HSU Student Wins $9000 Scholarship

Angelina Torres

Angelina Torres

Press release from Humboldt State University:

Raised by a drug-addicted mother and her grandparents, Angelina Torres was once told her place was in the home—not college.
Today, she’s a Social Work major at Humboldt State. She’s also among 23 students who won the annual California State University Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement, the CSU’s highest recognition of student achievement. The awardees will be publicly recognized during the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach on Sept. 11.
The CSU recognizes students from each campus in the CSU system with the Trustees’ Award, which accompanies a donor-funded scholarship ranging from $6,000 to $12,000. As the second-highest-scoring award recipient, Torres will receive a scholarship totaling $9,000.
“These student scholars embody the leadership, diversity, and academic excellence the California State University is known for,” says CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “They have traced unique paths to their goal of a higher education and serve as powerful examples to their families, communities, and California. The awards will give these high-achieving and deserving students even more opportunities to attain their academic and career goals.”
Students are selected for their exceptional efforts in the classroom and community. Awardees demonstrate superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service, and financial need. Many have shown inspirational resolve along the path to college success and, like Torres, are the first in their families to attend college.
“I don’t come from a whole family of academics,” says Torres. “I grew up in an environment where education was not discussed or tolerated. In fact, my grandfather told me that I would never make it in school and that my job was to cook and clean.”
She says the award represents how far she’s come and all the support she has received along the way.
“The scholarship is more than about winning money,” she says. “It’s about people who believe in me. It also shows me that my goals are achievable and I can be what I want to be, which is amazing.”
Despite dropping out of high school, she went on to earn her GED. She attended Shasta College while working full-time and raising her children. She made the dean’s list and earned associate’s degrees in art (A.A.) and in science (A.S.).
With a 4.0 GPA, she’s now on her way to earning her bachelor’s degree from HSU in spring 2019. Torres has been dedicated to raising awareness of suicide prevention in Humboldt County. In 2015, she started and chaired a walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which raised $20,000.
Looking ahead, she plans to pursue her master’s degree in social work, go to law school, and be the best mom she can be.
“My kids have kept me going and I don’t want them to have a childhood they have to recover from,” she says. “My goals are to fully support them through college not only financially, but also emotionally.”


  • Sweet.

    I got a 3.92 gpa and the highest award for drama at a state university, Dean’s List and Presidential Scholar multiple times, etc etc. Not a single scholarship. Not one in three years at HSU.

    AND – later – the department where I applied for grad school, run entirely by feminist females and lesbians, denied my application (despite straight A’s in my discipline and these accolades).

    Why? I am a white male of European descent and heterosexual. That’s why.

    • You’re only here to carry the debt. Get used to it.

    • Your truth telling might have created a problem for you.

    • Or…perhaps…you were outperformed. Being a white male of European descent does not make your life harder, but you’re welcome to cling to that if it makes you feel better. I had grades comparable to yours, you know what I got? Nothing. You know why? Others deserved it more, did more, performed better, etc. And guess what, dude, I’m one of those feminist lesbians. Your narrative screams entitlement. Believe it or not, there are people better than you out there. Perhaps hop off this, and let her enjoy her well earned recognition.

    • You were raising children, volunteering to help the community, started far behind others who were doing neither and you got a 4.0 too? You failed to mention those factors. Your sense of entitlement didn’t make you an attractive candidate for grad school; ah, so nice to see evolution in action.

    • [edit]what good things for the community did you accomplish with your drama degree? many, I’m sure. a lot of people make good grades.. you think that alone makes you worthy of an award? you’re pretty pathetic getting on here crying about your pseudo injustices.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        What were his GRE scores? Lousy?

        And don’t tell me you only applied to ONE graduate school? By the way, GPA is not the be-all, end-all of graduate admissions. A high GPA from a low-ranked undergraduate school and/or program is not necessarily going to gain you entry into the graduate program of your choice. Stop crying already. 😭

    • If this is true, you should of filed a grievance or complaint with the school and you still can. Not applicable to apply for grants allotted to women or other subcultures, I’m sure there were grants available to you that you qualified for. If you got financial aid, your statement is not true and if your parents paid for everything and you’re applying for grants you might not meet the requirements.

  • Quick before this really derails- Congratulations.

  • congratulations angelina!
    you are a wonderful example for others of how hard work, believing in yourself and having a good heart will help you accomplish great things even when there are obstacles to overcome. it sounds like you are an amazing, strong woman who truly deserves this award. your children are lucky to have such a positive role model and our community is fortunate to have you as a member.. keep up the good work and always keep believing in yourself.. you’re awesome!!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Outstanding comment. I agree completely. Well done, Angelina. Keep up the good work! 👍🏿🇺🇸 📚

  • I’m so proud of women!
    We have accomplished so much!
    We are the complete circle!
    We can and should do EVERYTHING a man beer-can to do!
    WOMEN are the complete circle!
    Our grandfathers were sexist pigs!
    We want to fall in love with a career and our arrogant wombs fetus-babies!
    As long as global mayhem doesn’t break out, we run this show Ladies!
    ..well, Welcome to the club.
    Now get back to work! society needs your Human Resources!

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