[UPDATE 2:11 p.m.: DEA Involved] Convoy Gathered at Fortuna River Lodge

Chipper Chaps Charging CHeerfully towards chopping convoy chipperTwo readers reported seeing multiple law enforcement vehicles and at least one chipper gathering at the River Lodge in Fortuna at about 5:30 a.m. today.

The presence of a wood chipper indicates that officers were likely gathering to serve search warrants on marijuana grows.

We’ve sent a request for more information on their target to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 8:17 a.m.: Four vehicles of Department of Fish and Wildlife and six Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and a wood chipper all headed up Burr Valley Road.

UPDATE 2:11 p.m.: According to Samantha Karges from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “Today the Humboldt County Drug Enforcement Unit assisted the DEA in serving a search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Burr Valley area. As we were the assisting agency, we do not have any other releasable information at this time.”



  • They’re waiting in the construction zone on the 36

    • Hmmm…. are they waiting till noon ????

    • Plant along brush lines, so they cannot be scene, be smart, and be ready. Don’t have your processed stuff easy to find. Set up a network to get the product to some honor students so they can sell it black market. Being black market is the only way to go.

  • Hey Alvin!

  • Loving this effort this year!!! Every year now should be a huge push starting in late summer (July) and running through October to smash the shit out of any mega grows.

    Hope the dope head mega growers with the grow dozers are getting nervous and freaking out.

    • And from January to December they should be raiding meth houses

    • Ahhh bill. The mega growers are not getting busted…..

    • Wonder why the county can chip shred all o Er the envirornment and leave a mess . By the way it’s legal w permits to grow so your wishes that growers get busted is juvenile … liquor is number one cause of death in America and you wish bad shit in people ! Karma

    • If you are a megagrow you tip the county and you are free and legal in the local courts. This has always been the case of course, but now it is now done in an open public forum. You and the county together break federal law hand in greasy hand.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Going to rip off hard working folks livlihoods today and extort em outta there land. By by humboldt economy!!!! Were gonna miss the thriving buissnesses, the bustling towns, the non profits, the donations for our locals in need. Poverty on the way

    • No, we’re not.

    • Yeah Harper Motors and Lithia will mourn the loss of cash sales of bro’d out pickup trucks with ridiculous lifts and tires. Pretty much everyone else will be glad that assholes are gradually dwindling in this area.

      • you mean the trucks you only see for sale at Mickey’s. it seem you are a little off on your demographic profiling.

  • Aiding criminals.

  • Beautiful day to go abalone diving out around Usal. We all know where the wardens are. Thanks for the good news.

  • All those dumbasses who didn’t file a growing application with the county should be busted. Serves them right for not getting compliant. On another note…maybe they’d still be around if they had conducted business through this new cannabis commodities marketplace that recently started up, Humboldt Marijuana Exchange LLC. Certified by the state of CA, these guys offer a legal and regulated setting for brokers, traders, and investors to buy and sell virtually any type of cannabis product. Check it out!


    • So I am a dumbass because I did not want to grade my forest, pay 100K, and open my whole life to the state? Ha. I call these busts “price support”. The abatements are also “price support”. The big buyers are going to beg the mom and pops to cut loose with the handcrafted shit, ’cause they cant find any, and the price goes up! Long live mom and pop growing.

      • You should get out more. Supply and demand. The supply is growing exponentially faster than the demand. When supply is greater than demand the prices will _________ . Hint: the answer rhymes with ‘plop like a mutherfvcker’.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          1. Its a different market (unless you support legal farms selling to the blackmarket, in which case the black market will continue anyway). 2. There are too many taxes for the legal market to compete with the black market. 3. 8ths are going out the door in Humboldt for $40-$60, which is about 6-8 thousand a pound. That leaves a lot of leeway for black market prices to climb. 4. Legal farms are now confined to selling in state and must compete amongst themselves for space in a limited market. Black market farms can still export nationwide. 5.The amount of competition in the black market has dropped significantly, with a good number of farms that jumped to go legal combined with the amount of farms that have been busted/abated, it is much less a buyers market and more power rests with the grower. 6. Humboldt County and the state as well as anyone who voted for Prop 64 really screwed the pooch if your intentions were to get rid of the black market. If you just wanted legal weed, you got what you wanted. The black market was in its death throes last year. Many farms were just trying to recoup their investment, others were taking a flat out loss. A large purge of the black market was starting to happen due to the forces of supply and demand, which nobody can hide from, the black market may have had 2 more years. Congratulations, thanks to Prop 64 and Humboldt’s botched permitting process, the black market is now stronger than it has been in many years.

        • You need to get out more. Was just down in Salinas. Wet, ocean environment, mold galore. Can’t grow out door organic. Even the industrial deps are having problems beating back the mold and having to harvest prime bud early. Poisoned water tables from generations of chemical use. Same goes for the Central Valley. Some towns can’t even drink the water. There’s a whole East Coast, South and Mid west that love the Cali outdoor sun bud. Your wishes for a ghost town will not be fulfilled so learn to live with more disappointment. I’m sure you’re used to it by now.

          • Your wrong bud..was there in early May..they had 45000 units of OG ready…you need to wake up…they are done and ready when you are out… different seasons ..you should go spray because I know your getting powder..this will probably be your last season so go spray..save your money your going to need it..lol

            • 45,000 units of B grade industrial cannabis bound for the concentrate market because the flower taste like garbage!

              • Yep. The SFV buds looked great but had zero smell. The site manager, who worked all over the state before he got the job, admitted they couldn’t match Humboldt for quality.

                • Yep but it all sold…it’s a fact … sorry bud….the shit sucked but was good enough to sell while you were running propane heaters to try to veg they were selling units that we’re done and good enough for the market..not as good as here but there was none…they had it
                  .I’m not happy about it but it’s the truth..sorry

              • Ghost town.. they all sold..it’s gone they won..I didn’t say it was good I saw it…but it all sold…they sold more than you have ever grown your whole life in one year..I don’t care how old you are in one year they wiped you out..it’s a fact ..sure yours is better but the majority don’t care sorry..45000 in first dep ….were not done but you better be up for a fight ….I am

      • 👍🏼

    • This “market” website is so stupid and fake accounts

    • So what assurances did you get from the County that the Federal Government will not intervene? Because the reality is the Feds can take all the permit money the County has accrued if they chose to do so. Your permit with your name and parcel number means nothing to the IRS and the DEA other than potential forfeiture of property. County powers-that-be change the rules of the game as the game is being played. Things are in flux and will remain so.

    • How do you think the people that got the permit money got it in the first place, by growing without a permit, there are 2000 +applicants for the only 240 or so have been done, so that means the other two thousand are growing illegally to, just because you’re in the permitting process does not give you the right to grow, and then shit on your neighbor because he’s not going as big as you are while you’re in the process to pay your way through and he’s just trying to get through and at the end of the day you still aren’t in track and Trace and probably asking for his help to move your weed illegally, you don’t build a building file for a booze license to open a bar and start selling booze before you get the license so just because you’re in the process of getting a permit does not mean you are any better than the guy that is not getting a permit because he doesn’t have the money that you already made off of growing illegally so kiss my ass

      • I bet you yourself profited extensively in the last many many years…you sound so self righteous.

      • You can make millions on the grey market right now. Play your cards right and then shut down in a couple of years when the real pinch hits. County’s making money ten fold and your just another blade of grass in an acre of weeds. Go big, pay your bullshit county supervisors and reap the rewards!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Not to mention California won’t be accepting new licenses for 10,000 to 20,000sqft grows by the end of the year. A friend of mine, who has a 10,000sqft, his lawyer told him to get his ass in gear because the state quota for that size license is about to be full. Humboldt has only issued 240 licenses. What are the other 2000 going to do when the state shuts down the enrollment process? Oh yeah and just so you know OG is commercial grade bunk. Its the new blue dream. Nobody wants that crap, get with the new age. Those farms trying to push 45,000 pounds of OG are going to do just that. Try. Maybe they should’ve hired someone who has been in the business to get them to diversify a bit. I have a hard time believing Salinas has mold in their buds, but I also know its probably a bunch of corn farmers that don’t know how to vent their greenhouses. Go figure. The farms that are going to be successful are the ones that hire a manager from Humboldt. If they don’t, they will be going through the same learning curve Humboldt County went through many years ago. Cheers!

        • Nope your wrong…was commercial but no mold…and you think everyone doesn’t want og…that’s all they want everything else is a gamble..and they had gorilla and sour ..I wish you the best… bless and good luck brother or sister

        • Not the same learning curve at all. Twenty years ago here, you hiked to your own secluded spot and hid out doing your own thing with little resources and being almost entirely self-taught.
          Now, you can grow thousands of plants in an open field on your own property with twenty employees running around. Video and literature abound and can transform your little sister into a mastergrower overnight. Sorry kids, but being from humboldt these days means you are most definitely behind the times in the weed game, and if you dont believe that you havnt left the county for at least a couple years because it could not be more obvious. Try socal for a tour, every other freeeay billboard is about weed, greenhouses EVERYWHERE. Actual greenhouses, not just trashy plastic draped over pvc next to your trailer, pitbull, and f350 that we like to call a grow here. Scores of warehouses built exclusively for one purpose and one purpose only. We are talking about professional, educated, motivated sober folks who just stole your lunch Dumboldt!

    • What’s the name of all your farms or businesses since you’re all so bold & audacious., I’m very interested. Definition of the classic narcissist psychopaths. In the cannabis industry or not, legal permit or not, don’t support a$$holes.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Cant wait till they turn on you permit bitches, its a coming already seen a small taste this summer.and they will cuz of the nature of the people your dealing with power [edit]

    • It’s going legally federally..by 2020…you messed up if you’re a serious cannabis farmer and didn’t sign up…will always be a black Market..but that won’t work here.. going to have to go where you actually go prison for growing for the black market..good luck with that buddy…was fun while it lasted huh…

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Stay down scooter!!!!

  • The virus is the illusion of communication.

    “illegal in the US” – nothing going in, and nothing coming out.

    “Fair share of taxes” – ditto

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