Two Arrested, Heroin, Meth, and $15,000 Located During Raid, Says DTF

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

William Henry JeffersOn September 4th, 2018, Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, with the assistance of the Fortuna Police Department, served search warrants at two locations in Humboldt County. Agents had previously received information that William Henry Jeffers (age 23) and Jessica Renee Peters (age 36) were dealing narcotics in the Eureka and Fortuna areas.

At approximately 10:00 a.m., agents served a search warrant at a residence located within the 2300 block of Freshwater Road, Eureka. Jessica Renee PetersAgents contacted and detained Jeffers and Peters at this location. Agents located approximately 3 ounces of suspected heroin and small amount of suspected methamphetamine. In addition, agents located scales, packaging material, and a variety of illegally possessed medication.
Both subjects were placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance for sales and subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for booking.

Agents then served a search warrant at a residence located in the 100 block of Palmer Boulevard, Fortuna. heroinAlthough this location was unoccupied, agents located an additional 2 ounces of suspected heroin and drug paraphernalia. Jeffers and Peters were also found to be in possession of a combined total of approximately $15,000 in U.S. currency. This money is believed to be the proceeds of illegal narcotics sales and will be held pending asset forfeiture proceedings .

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.Drugs heroin meth



  • Looks like your BOTH getting a little high on the supply eh!? Lol. Hard lines and sunken cheeks.

  • try the offramp at Sprowel Rd. lots of meth and heroin delivered by ATV right to your home or camp—two overdose in the last two weeks—–park on the overpass, a sales agent will come to your car—–

  • Well Jess. Let’s hear the excuse on this one… many times in rehab but has never once admitted she uses, it always someone else’s ect. You have a wonderful son who calls you Mom. It’s time you actually become one. Get it together if not for yourself for your boy. We have all known for years you are a addict. Use this time to get well please.

    • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force ’em to drink. The same goes for rehab. Unfortunately.

      • Perhaps we could redefine “rehab” Instead of molly coddling these assholes, we put them in some strawberry fields, or other hand harvested thing, out in the hot sun all day, make them sweat and vomit it out. Because infinity pools and “We know, honey, it’s not your fault, moopsie woopsie.” does not work. They steal our stuff, heirlooms and tools and other things, then sell it or trade it for drugs. And the pusher man knows he is stealing, causing people pain and sorrow, all for a low life junkie to shoot up. Remember what Hendrix said about the pusherman.

        • Are you suggesting slave labor for drug offenders? Surprise! They already have that! It’s called prison labor! Do you want MORE prison labor? How much slave labor do you think it will take to win the war on drugs?

          • Then you could start a go fund me site for them, and supply them with all the money they need to just do the drugs, and stay out of our lives. You fund them, perhaps you could buy the drugs for them and then they wouldn’t rip us off. Or, use the Phillipeenes model and take out the pushers. Stop the supply. What do you suggest? How would you stop it? And they are not being enslaved, they are being punished for being fuck ups and doing the awful crap they do. Accountability.

            • End prohibition and focus on treatment, like we did for alcohol.

              The modern war on drugs was built on creating a permanent social tier of second-class felons. We will not find solutions to our current problems within our current punitive framework.

              • Private prisons create money by creating inmates. Scary as shit.

              • And did that eliminating prohibition work to eliminate the misery drunks give society? All it does is shift the burden from the drunks to society to pay for the DUI accidents, bar fights, domestic violence, child neglect, homelessness, court costs, etc etc etc. By the time an addict or drunk seeks treatment sincerely enough for it to have a chance of working, they have left a trail of destruction miles long that has damaged many innocent lives and created more addicts to take the place of their aged out asses. And even then apparently they tend to just change addictions.

                It comes down to either keeping people from going there in the first place, which only works some of the time, or trying to patch up the endless damage of many more people forever.

                Neither prohibition or treatment creates anything like perfect success but listening to the song of the self involved addict- recovered or not- where everything is about what they need and want, is least effective for society. Despite all the guilting of everyone who managed not to be addicted to anything, it is asking the wrong question from the wrong person. It should not be all about how you fix the broken but how you keep the most people from getting broken in the first place.

    • I don’t think she can get clean in a few hrs, that’s probably how much time she was in jail,

  • Humboldt County……
    California’s drug addict refuge……
    Let’s all feel sorry for these poor, disadvantaged, young people……
    It’s not their fault……
    Blame society! Blame big pharma!

  • Just another mom and pop buisiness

  • I was afraid this would be the fallout from legal MJ. Ex growers find it too much work to turn profit and move on to easier stuff.

    • There’s an opiate epidemic everywhere in America. Is it ALL somehow legal marijuana’s fault?

      • Not altogether but growers and users certainly did their part in creating a world where everything is about what they want whether it harms everyone else or not. Ugly but that’s exactly the result. And in usual fashion, what they refuse to acknowledge now.

        • cannabis has nothing to do with the opiate epidemic, period. except for using cannabis instead of opiates for pain management. you might want to travel to see how lucky we are to live here.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    There degrading the environment !!!! ( heroin and meth users)

  • Sue humboldt county.

    There using too much water!!! There causing the salmon to go extinct

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Save the world come up with a mass extortion scheme and abate em

  • $15,000, they could have invested in a simplified employee pension, or SEP IRA.

  • WillSmithFreshPrinceOfHumCO

    That dude is messed up….. look at his eyes they are hardly open at all.

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