Crashes and Arrests Over Labor Day Weekend in Humboldt Area Up From Last Year

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

From 6:01 PM Friday until 12:59 PM Monday, the California Highway Patrol conducted maximum enforcement in the Humboldt Area, watching for impaired drivers as well as assisting motorists in need throughout the holiday weekend. In 2017 the Humboldt Area CHP investigated 8 crashes and made 5 arrests for impaired driving during the Labor Day weekend. This year, Humboldt Area officers investigated 11 crashes and made 7 arrests for impaired driving.

Although the crash and arrest numbers were up, it is important to note that the Humboldt Area CHP did not investigate any fatal crashes during this period. Statewide, in 2017, over 30 people were killed in crashes over the Labor Day weekend. The CHP’s mission is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service and Security and by continuing to focus on enforcement and education we believe the number of serious injury and fatal crashes will decrease on California’s roadways.



  • I find those numbers astounding… XXX fatalities to Zero fatalities…..

  • Read it on Facebook must be true

    Accident now in Ruby valley with blood on the door?

  • As long as we keep glorifying alcohol and drug consumption, the numbers aren’t going to get any better. You can help by not giving publicity to alcohol and drug purveyors every time a new one opens…

  • Nobody seems to be glorifying meth, but it doesn’t seem to be lacking in the demand aspect.

  • Tax man out on the roads. Like the song says, if they really wanted to help they would be offering breath tests outside the bars instead of hiding down the road. Stop drinking the cool aid folks.

  • Hey bushy tails…. Zero fatalities Statewide on Labor Day weekend is a pretty damn good number

    • No, state wide there were over 30 fatalities. Interesting how Feinstein is all concerned about guns. Cars kill lots more people.

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