Crash Sends Woman to the Hospital

A single vehicle crashed on the Myers Flat onramp.

A single vehicle crashed on the Myers Flat onramp. [Photo by Thomas Norris]

A solo vehicle crash at approximately 12:53 p.m. on the Myers Flat onramp sent one woman to the hospital today. The vehicle, a Dodge Ram, received major front end damage.

The woman received serious facial lacerations and injuries to her knee.

CHP, Cal Fire, Miranda Fire, Salmon Creek Fire, and Garberville Ambulance all responded.




  • People crash often on the SB offramp…I’ve never seen one on the NB on ramp. Weird place to crash.

  • That is the NB ramp.

  • That is a lot of damage. I wonder what they hit. There have been so many accidents over the years btw MF and Weott but they usually happen on open freeway where people just drive too fast.

    • From the skid marks it looks like she was traveling SB on the freeway and lost control, came across the NB lanes and hit the bank.

      • If that is what happened it replicates a tragic wreck there 20 years ago in which 4 people died. HOPE & 4 crosses mark the bank just above this spot, commemerating the young woman who died: the other 3 victims were children in the car of the woman who hit Hope head on when she crossed into the NB lanes…..

    • There are places that you can hydro plane in the rainy season. About 1/4 mile north of Myersflat, a young girl and her brother wrecked there. It was couple yrs. back, she did not make it.

  • Probably has something to do with the ancient Indian burial ground that Cal-Trans dug up and paved over back in the day when building the highway.

  • Lucky she didn’t kill someone!

  • Have driven that road time and time again over a span of 25 years. No incidents. Btw sober and unstoned. That stated, I also have not yet had any medical emergencies while driving, such as a heart attack, seizure, or any other things that can happen to unimpaired careful drivers.

  • I drive that part of 101 every week day, sometimes twice a day. Letting everybody pass you before you get to Myers Flat is a good idea. Traffic in that part of HWY is scary. People ARE Hauling ass! Seen people exiting, cut across from the fast lane to make the so. Bound exit. Folks getting on often don’t look when merging. And that hill south of town. A definite DANGER ZONE. Take it easy out there friends.

    • I live off that exit, and can attest to the fact that It’s extremely difficult to actually see oncoming traffic when coming onto NB 101. The visual angles are wrong for the speed of traffic. I prefer to go slow, and go safe. With that said, 101 in that whole area is rife with bad angles of view, and particularly the area from Myers Flat to Sylvandale seems to be suffering from a slowly collapsing grade, particularly from just north of Salmon Creek to just south of the Miranda exit. The last replacing job has exacerbated the problems of sinking grade on the northbound side. I fear for bikers in that area.

      • A real scary off ramp is on the South end of Garberville, and I’m sure there has been a few yee haw moments on that one.

  • She rammed when she should have dodged.

  • The truck is sporting a Nevada license plate, the driver probably has spent most of their time in the flat land section of Nevada, and not familiar to 101’s high speed curves.

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