Community Organizations Hosting Eureka City Council, Mayoral Candidates Forum September 30, October 1

This is a press release from the Humboldt & Del Norte Counties Central Labor Council:

EUREKA, CA – Nine local community organizations have joined forces to host forums for all three Mayoral candidates and all nine City Council candidates running in the upcoming election on November 6th. The Humboldt & Del Norte Counties Central Labor Council, North Coast People’s Alliance, Cooperation Humboldt, Health Care for All Humboldt, Northcoast Environmental Center, Centro Del Pueblo, Move to Amend, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, and the Eureka Chapter of the NAACP are co-sponsoring the events, which will be held at the Labor Temple (840 E Street, Eureka) on September 30th (Wards 1 and 3) and October 1st (Mayor and Ward 5) from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Each organization will ask questions relevant to their missions to each of the candidates – on September 30th Councilwoman Natalie Arroyo and challengers Jeannie Breslin and John Fullerton, and Ward 1 candidates Caroline Brooks, Leslie Castellano, Hailey Lamb, and Anthony Mantova; On October 1st Councilwoman Kim Bergel and challenger Joe Bonino, Mayoral candidates Michelle Costantine, Councilwoman Heidi Messner, and Susan Seaman. The Forums will be moderated by Labor Council Delegates Jerome Washington and Renee Saucedo, and will be livestreamed on Facebook and recorded to air quickly after on Access Humboldt.

“Right now Eureka residents are highly engaged in social and political issues,” reports Tamara McFarland, North Coast People’s Alliance steering committee chair. “We all understand that we have to work together if we want to strengthen social safety nets, protect the environment, and create a thriving and sustainable economy that serves all of Eureka’s residents. What separates this event from others is the collaboration between so many organizations working on these issues in Eureka.”

This event is free and open to the public.


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  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    Somebody seriously needs to ask candidate Caroline Brooks to explain her misrepresentation of her occupational history. She attempted to explain why she claims to have formerly been an “ELIGIBILITY MANAGER” at Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services for 10 years on SoHum Parlance and John Chiv’s conservative crime blog, but Brooks’ lame laughable “explanations” clearly leave much to be desired. Brooks’ strange interview with John Chiv that clearly conveyed Caroline Brooks’ personal anger at having her resume questioned is only slightly more hysterical than Brooks’ message that she posted on Eric Kirk’s blog SoHum Parlance in being asked an entirely legitimate question about her own campaign’s Facebook page. This local online mini-controversy got so ridiculous (thanks to Caroline Brooks’ extremely defensive overreaction to the question), Eric Kirk termed it “MANAGERGATE”. 🤣

    On HER own campaign Facebook page, Caroline Brooks claims she was an “Eligibility Manager” for 10 years. This claim by Brooks is completely untrue.

    For instance, here are the real facts about Caroline Brooks occupational history according to some of her former colleagues who were able to clarify this:
    #1. Brooks was NEVER in management, not even for one day, let alone 10 years.
    #2. There is NO SUCH JOB TITLE as “Eligibility Manager”. The actual job title is “Eligibility Program Manager”, which is a position that Brooks NEVER held (not even close). Her claim is clearly a lie.
    #3. Caroline Brooks’ actual job title was “Eligibility Worker”, which is NOT a management or supervisorial position.

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