Eureka City Council Candidate Hailey Lamb Receives Endorsement from Humboldt County Democrats

This is a press release from Hailey Lamb:

Eureka City Council, Ward 1 candidate Hailey Lamb has received the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee endorsement.

Said Hailey,”I’m honored to not only be the only Democrat running in the Eureka City Council 1st Ward race, but also to have received the endorsement of the Humboldt County Democrats.”

For more information, please contact Hailey Lamb at 707-273-9036.



  • Raise taxes, charge fees, screw the working people.
    Feel sorry for the nincompoops……

  • Good reason to not vote for her. Kim Bergel needs to go. So biased and preferential.

  • She has got my vote. Its time for our youth to step up and change the system. Us old farts have done nothing but bicker, cheat, and be complicit. We have failed our youth. This could be the breath of fresh air that Eureka needs.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    Leslie Castellano is the best candidate for the job in that ward. Leslie would be an excellent city councilmember.

  • Its so strange how compelled I am to comment that she is attractive, though I understand that it is completely irrelevant. Stupid ape brain.

  • I want free healthcare, free collage tuition, Free housing, free living wage. Hell with the tax payers, I’m in…

  • Too bad the democrats have decided to make this a partisan race. Leslie has the best message for Eurek: that no one should be excluded. In Ward 1 that’s the kind of leader Eureka needs. Even thought I do not live in Ward1, that part of Eureka has been excluded from too much already.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🍄

      No one made the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee endorse Ms. Lamb, who apparently is running as a spoiler candidate to help Anthony “ Fat Tony” Mantova who is spending bigly. 💰

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