NorCAN Offers Workshop to Help Nonprofits Navigate Charitable Giving Post-Cannabis Legalization

This is a press release from the Humboldt Area Foundation:

On Friday, Sept. 7 The Northern California Association of Nonprofits will host a workshop featuring a panel of experts in charitable giving, the law and the cannabis industry. The workshop, titled “I’d Like to Give This Year, But…” is designed to share information about what cannabis legalization and the new tax law mean for charitable giving to our region’s nonprofits. The event will take place at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center in Eureka, with breakfast and check-in at 8:30 a.m., and is scheduled to finish at 12 p.m.

“Conversations with donors are opportunities that are worth preparing for,” says Patrick Cleary, executive director of the Humboldt Area Foundation. “With changes in the tax law and in Humboldt’s local economy, I hope this gathering will be a chance for us all to be better able to talk with confidence about what might be on many donors’ minds.”

The legalization of cannabis has impacted the local economy in many different ways, and new tax laws have made it harder for most income brackets to make tax-deductible donations. This workshop is an opportunity for nonprofits which rely heavily on donors to discuss their concerns.

“As nonprofit fundraisers, we don’t necessarily know whether our donors are feeling the impacts of the new tax law or cannabis legalization unless we talk to them about it,” says Amy Jester, NorCAN program director. “This workshop will help nonprofits gain a better understanding of the issues and how we can broach them with donors from a place of understanding, empathy and long term relationship building.”

Interested parties can learn more about the workshop and how to register using the  link

About Humboldt Area Foundation:

Vera Vietor established the Humboldt Area Foundation in 1972. Since then, more than $70 million in grants and scholarships have been awarded in Humboldt, Del Norte, Curry and Trinity Counties. Humboldt Area Foundation promotes and encourages generosity, leadership and inclusion to strengthen our communities.

About NorCAN:

The Northern California Association of Nonprofits (NorCAN) is a regional network of organizations and leaders connected in our dedication to strengthening our communities.

For more information on services provided by the Foundation please visit the Humboldt Area Foundation website at or call (707) 442-2993.



  • Sue humboldt county

    Maybe the planning department will give them some of those extorted millions, since there taking it from the caring, donating, community minded people of our beautiful county.the ones who started and supported these non profits

  • Sue humboldt county

    Or the corparations that are bribing our supervisors, that are gonna want all of us to sighn up as underpaid slaves

  • The weed collapse is affecting everyone.

    • Once the dust has settled, for the good hopefully. The tax exempt status has been used to pay some huge salaries to some non profits simply because these employees generate more donation money. The money does not go to sustain a mission as much as it goes to sustain the organization.

      Maybe if more money comes through donations from people who are interested in the mission rather than the tax deductions, there will be an increase in the attention donors give to the uses that money is put. For one thing for sure, tax deductions for political activities might become less if a Super PAC can’t get away with their gaming of the system.

  • HAF needs $$ to pay for True North’s race-baiting political activities and growers have money.

  • Since Kathryn Lobato is on the HAF Board and at the same time drawing a salary as Executive Director of the Southern Humboldt Community Park, maybe Lobato should teach a class; how to game the system from the inside…

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