‘Having the Garden Has Given Us Something to Do’: Cedar Street Senior Apartments Gets Help with Raised Bed Project

Bill Irish with the bed he built. Also pictured are Carol Sveiven and Carolyn Osteen.

Local business owners and volunteers helped seniors at the Cedar Street Senior Apartments in Garberville enjoy gardening and fresh veggies this summer.

According to Barley Waters, retired carpenter Bill Irish used donated supplies to build a raised bed that allowed seniors to participate in growing vegetables for their own consumption. Dazey’s Building Supply, Parkinson’s Building Materials, Sylvandale Gardens, Redway Feed and Hohstadt’s Garden Center provided everything from lumber to soil to plants.

“The seniors who live there appreciate the beds,” Waters explained. “We want to honor the businesses and people who are helping us.”

Waters said, “We are happy for the vegetables that the garden has given us…ie pumpkins, tomatoes, zukes, summer squashes, eggplant, herbs, etc.  We are planning to build 3 more raised bed garden boxes, but the manager here wants us to wait until after the inspection in October.  Come November we will be looking for more donations.  Having the garden has given us something to do.”

Photos from earlier this summer.



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