[UPDATE 10 a.m.] Aaaand Another Convoy; This Time Near Hawkins Bar

A convoy gathered around 8:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Hawkins Bar out Hwy 299 in Trinity County.  Multiple Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles and a large wood chipper used to mulch marijuana are parked in a turnout there.

This is the second known convoy in eastern Humboldt and western Trinity today. See this for more info on the Humboldt convoy: Convoy Gathered at Fortuna River Lodge

UPDATE 10 a.m.: A witness described seeing “14 trucks…mostly fish and wildlife…two of which are still in turnout and a couple black SUV” that the reader says are Trinity County Sheriff’s vehicles.



  • The summer of eradication continues! If only these cretins had filed a proper application with the county and conducted their business on Humboldt Marijuana Exchange LLC…which is the first and and best cannabis marketplace that offers a place for investors and traders to buy and sell virtually any type of cannabis. Y’all should check these guys out, I think they’re on to something…


    • This guy works for them and they want your trim for hella cheap

    • Hey, a couple of links in the comment section is okay. But, you’ve passed a couple. I’ll start deleting them after this. I’m a small business too and I sell ads that will reach your audience.

      • Juicing the protection racket. Deliciously ironic.

      • She’s right. The whole website is dedicated to the illicit gangsta lifestyle, promoting drug use, giant, shiny SUV’s and pickups, trucker hats and illegal aliens in the hills. Listen to her, she knows of what she speaks!

      • I’ll never use you *precisely* because you pretend to be something you’re not — just a normal ‘joe’ commenting on the local cannabis going-ons — while in fact you’re a shill for a commercial website.

        Stop your charade and buy some ad space from Kym like a true honest supporter of local business would do.


      • I more than agree with you Kym and wonder why you have any patience for it at all. Also, this is the disclaimer for the website this person is advertising. So I’m curious what this company actually does do?

        ** humboldtmarijuanaexchange.com does not and will not sell tangible marijuana or tangible marijuana related products on or through this website. Humboldt Marijuana Exchange, LLC and its website humboldtmarijuanaexchange.com will not facilitate any buying, selling, trading or delivery of any actual, physical tangible marijuana or marijuana products.”

      • Kym,
        Thank you for your contribution to society. I appreciate your dedication to journalism and the great service you provide to this community. Please don’t sell adspace to this trolling clown.

    • The real cretins are those who made millions with unethical practices, then used that wealth to go legal, then demonized those whom did not become wealth via environmental devastation.

      • There’s a logical disconnect there. Just because a grower did not “go legal” does not mean they did not “become (sic) wealth via environmental devastation.” In fact it might tend to prove the opposite- that they could not go legal because they were unable to make money without ” environmental devastation” and therefore were unable to meet the standards to become legal. Not that there couldn’t be other reasons too.

      • Truth! Thank you. Don’t forget pointing out how they ramped up production and water extraction during that historic 5 year drought! Unfortunately they are now the darlings of the media and old mom n pop are the terrible black-market villains. What a pile of bullshit this “legalization” ended up being.

        • Reminds me of the “music industry” whatever that means anymore, but it’s certainly not related to human interaction with objects creating sound…living the days of Gilliam’s “Brazil”

      • “We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.”

      • Perhaps you should read up on a certain Charles Hurwitz? Or is he a ‘hero’ to you?

    • Go blow, Joe.

    • [edit] I miss when it was just local people commenting on here [edit]

    • Who are you, and please leave.

    • Your a piece dude. Bet your from so-cal too

    • The disclaimer on that website:
      ** humboldtmarijuanaexchange.com does not and will not sell tangible marijuana or tangible marijuana related products on or through this website. Humboldt Marijuana Exchange, LLC and its website humboldtmarijuanaexchange.com will not facilitate any buying, selling, trading or delivery of any actual, physical tangible marijuana or marijuana products.

      So please, tell me exactly what this company offers….

    • What a deusch…can’t find enough $ to purchase an add here on the site..gotta hoard the comments? Reason alone to not use your backwoods system. Frankly there are bigger markets in place already with better software in real time for growers, wholesalers, and purchasers, with realtime inventory, operating at half the cost of what you cowboys are doin..I’d plug em but there is no need. Kiss your market goodbye..

  • Something, something, danger zone! I know. I’m not even trying anymore.

  • Hawkin’s Bar is in Trinity County!!! I hope the HCSO is not involved in this raid they would be out of their jurisdiction

  • Aiding criminals again.

    • And what are the dozens of growers in that area going to do about it? They can hide or get charged a misdemeanor while they lose their investment, but you know probably only 2-3 out of hundreds possible parcels will be hit, so really those “criminals” are probably going to do nothing because that’s the game whether it’s fire, police, hogs, robbers, mold or bugs.

  • Ammon rd. Lots of trucks dogs and trailers. Rumor says cartel but I know it is tweakers!!

    • Cartel don’t get busted.

    • Samespottoo, you know nothing and your assumptions are not warranted. It is people like you who run there mouth without thinking and usually get it all wrong. Don’t be that person. Instead be forthright and determine your comments through facts not assumption. It is this tolerated behavior that slows the evolution of mankind and makes persons regress to a neanderthal state of bigotry and ignorance.

      • Oh gimme a break . If his assumptions or opinions on a local blog are actually slowing the evolution of mankind then we’re all fucked . Get real

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Hmm your hitting the nail rite on the head

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Time too become a bushman again!!!! Crawling through my ole freinds whitethorn and huckleberry.back to the old ways eat shit rip off politicians

  • Sue humboldt county.

    And you urban college age morons that voted this in enjoy paying twice 3 times as much for your LEGAL weed thanks to sur tax, city tax, state tax. Lol. Tax tax tax

    • Please play again. LEGAL weed is much less expensive in rec states at the street level, even with the added taxes. Its also pesticide free, environmental friendly, doesn’t fund criminals, and it adds to the tax base. The latter is rather important if you like roads, police and fire protection, schools, parks.

      Do you believe that most people would rather pay the taxes or pay some criminal enterprise that commits tax fraud, shits on the environment, and pays workers under the table? People who don’t pay their fair share of taxes should be deported to some sheeeethole in Africa where you don’t have to pay taxes on your cardboard shanty.

      Good luck selling units for a few hundred dollars to fellow criminals. This is legalization. Its not the free for all yall expected from 64.

      • Not everyone who breaks the law to grow pot shits in the environment .

      • Warrens buffet. All you can eat bullshit and a bottomless cup of propaganda! Come join the hype. Robots eat for free!

      • What’s this “pesticide free” drivel, I’ve seen stuff bought from these legal stores down in Sacto that makes the late ’90’s diesel inda look and smell organic in comparison…What over college educated, no practical farming experience folk are running these pseudo certification operations I wonder?

      • “LEGAL weed is much less expensive in rec states at the street level, even with the added taxes.”

        Just because this is true in other states doesn’t mean it will hold true in California.

        California already produced an 11-million-pound surplus before 64 that supplied a lot of the rest of the country. Then the state enacted some of the highest taxes on licensed cannabis in the nation.

        Most of the best areas for growing outside are now under commercial bans. It’s going to be perhaps too interesting to watch, but reports of the informal cannabis market’s imminent death are highly exaggerated.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    And permittees know your a bunch of law enforcement a kissin, roll over scabs

    • scabs…..who dont have to worry about there scene getting chipped into mulch or loosing their property.

      • Only have to worry about the feds looking at public records and seeing all of their personal info. Still federally illegal with Jeff Sessions head of Justice dept.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Warrans buffett go back to the east coast your shameful to us humboldt natives

  • On the other hand, there’s this: The grandchildren of a friend’s friend (of course) just got jobs in Santa Rosa at $21 an hour, plus benefits (health and 401k.) It’s a legal job with friendly working conditions and I have high hopes (sorry) that it is a situation which will be duplicated as the market calms down.
    It’s gratifying to hear the kids plan on saving their money to educate their children, should they decide to have children.
    It’s all a Big Wheel, and eventually it comes ’round. And comes Right.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    And thats bs freind of mine just sent me a picture of a receipt from a club in so cal with all the taxes on it homie just did it for experiment 569 dollers for three quarters of an ounce and a pac of thc mints.lol. welcome back black market . for anybody smart anyway

    • Do you know why the average Californian voted yes on 64? Or why Canada and Uruguay went full blown legal? Three reasons:
      1) TAXES
      3) TAXES

      Your friend is not a smart shopper. Lowest prices I have seen are in Las Vegas, $200 or less for an OUNCE of primo shit – stuff I have seen in the past for $400. It cost a wee bit more in San Jose. Good luck with YOUR endeavors, quit crying wike a wittle baby alweady. When LEOs leave you with your pockets turned inside out remember what Warren said.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Then maybe you should move to Las Vegas. Obviously you don’t realize that Las Vegas is in a different state, so it doesn’t really matter. Legal market Can’t sell across state lines. Just so you know $200 an ounce is twice what black market weed goes for and no one is going to drive all the way to Nevada for a $200 ounce that they can get for $100 on the black market. And no one in Vegas knows how to grow like a humboldt local.

        • I’ll type slowly this time. Vegas, street level, one ounce at a time price was $400 in 2016. You know from Bob the dude at the casino bar. Now you can take an uber down the street and get the same quality legal stuff for $200. San Jose, a city in California with really smart people with lots of money has gone through the same price plunge. I reckon Bob is left selling crappy ass blow.

          Have you ever been out of so hum? There is a huge world out there. Good luck earning a living selling $100 ounces to each other in so hum. Yall would crap yourselves and pay off that Walmart layaway if you could get $1600 for a unit. In know peeps who can’t give the shit away. $100 pounds! Who would have thought.

          People all over the country are growing product that is every bit as good as mendo/humbo, certified clean, pays the tax man vs the criminal networks, and grandma approves. People don’t care about humboldt nostalgia. The game is over.

      • Vegas isn’t in California [edit]

      • In my 1911 I trust

        You know that buying weed in Las Vegas and bringing it to California is a Federal Crime right? You can’t bring weed across state lines, legal or not. You just admitted to a federal offense, a felony that could put you in prison for a very long time, in a public forum online, where anybody can trace your IP address and figure out exactly who you are. Besides the fact that you are saying someone isn’t a smart shopper because they aren’t willing to cross state lines and commit Federal Offenses to get a couple hundred bucks off their ounce, Warren also bags on black market growers, but we all know that Warren is the smart guy who admits to federal felonies on a public forum.

      • The Las Vegas clubs are smuggling in NorCal outdoor and pretending to cultivate it…they’re also doing this in the AZ medical clubs….

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Warren the cop lover. Lol

  • Lets not forget all the environmental damage the gold rush did that we are still dealing with.Lets not forget the greedy logging industry that grew fat on unethical logging.And don’t forget mineral extraction mountaintop removal witch is legal. and don’t forget the nasty coal mine s with giant waste ponds cant even drink clean water. The greedy pulp mills made millions upon millions and left Humboldt with multi millions in clean up.
    There is plenty of greedy environmental practice out there not just Pot farmers.

    • What fine company you put pot growers into. Maybe they are worse than I thought. Anyway they are here in our area today, not somewhere else a100 years ago. The time is past to claim no one knew.

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Extortionast propaganda. Lol. Scab propaganda. On your knees to law enforcement trader sellout

  • greenwashing web trolls and land grabbing statists reside in their own especially warm sections of hades, especially the pro-enviro logging oligarchs and fake lefty legal canna lobbyists!

  • I am saddened by the people who believed all the “hype”, the propaganda about growing cannabis. The truth is since the 40’s in Israel a few scientists/doctors discovered all the medical benefits of this popular herb. I have been in chronic pain for going on 3 decades because a “professional” surgeon botched my back surgery and I was young and healthy and a single parent putting myself through school. This Dr. was never given a slap on the hand or anything negative when he found out. I was a hippie in the 60’s and smoked the herb for years and when becoming a parent decided to stop until she was grown. I now use cannabis successfully for my chronic pain. I love the old sticker that says “Question Authority” as this is a valuable way to live your life. Those of you who think the people who aren’t legal yet are doing this for wanting to stay illegal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of our finest cultivators who made our finest product what it is today have not been able to because of the many hoops you must jump for this. The biggest hoop is the size of your grow. This shouldn’t be a law. Cannabis is legal. The government is making it easier for many to stay illegal. The law isn’t good enough yet and now we must fight for laws that don’t have changes everyday or so many hoops to jump over many are discouraged. Government is a sour taste in my mouth these days with the right wing taking us down the road to fascism as fast as they can. the corruption of government is so bad it stinks. I have been an outlaw since the 60’s and just because we have this new law that was allowed to fester with nastiness I will remain one…thank you but NO Until our legality is made justifiable then f__k the system

    • Not one of the things going on right now in Humboldt Co or California is due to right wing politics as it is such a minority that it is close to invisible. It may be fascism but it left wing fascism, which sees no limits on laws. Neither does that one sided view account for all the damage done to society or the economy, which is mostly the by product of leftist wing politics from Clinton the First through Obama, who announced no Federal prosecutions, opening the flood gates for profiteers, then sent in the DEA two years later with huge numbers of ineffectual , military style raids,too little to late.

    • Nathalie J Richcreek I like your style.

    • Stopped reading your comment when you mentioned “in Israel”…

  • Sounds about right.

  • Hunting season is coming up so you’ll see lots of trailers Riggs and coastal yahoos Ain’t no place safe up there opening weekend

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Nathalie you sound like all the folks i was raised around, we do need to fight for a better form of legalization this sickening twist of fate for the subculture is heartbreaking and disgusting.and what the politicians and powers that shouldn’t be are doing with is also hideous.we definitely need some new representation. Peace girl

    • You voted yes on 64 and expected what? A better form of legalization, where criminals are allowed to operate a legal market?

  • Humboldt Sweets went to Vegas 🙁

  • I was going over shively road the other day and stopped where you can look down into Shively flat and low and behold it’s a River of green down there,thousands and thousands of marijuana plants along the river in the fields, Amazing. I wonder if this is a legal permitted grow,tons of greenhouses down there too, There’s a great view of the whole Shively flat from the shively road, it’s amazing that they can get away with growing thousands of plants so close to the river like that, i bet the ground water in that area would be great to drink….NOT.

    • That’s Eel River. They have 10 licenses.

      • Also they are not fully track n traced. Last year hundreds if not thousands of their pounds were not accountedly part of the CA distributorship system as regulated by law and track n trace. Where do you think they might have gone?

  • I love the small mindedness of what is left of the humboldt grow scene. Full of uneducated fools with zero gumption, yammering about yesteryear between bongloads. Doing absolutely nothing to improve upon there own situation. Remember when bro? Ahh, we shoulda….when we coulda. Fools, every one of you. But thats why they call it dope, eh dumboldt?

  • Weird that AAA was with them? Maybe Incase they got a flat? Jk

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