Humboldt Bay Trail North Project Receives ASCE San Francisco Section’s Outstanding Bikeways and Trail Project of the Year Award

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Arcata, CA –The City of Arcata and City of Eureka were recently honored to receive the American Society of Civil Engineers San Francisco Section’s Outstanding Bikeways and Trails Project of the Year Award. Both cities were recognized for their combined efforts on the Arcata Humboldt Bay Trail North project and the Eureka Waterfront Trail Phases B & C construction projects.

The Humboldt Bay Trail-North (HBTN) project involved the construction, operation, and maintenance of approximately 3 miles of a multi-use trail that runs from Samoa Boulevard in Arcata to the Highway 101 Bracut intersection. The HBTN project now provides greater community access for the enjoyment of coastal resources by providing access for nature study, wildlife viewing, and coastal access to Humboldt Bay and the adjacent Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The Humboldt Bay Trail is the backbone of Humboldt County’s envisioned regional trail system, linking the cities of Arcata and Eureka. The project is intended to divert bicycle and pedestrian traffic away from Highway 101, State Route 255 and Old Arcata Road onto a regionally-desired multimodal trail, in addition to promoting the enjoyment of coastal resources. The entirety of Arcata’s portion of this project is a 4.5-mile-long Class I, ADA-accessible trail that will provide a safe pedestrian route between northern Arcata and Eureka.

The City of Eureka completed their Eureka Water Front Trail Phases B & C in 2017, and the County of Humboldt is currently working on the design of Humboldt Bay Trail South, which will connect the HBTN and Eureka Waterfront Trail. Eventually, these trails will become part of the California Coastal Trail.

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  • Is this the trail that they want to CUT down the EUCALYPTUS CORRIDOR ? More news on that please!

    • The award is for the already-completed sections, but yes, the connection between the two completed sections is where they want to cut down the trees. Somehow it seems fitting that we’re getting awards from areas with horizon-to-horizon concrete for a project where they want to kill all our trees too.

      • That corridor is so iconic…there must certainly be a way to make it work without sacrificing that beautiful gift of those Eucalyptus trees! Where can we join a solution oriented group to create an alternative to another senseless tree massacre?

  • Replace eucalyptus with Redwoods!

  • Whoop-de-bloody-do. Let’s see an article about some filthy rich San Francisco business opening a business here providing good employment. Big city types are always thrilled to encourage acquiring public lands that they do not bear the burden of living with.

  • Unfortunately right now the arrangement of the north section of trail from Arcata, dumps trail users right onto the shoulder of southbound Highway 101 traffic. Also, to get to the trail going northbound you need to cross four lanes of Highway 101 at one of the craziest locations…..Bayside Cutoff! Very unsafe and not family friendly at all currently.

    This is going to stay this way for another close to 4 years, as the start of the last section of trail is not even scheduled to break ground until 2021, probably longer since nothing starts on time in California/County.

    • Do a GoFundMe to hire Eugene Tsui to create a bridge over 101! That would bring bike tourists and many many people here by a huge increase. He’s a NorCal Berkeley & now Sonoma resident, and just might agree to do it. If you aren’t familiar with him, Google him&and you will be amazed.

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