[UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: One Way Traffic] Report of a Structure Fire Spreading to Vegetation in the Carlotta Area

Burning structureFirefighters are responding to the report of a structure fire is spreading to the vegetation in the 7400 block of Hwy 36 near the intersection with Love Lee Lane.

The report of the fire in the Carlotta area came in about 1:10 p.m.

UPDATE 1:25 p.m.: According to the Indicent Commander speaking over the scanner and describing what he saw when he arrived on scene, “One structure is fully engulfed. There is no threat to the vegetation but other structures are threatened….We have secondary explosions,” reports the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 1:32 p.m.: The Incident Commander said, “We will need to close Hwy 36.”

UPDATE 2 p.m.: “We have an additional outbuilding involved and another threatened,” The Incident Commander reported. He asked for three more engines and three more water tenders and he requested information on when the air unit would be on scene.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that fire personnel have closed Hwy 36 in both directions.

UPDATE 2:19 p.m.: The first video by Tami Hoisington shows the smoke very thick.

The second video shows that the smoke is much lighter.

UPDATE 2:33 p.m.: Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services tweeted, “HWY 36 closed in both directions near PM 6.9-7.5 in Carlotta due to structure fire. Please avoid the area and pull over for emergency vehicles.”

UPDATE 4:20 p.m.: According to Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona, Hwy 36 one-way traffic control in place and many resources have been released.

According to the Incident Commander on the scanner, two storage buildings were 100% destroyed and one garage received some damage.



  • Oh dear. Secondary explosions…

    Let the wry comments begin! Let’s make it a blame game as well…
    I hope they get the fires out before there is more damage.

  • I can tell where this is going to go.

  • Spreading or not spreading?
    Hash lab or general stupidity?

  • Just leave all the it has to be be caused by this or that out of this for now. All of our communities have firefighters out there dealing with this. Put your thoughts into their safe return to their families. Be thankful for all of our guys that don’t ask questions and run to rescue our fellow community folks and hope it’s never you that needs their help!!!

    Amazingly, accidents do happen!!

    • Right! Imagine how strong the law of attraction would be for this community if all the negative words and energy waisted on speculation became positive energy and thoughts focused on fixing the solution and praying for anyone impacted by the story!?! What a beautiful community Humboldt could easily be!

  • In my 1911 I trust

    It looks like they are getting it under control. They said probably another hour. Its on the south side of the 36, green house white trim. Wind is blowing towards the river.

  • Thanks Tami for the heads up. School Bus headed that way soon

  • Multiple outbuildings and garages burned on three properties. At least one home was gutted. Thanks to the fire agencies that responded. I saw Carlotta of course, and Fortuna, and water trucks from Miranda, Ferndale, Rio Dell, and more. Several homes were saved that would have burned in the windy conditions. Many explosions. Cal Fire, PG&E, CHP, Humboldt Sheriff are here. Channel 3 is parked in front of my house. Highway 36 just opened, one-lane for the time being. There were active flames until about 15 minutes ago. No idea as to cause but it could be anything mentioned. This is a small community. We know who is doing what.

  • Random post. Kym Kemp is a bad ass.

  • Yes kim is very bad ass.

  • 1:45 update says “indicient commander”…lol. why is he indecent?

  • Ice calls out a typo with a typo! Good work!

  • I was driving by when it was starting out. The building by the road was fully engulfed. I had my phone recording but put it down as i approached because visibility was zero. There were no emergency personal there yet. I could feel the heat inside my truck, it was crazy! As I passed I heard an explosion. By the time I made it to murrish market I saw the first fire truck and tanker.

    • Yes, it was a hot, fast fire and it burned several buildings before the fire fighters could stop it. I watched it from on top of a van in my backyard. It took out my neighbor’s large garage/barn, burning into the wind. First to respond were in their personal vehicles and were yelling that we (nearby residents) might need to evacuate. My next door neighbors were watering their property closest to the fire and carrying propane tanks out of their buildings into the back yard/pasture. It was a scary fire with lots of black smoke. Dylan was that you pulling heavy plastic tarps away from the fence that was 5 feet away from the burning building?

      • My neighbor saved my house once. With a garden hose. After he let my cat out. I’m glad I have my Neighbor who takes action instead of watching others work.

  • This fire was terrifying for SO many people. It could have become very ugly, very quickly, and with the shifting and erratic winds…..in kinda did!
    I want to send MANY MANY THANKS to not only the ‘Official’ responders who (truly BUSTED their asses!!) but ALSO to the FIRST responders! …..Neighbors, and just people on their way to town, from Ruth and Dinsmore that spotted an IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY, knew that help was needed, and had the capacity of compassion to offer any help in anyway they could. Thats what I call AWESOMENESS!
    Thanks AGAIN to EVERYONE!! …….I’m ready for some rain myself!
    OH…and thank you too KYM!!!! You rock! 🙂

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