Interstate 5 Remains Closed With No Estimated Time of Reopening

The Delta Fire leaves the normally busy I-5 empty.

The Delta Fire leaves the normally busy I-5 empty. [Crop of a photo on InciWeb]

Caltrans warned today that the I-5 would remain closed between Redding and Mt. Shasta until further notice as the Delta Fire continues to flare up along the major traffic corridor.

The wildfire is only 5% contained and has burned over 40,000 acres since it began four days ago on September 5.


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  • Its sad to think that firefighters risked life and limb to keep the Carr and Hirz fires from getting down into the I5 corridor. Other than to save infrastructure and nature there is another reason they fear this area. Once north of Shasta Lake the I5 corridor becomes a wind funnel. If strong winds come up from the south a fire could race up through it to Dunsmuir and beyond very fast. Thankfully the winds for the next few days are supposed to be from the northwest.

  • Yeah that’s a 62 Mile Corridor between redding and Mount Shasta of the I-5 that is closed down

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Cancel any trip to Oregon. Oregonians and Californians are using all the alternate routes to travel, with thousands of extra rigs traveling 299, 89, 101, 395, and all others to skirt this fire.

    Please stay home or delay travel, as it will be slow, and a nightmare of rigs, travel trailers etc.

    All services on alternate routes are overwhelmed. Yesterday it took me 2 hours to get from Redding to Burney, and past 89, and the rigs were dropping like flies from the grades. Rigs were running right out to Canby to go to Klamath Falls.

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