New Lecturer at Humboldt State Had U-Haul Full of Belongings Stolen

A new lecturer for Humboldt State University moving here from Oakland had the U-Haul containing most of her belongings including priceless family heirloom musical instruments stolen while she was still in Oakland.

According to a report by ABC’s Channel 7 News, Jennifer Trowbridge had parked the vehicle on August 10 in front of her business.

 Along with the truck, thieves got away with several guitars, a couple of banjos, a bass, clothes, and text books.

“The instruments are completely irreplaceable. I mean three of them were 100 years old. They were from my family. They don’t have a big monetary value, but they have an enormous sentimental value,” she told ABC7 News.

Hopefully, Humboldt County residents will show a warm welcome Trowbridge to help make up for the traumatic experience.



  • So sorry to hear this!
    A similar thing happened to a young friend of mine moving TO the Bay Area a couple of years ago. They’d had to leave the U-Haul parked, full, on the street (Oakland) and the whole thing was gone in the morning.
    The good news was, the Oakland police actually found the U-Haul in a warehouse where the thieves habitually parked and unloaded stolen goods… and my friend retrieved some (by no means all) of her belongings that hadn’t gone anywhere yet.
    I hope maybe swift action might get a similar result for Ms. Trowbridge.

  • Go to the flea market at the Oakland coliseum- it’s full of stolen property!

  • Anybody know how to keep this from happening?

    Glad she got her stuff back.

    • unbridled philistine

      Steering Wheel lock works well on any vehicle.

      • No, they don’t. I’ve seen a person remove “The Club” in about thirty seconds.

        • unbridled philistine

          Really Steve? I thought those were difficult to remove? Guess I wont waste my money on one… He cut it off? Pick the key hole? There a trick to twist them off? Saw a guy break a padlock with a Adjustable wrench once.

          • To remove “The Club” you cut through the steering wheel and slip off the club. Then you can use the club to break open the collar on the steering column and access the key tumbler – on older cars.

            The new fangled electronic key fobs are hard to defeat. For those vehicles you simply use a flatbed trailer haul it away to a garage.

    • Yeah, load your truck and get it through a tunnel or over a bridge the same day. The entire Bay Area is a cesspit.

    • Where does it say she got her belongings back? I hope she can get the precious instruments at least.

  • Welcome to Humboldt County !

  • I used to live on a street called Trowbridge Way.

  • It’s sad how many people post comments without reading the article. The same goes to addressing a city council or board of supervisors without first reading the staff report.

  • Methademic

  • In the Channel 7 story she’s blaming U Haul for lack of security features. Lady, there aren’t enough security features to protect a vehicle in Oakland! Pack early in the morning and get the hell out by noon.

  • I know this sounds crazy, but I have been told that all U-Haul vans and trucks (of the same make) are keyed alike. This makes it easy for recovery of stolen U-Haul vehicles. But it also would (if true) make them easy to steal.

  • Your shit wont be safe here either.
    Watch out for needles when you step foot anywhere !

  • Sue humboldt county.

    Better check the supervisors back yard and hcso there the biggest rip offs around, planning dep too

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