Man With Gunshot Wound Says He Was Victim of Road Rage

GunshotPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Sept. 6, 2018, at about 7:20 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a local hospital for the report of a male gunshot victim with non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies made contact with the 39-year-old victim at the hospital. The victim told deputies that he was driving on Ettersburg Road in Southern Humboldt when he pulled his vehicle off the road to confront another driver after a road rage incident. Upon confrontation, the driver physically assaulted the victim and then shot him, prior to fleeing the area. The victim reported he was then picked up by a friend and transported to a local hospital.

The suspect is described as a white male adult in his 40’s, with black hair and a short beard; approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin build, wearing black pants and a white shirt. The suspect was last seen driving a white or silver Toyota Tacoma south on Ettersburg Road.

This incident is under investigation. Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • only things omitted from description is flat billed cap and pit bull in back?

  • Seems like the road rage incident is most of the story here. I wonder who was going too fast?

  • “pulled his vehicle off the road to confront another driver after a road rage incident” and subsequently lost the battle for largest penis driving on Ettersburg Road.

  • Wow! These comments show what’s wrong. Time to protect the community & call these goofballs out. violence will not be tolerated!

    • But as usual the ones deciding that others should not say what they say are way shy on the details of how to go about making anything better. Exactly what is your solution for making it better?

      • It doesn’t matter who says what. That is the greatest part of living in America. Those who feel the need to control what others say think or do are the ones who don’t belong here. They deserve neither freedom or peace as their ideals are to prevent such from others.

      • This is why I pack heat on a daily basis…….bad thing is …. I drive a silver Tacoma and I’m white n 40 something! Oh well, I’ll expect some racial profiling soon…! Lol

  • Ok. Rephrasing- a complete stranger makes you angry with his driving. You pull your vehicle over (meaning he had already pulled his vehicle over?) to give him what for when he returns what for with an extra dose of shooting. There were lots of points at which this could have been reduced to a minor irritation by either party but certainly the clear winner in “not-going-there” story was not pulling over.

    This is so fraught with shouldn’t haves, that for the first time I’m not at all curious as to the full story. Under any circumstance the take away is don’t stop to salve your feelings. Period.

    • Really Captain obvious?!!! I’m sure the bullet hole taught that guy nothing, but then you came along and educated us all. We are so blessed to have you! Also, where can I get this Salve for feelings? It sounds as magical and helpful as you!

      • You’re welcome. [edit]

        • [Edit: Let’s stop here]

          • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr

            People need to learn to be more tolerant of drivers who drive differently, [edit]

            • Qualified to represent the LBC

              Did you really just post under snoop doggs name?

            • inter-species amplexus

              They don’t need to be tolerant. They just need to allow others to pass. The rules are designed so that everyone can drive at their own pace. All road rage is caused by now allowing passing.

              • A Traveller on a Dangerous Road

                There are plenty of roads in Humboldt Co that simply do not allow passing much of the time. Yet the fact that there are few places to turn out has never stopped a few idiots from demanding it.

                No one is in control of the other vehicles but everyone is in control of their own behavior. If someone has passed turnouts that you thought they ought to use, followers need to resign themselves that they are not in control of the vehicle in front but can choose to drop back, stop harassing (which has proven ineffective already) someone who has shown they don’t care what you think and enjoy the scenery.

            • Nope!
              There is no diversity application for driving.
              Your either polite, or an asshole!

              • Five or more cars behind you and you pull over to pass period. I do not think i have ever seen a person follow that law. People rarely use turnouts like on 299. I think people are very concerned with themselves only which contributes to a scenario like this.

            • Snoop is a Jr.

    • Agree with Guest. Not sure what J’s problem is.

  • Dope = violence. Until the growing is gone there will be no peace. The “goofballs” are your grower neighbors and friends and their enablers (like the advertisers on this website).

  • Serenity prayer . Say it.

    Like the internet , don’t like someone’s driving? (Or opinion?) Go on (or scroll on) by, or let him do the same ! There are so many puffed up know-it-alls that get butt hurt by every little “perceived threat.” Heads up! There are things in this life that won’t go your way . Shouting , or posting “fuck you” only draws attention to you and makes you look like you have zero coping skills. And might get you shot!! Get a grip.

  • This is a sad situation…. People need to Kill others with kindness…. Slow down pullover let them pass do not confront people…. Some people drive with rage all the time and take it out on others…. I suggest just smiling and pulling over and letting someone pass…. There are a lot of crazy people out there… Obviously this fellow with a gun was one of them…. This young man could have been killed all over a stupid situation of road rage

    • It could be the guy who got shot was the one with road rage and scared the other guy enough that he felt he had to defend himself with a gun. Can’t tell from the story.

    • I’ve been driving these roads for 50+ years ,, and have heard all the excuses ,, late for work , kids to school , late to pull tarps ,, bla bla ,,
      I’m all for pulling over for who ever is on my butt when it is safe enough to do so without taking my front end out on a tank trap pot hole ,, I can deal with that ,, what I have a hard time with is the assholes two feet over the line on my side of the road on a blind corner putting me in the ditch ,, happens too much ,, so the remedy for this is ?? Stay home ? How bout taking off 5min early ,, and so many times I end up right behind those that pass when hitting the stop sign in redway ,, is the seconds gained worth it ? How bout trying to use the fog line instead of the centerline as a point of reference and you will gain a couple feet of safety on your side of the road ,, just sayin

  • I blame this in part on legal MJ. People on the road in a bad mood due to sagging economy. Need mo gas for the YO.

  • Driving in Humboldt has become more than a little chancy — lots of drivers have no sense of driver etiquette at all, and it is very easy to get irritated. This is how I deal with it, I try to be thankful . . . I decide that the person who has slowed me down, taken my lane change opportunity from me, caused me a bit of a delay in one way or another is the very person who just kept me from being at the wrong place at the wrong time — they delayed me just enough that I did not get T-boned at an intersection, I did not get side swiped by someone (instead they saw me in their mirror), the tree that is going to fall down and crush a car is not going to fall down and crush my car, nor the rock fall right in front of me, nor the deer/dog or nightmare of all kid chasing ball right in front of me. So I am thankful for every impolite, rude, obnoxious driver out there — I figure they unknowingly are actually doing me a favor and saving me from accident and injury. And then I try not to be them.

  • I’m guessing the missing suspect will claim self-defense if the wounded man claims to have pulled over (2nd presumably). Whatever.

    Random road rage reports are the only thing keeping the roads sane at all. Or every kid to granny would be jerky drivers. I have seen fear of ragers make drivers rethink their honk or finger and let it slide. Also saw my shitty neighbor get beat with a tire iron in rush hour roadside like described in the article,kept driving…

  • Not related to the cannabis industry whatsoever, except for that both participants probably reside in the ettersburg area because of the cannabis industry.
    The lesson seems to be: don’t pull over to confront other drivers during a road beef..
    slow down, speed up, increase your following distance, think about your favorite girlfriend.. many other options..
    But we all know what it’s like when a non-community member won’t pull over to let you pass, or when a community member is tailing you way too close.
    Please people.. romance is preferable to conflict.

  • Hmmm yet no one called the police until they were admitted to the hospital, ya some things not adding up.

    • Why call police ? They take forever to respond and really don’t do much anyways. Remember they are not allowed to act until a crime has been committed any calls to report are nothing but hearsay anyways. One time the FBI sat outside a place knowing it was going to be robbed. Waiting until after the crime had been committed before acting to intervene. End result was a police dog was shot several lives placed in danger and a six hour manhunt. Love it……

  • this is that “failure to communicate” ya hear about

  • The moral of the story is “Don’t pull over to confront another driver” unless your packing a gun and prepared to die or go to prison over nothing.

    I lived out there for a few years and I always drove really slow due to the narrowness of the road. I would always pull over and let other drivers go past.

  • Use turnouts and let the assholes just pass you Jesus

    • Honestly I’ve always been surprised this doesn’t happen more often, not condoning it just saying some of these back roads almost should belong in third world countries anymore.

    • AMEN ! !
      And while ya’ll are on road rage patrol, please keep yer eyes peeled for FLICKERS !
      and I am NOT talking about the birds.
      I have seen so many of these DURING fires I wanted to shoot myself. 😳🔫
      Try and get their LP #’s and call them in, we all have to do it together !

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Use the turnouts if you’re too drunk and/or high to drive anywhere near the speed limit. Humboldt has a reputation for having an unusually HIGH percentage of drivers who are HIGH while driving, and therefore going ridiculously slow for no good reason (other than the fact that they may be carrying large amounts of drugs and several firearms in their vehicles, which they are probably too impaired to be driving in the first place). Humboldt also has one of the highest traffic accident rates around for that same reason.

      Instead of complaining about and shooting at people who are simply trying to drive down a public road without being jammed up by some drugged-up and/or alcoholic a-hole going 20 MPH under the speed limit, pull your slow drunk/high ass over to let sober drivers pass, or better yet get your stupid impaired asses off the roads and into substance abuse treatment where you belong.

      • You’re wrong! On these back roads you need to go slow, and people coming up on your ass going fast can learn a lesson to slow the fuck down, is what I think. I drive slow and don’t pull over for anybody. I just put my arm out the window and enjoy the ride.

        • I drive- well frankly- not too slow but that doesn’t stop the occasional overemotional person in a hurry from pushing. If I see someone coming up behind me, I will pull over as soon as I find a place where it is safe to do so. It’s just courtesy but also I want to enjoy the drive which could easily be spoiled by someone making a stupid maneuver to pass.

        • I totally agree with guest on this. If you have drivers behind you JUST GET OVER. What’s the big deal? I just find the next place to get over and do it… no ego battles need to happen. As I see it, I observe two kinds of immature, childish people on the road. The occasional over emotional person guest is referring to, or the childish people that “refuse to pull over for anybody”. And anyone who thinks they are helping the over emotional person “learn a lesson”, they are in a fantasy. They are not teaching any lessons, they are just helping create danger for everyone else. The stupid tailgater is not going to change their behavior because some other stupid person refuses to get over.

  • Since we are all just making it up as we go, how about this: the other driver in his black, lifted Ford F350 4×4 dualcab, is tailgating silver Tacoma up the hill. Tacoma pulls into the first available pullout. Ford pulls in blocking the Tacoma in, Ford driver steps out with baseball bat, gesticulating like a madman, screaming in rage. Tacoma shoots in self defense.

  • From the far right

    Major hater from the left plain and simple!!!! Its all Trumps fault right????

  • A pissed off left winger !! Probally. like the rest of the cry babies. cant get over Trump winning

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Theres flyers all over gville and redway about a meeting on Sunday September 16th @ 2 pm at the redwood playhouse in garberville about some push back organization on the county.and possible recall of our local rip off extortionast supervisors. Who should be there is the whole area south of honeydew to mendo line.from the ocean to lightning bolt ranch( before kettenpom). If you care to try to save our town or at least buy it some time you should go

  • Sue humboldt county.

    They’ll just keep abating( ripping us off) until we do something about it

    • I like your adittude sue but it’s hopeless. They just tried this with a slimy lawyer….. and that didn’t even work. The system was designed to fail.

  • Sounds like a couple of man-boys were involved – those who were driving the vehicles. Man-up stupids!

  • if your good ,you can see the really fast trucks in your rearview mirror,and pull over way ahead of time.and give peace a chance.peace.

  • This could possibly be a case of a self inflicted gun shot wound, the ‘victim’ can’t man up to his mistake and concocts a story to cover his ass. I’ve heard plenty of jive ass crap in So Hum and know to never believe a one sided story.

  • What ! He didn’t get the license plate # Not too smart.
    Some day karma get the guy who shot. he’ll pull that gun on someone who’s packing heat and knows how to use it..

  • Little man syndrome!
    Hey i know a dj chick that looooves 5’8 guys!😂😂😂😂😂
    Now read me them cards!

  • This is only a guest

    Rage AGAINST the machine, not IN.

  • the problem is all these fuckwads shooting and getting shot are part of the new arrivals that have ruined our area. if one was someone we (the old guard) actually knew then maybe we would care enough to do something to save our community from these smart-phone-staring-at millennials, who by the way also brought us Trump by not voting or caring, etc…
    (then again the rednecks probably thought we ruined it 45 years ago)

  • Trump is a bad ass. Teflon don.
    Best pres we have ever had.
    Obama was a loser and he created this problem we have In Humboldt.
    Think about it. In 2008 before Obama. life was better in humboldt.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      You’re blaming Obama? Of course you are. After all, he’s Black. Obama must be to blame FOR EVERYTHING. 🔥🇺🇸🔥

      Except for the obvious fact that Traitor Trump is going to end up in Club Fed. ⚖️🚿🚔👮🏻‍♂️ Too bad for you and your crazy cult leader Benedict Donald Trump, Robert Mueller does not base his decisions on race, like you clearly do.

      • Oh what a simple world that is. Everything is in black and white. You blame Trump for ridiculous things that were so readily ignored by the “political correctees” when Obama did the same thing. Despite calling everyone else racists, you’ve embraced the most superficial brand of it. Too bad for getting respect for having principles. A principle has to be universally applicable to be real.

        As has been repeated many times, Trump is not saint. IMO he is not even faintly likeable. Neither are many of his associates. To remain in office he just has to be better than what the Democrats offer. But the Democrats can’t put forward a candidate who is better than him because that candidate will be saddled with partisans who rant mindlessly. They will be just as mindlessly causing him problems, even attacking him from behind for not being as irrational as they are. Trump doesn’t need partisans because those same irrational anti Trump ranters will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for any candidate not as bad as they are. I’m pretty sure that Trump is looking forard to it.

    • TRUMP for King 2024!!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      OK, I thought about it going back to 1973 and life was fine with Obama and worse with George Bush the First and Bush Light and now our worst president ever: Trump. Plenty of blame to go around but Trumpistas can console themselves knowing that Putin salutes them, dictators worldwide salute them and Osama bin Laden salutes them from the bottom of the sea. Anybody who hates America loves Trump. Obviously. But the Trumpers soldier on. Go figure.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Estelle fennel the community of Southern humboldt ( you’re constituents) respectively ask you to step down as our supervisor.we no longer want you to represent us.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    You do not represent the mass majority of the PEOPLE. You have failed us as a community please resign before you’re policys do any more damage to our beautiful community.!!!!!!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Actually, Estelle Fennell DOES represent the vast majority of the residents of the 2nd supervisorial district. She won the election in 2016 by over 50% points. Granted, Estelle ran against chem trail crazy cuckoo bird Bud Rogers 😜…
      But still. The voters have spoken clearly.

      • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

        Your saying geoengineering or “chem trails” the non scientific term for solar radiation management or other known as geoengineering is a conspiracy or made up technology by “conspiracy theorists”. Why doesn’t your ignorant self give Harvard’s solar geoengineering research department a call. How about better yet educate your ignorant self and visit their website.

        “Chem trails” or geoengineering are not a conspiracy theory in fact Harvard University scientists want to actually dim the sun for an extended period of time to recreate a major volcanic eruption by aerosol injections into the stratosphere of aluminum and barium oxides. Again this is not a conspiracy. They want to lower the over all temperature of the planet by multiple degrees. Do your research and think for yourself.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          And where will the scientists live during and after the “major volcanic eruption?” What air will they breathe? Are all the vandal taggers just part of the aerosol Harvard conspiracy disguised as criminal punks? Brilliant! Please define “conspiracy.” Maybe inhale a bit less of the aerosol propellant. Just sayin’. Try the Reynolds Extra-thick foil for your next beanie hat.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            My further research makes me think that the Harvard site on global engineering via aerosols is fake. Past massive volcanic eruptions have wiped out many species and poisoned vast areas for eons. Makes Chernobyl seem like a day at the beach. If such a project miscalculated, it might solve global warming but shut down photosynthesis and oxygen production, simultaneously suffocating and starving most living things, resetting the biological lifestream once again, minus humanity. Recreate a “major volcanic eruption”? That would be the geophysical eqivalent of the Trump presidency.

      • I’d take Bud over Estelle seven days a week and twice on Sunday. He wouldn’t be pulling shady shit behind closed doors.

    • Estelle is cleaning up so hum and protecting the legal grows. That is why we elected her.

  • NOT buying this story at all. LIES. Too many holes.

  • Dont say I didn’t warn you!

  • no one will answer this question:
    if estelle is the subject of a recall who would run against her?…
    until this question is answered there is not much point in seeking
    a recall…
    c’mon, who? (whom?)
    i would nominate john hardin: he’s got the intelligence necessary altho not the
    following or name recognition, necessarily…
    c’mon people, give me a name!
    which goes back to my other point: we do not have any local community leaders…
    do we?
    Kym, maybe, now we’re talking–i think that chick has a solid head on her shoulders, hmm, we’ll see…

  • We see a lot of the dumb drivers on 299, the ones that don’t pull over with a lot of cars behind them, it is the law, another one that isn’t enforced. I really like the ones that go fast enough when they have a passing lane, then get beside the car they want to pass and then go so slow that they are the only ones that get to pass and then they have to slam on their brakes when there is a corner. Everyone wants to be in front. They are on all roads and so many of them cross into the other lane on blind corners whether it is on a country road or a highway. You can’t fix stupid!!

    • Agreed. The people who refuse to get over are just as immature as the ones going crazy and tailgating. If you have drivers behind you why not JUST GET OVER. What’s the big deal? When it happens to me I just find the next place to get over and do it as soon as possible… no ego battles need to happen. As I see it, I observe two kinds of immature, childish people on the road. The occasional over emotional person who can’t stand not being in front, or the childish people that “refuse to pull over for anybody”. And anyone who thinks they are “making people safe” by driving slow, or helping the extreme tailgater “learn a lesson”, they are in a fantasy land. They are not teaching any lessons, they are just helping create danger for everyone else. The stupid tailgater is not going to change their behavior because some other stupid person refuses to get over, they’re only going to make dangerous moves that they otherwise wouldn’t make if the person would just put their ego aside and get over.

      • I agree 100% avoid all the b.s. and be the better person, why would you put your life or others in danger for no good reason, I personally can stand it when someone is right behind me I gladly pull over, usually get a wave too, with more than one finger!

  • sorry Kym, you’re nominated,
    the job can’t be worse than
    minding these commenters…
    who are our community leaders i often ask…
    do we have any, i often wonder…
    Kym, you ARE our leader…
    we’ll see…
    (thanks Outburst, for the grammar lesson; Kym doesn’t want her illiterate commenters to be corrected since they’re most of her audience, but really i think honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, even: yes that dress DOES make your ass look fat, even that…)

    • Medice, cura te ipsum

      Apparently this is a statement that people who are not irrefutably precise in their grammar, who do not match selected opinions exactly and who don’t need a leader to tell them what to think are not to be tolerated.

      Long live the curmudgeonly, independent, original or simply different human, who not only doesn’t need a leader to tell them what to think or say but fights against the Sour Jane Kangaroos of the world, who spend their lives objecting to others and trying to order them around. Long may those who oppose the sycophantic, passive aggressive haters of freedom keep the petty Pol Pots of the world from imposing their World Order on those they think it’s safe to bully.

      “Honesty is the best policy” is frequently a cover a mean person uses to take self serving potshots.

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