so generic it’s going to cause confusion to consumers . Our flowers are “Certified Humboldt” through ca origin . Can’t trademark that because all of humboldt farms can be “Certified Humboldt” . If they take product from Mendo or trinity is it still “Certified Humboldt”?

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