[UPDATE 2:37 p.m.] Multiple Reports of a Body on Bell Springs Road This Morning

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtAccording to multiple first-hand reports from witnesses, a body is lying on Bell Springs Road “within a mile of Alderpoint Road.” One witness described seeing a black male lying in the road uncovered with a number of law enforcement officers at the scene. Another witness described the man as Latino. Reports place the body there by at least 9:30 a.m.

One woman reported seeing,

[T]wo sheriff cars with two sheriffs standing by them with yellow tape around the north(Going towards Garberville) bound lane and a yellow sheet over what looked to be the shape of a body. On Bell Springs Rd near the junction with Alderpoint Rd. Just out of the north end of Spruce Grove with the little barn above.

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office was reported to be there by a later witness.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

Note: Another witness’s information was added to the original report just before 2 p.m.

UPDATE 2:24 p.m.: Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office called in on a day off to tell us that the officers at the scene had not yet determined if this was “a traffic accident or a body dump.”

Officers are investigating and an autopsy will be done when it can be scheduled.

UPDATE 2:37 p.m.Information from the Sheriff’s Office on Deceased Man Found on Bell Springs Road,



  • Oh no, not again???!!!

  • At least it’s not buried out in the woods somewhere leaving family members forever wondering….

  • Sharpen your pencil

    I’m going to go get some popcorn for this one….

  • What the hell is going on

    • Too many bodies being discovered!!!

      • Actually, too many folks are missing and their bodies are never found.
        This is very sad for those who are looking for them.

        • eff you and eff the po-lice

          Well, I’m wondering if this is another Mexican mafia incident? Rumor has it, the burnt car was a Mexican mafia incident. The cops will tell us what’s going on in our neighborhood just after hell freezes over.
          Now before you whackadoodle bigots get started, remember there are freaks of all races.

          If, and I have no effing idea, but if it were true, then This still wouldn’t be an oridinary immigrant problem, it would be a violence and crime Problem that OUR Law Enforcement should be giving us a heads up about.
          Looking at you Billy Honsall.

  • well now let me see here it seems like i was told that legalizing pot would reduce the crime rate and that it was a peaceful drug and nothing but good would come from it…. yeah i guess murder is peaceful and home invasions are peaceful have you not seen the rise in dead bodies scattered all over so hum? the number of home invasions where pot and money were stolen? yeah peaceful your ass,, medical pot was just an excuse it wasnt the reason

    • Just to point out…there has been no official word on the cause of death. We don’t know if anything illegal occurred or if it had anything to do with the cannabis industry.

    • What pray tell leads you to believe this to be Cannabis related??? I don’t recall reading a single thing in the article that mentioned ANYTHING about Cannabis!!! Get your head out of your posterior & read occasionally!!!

      • Pretty darn good guess.

        1) a terrible driver ran him over (typical HumCo)
        2) drug-related (typical HumCo)

      • In a world of outlaw culture, what makes you think it is so unlikely to be related? But it’s true just because it usually is doesn’t mean this one is. Could be an accident or a heart attack. But want to make book on it?

      • What pray tell leads you to believe that it’s not cannabis related? Just wait and see how it plays out. What are the other options road rage, political violence, cattle rustling?

        • The facts for starters & it could well be ANY of the suggestions you made no official cause of death has been determined as yet!!! According to the facts reported that I have read!!!

    • It is a peaceful drug, as far as its effects. Doesn’t mean that violent people can’t use it. Anything with a monetary value can motivate crime.

    • Could of been meth related for all u know… the AP area is known for it.

      • Well the fact that the body was found closer to Garberville than Alderpoint might indicate that he was killed somewhere else and dumped on a very rural road. It sure wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. Sick of people always assuming Alderpoint is the reason for bad behavior. Sure we have our share but so does the rest of our beautiful county.

    • Yeah and meth and heroin have nothing to do with these cases.

      First off nobody has a clue to what happened.

      We only know there is a body.

      So stop talking smack about cannabis farmers.

      Go get your flu shoot before they run out.

  • Well at least we know it wasn’t marijuana cause that’s legal now. Legal is not and never was the answer. Who would vote legal MJ besides politicians, law enforcement, and stoners. Maybe the vote was rigged like the general election.

    • People don’t get murdered over marijuana, they get murdered over money. As far as I know, money is legal, too.

      • Disingenuous. Counterfeit money is money but very illegal. Money obtained by murder is still money but that doesn’t make it ok.

      • Money doesn’t get you high.

      • Really?? Plenty of people have been murdered over the theft of marijuana….or doesnt that count?

        • People kill people for a $50 bag of weed or the $50 used to buy the bag of weed. Both are money, one just hasn’t been turned into widely accepted currency.

          When two or more people perform a legal business transaction they can do it in the open, with a paper trail, and witnesses. If there is a problem with the transaction there are legal remedies than can operate in the open, with a paper trail, and witnesses. Legal transactions rarely result in injury or death.

          When two or more people perform an illegal business transaction they can’t do it in the open, they can’t have a paper trail, and the fewer witnesses the better. If there is a problem with the transaction there are zero legal remedies. What you are left with is two or more criminals, who together have also committed conspiracy, resolving matters on their own. Sometime that means people get injured, killed, or buried in a forest.

          Working under the table for a criminal enterprise would also fall into the illegal business transaction realm. Boss don’t want to pay you? An illegal worker wants to rip off the boss? No legal remedies. When there are no legal remedies shit can go bad, quickly. As they have so many times in so hum.

    • People who belived that making it legal would keep many people from being unjustly prosecuted.

      • It should have never been legalized. Decriminalized of course but legal never. The people’s rights are not subject to laws governing them. They laws however are supposed to be governed by the people’s rights. Huge difference that sadly most don’t know and will never be able to understand as they have their heads filled with pc bs.

  • But still not legal to the feds .or IRS

  • Sanctuary state…..

  • Why is it that every time anything bad happens or sad happens you people always turn it into your own agenda? Why not just one time feel something or say something to the family and friends of the deceased. My thoughts are with those who lost someone

    • Who you do not know anything about? Good or bad? What’s to say what has real feeling in that case? Even most wakes are about 10% consoling and commiserating and 90% catching up and story telling.

    • I was thinking the same thing! It turned from a man being dead to the IRS & pot.

  • I bet Kenny swithenbank is glad he’s retired, and Mitch Gratz to.

  • Antichrist…my feeling is it should never have been illegal. Look at all the trouble over all the years, the people in jail, the billions spent and the lives screwed up for the really innocuous relaxing drug that makes you laugh and get hungry. It was immoral to arbitrarily make weed illegal. So many lives ruined, not by the drug but because it was illegal. It makes me sick to think of people in prison for smoking pot. There still are people locked away for just that. It’s immoral and unjust. Look at all the lives lost for nothing.

    • Bunny- right on! The amounts of Money, ridiculously spent, could provide simple medical care for the entire world population…neosporin, band aids, antibiotics and help for the poorest women with UTIs would make for a humane start.

  • Looks like some little edgelord got lost on the way to 4Chan..

  • Why was my comment deleted when “Ouchie`s” is allowed? Not that I disagree with him in the slightest.

    I stated that a eugenics program would be a good thing and over time would correct many of the ills we see in our society. My comment was deleted. I didn`t use any pejorative terms, refer to any specific race or advocate violence.

    Answering my own question, I think the most likely explanation is more of the all pervasive liberal hypocrisy and intolerance: Free speech is great as long as it`s consistent with the liberal program and agenda that has demonstrated to be a most spectacular failure in every aspect.

    • Kym is not the government. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean other people have to publish your opinions on their platform.

    • I missed Ouchie’s who has now been placed on moderation. So hopefully, I’ll catch that …um…stuff before I inadvertently host such a statement again.

  • It won’t be long before “corrupt extortion “ has their comment removed, I would think.

  • I was one of the first ems on scene yesterday at 645 and it looked like a bodt dump

  • Dope will get you through times of no money, better than money will through times of no dope. Zap Comics, Fabulous Furry Freak Bothers, circa 1969.

  • May this man rest in peace. Blessings to his family and friends. 🙁

  • Kym says we must not criticize bad grammar or spelling. Lol. It was the other thing.

  • Murder Mountain spreading into Murder County.

  • Any updates today, or do they all have the day off?

  • It will soon be swept under the rug by the HCSO like all the other missing persons cases and homicide cases. There is no money for the county to make solving murders, there is lots of money to be made raiding farmers however. Assett forfeiture is the only game being played by the Sheriff Dept. Plus Study Estimates Average Cost of Murder at Over $17M. Convicted murderers are costing taxpayers a pretty penny. According to a study published recently in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, the average cost per murder tops $17 million — when factoring in a variety economic impacts. The county has ecerything to lose and ecerything to gain by not solving real crimes and focusing on asset forfeiture and running the Sheriff Dept and jail like a business which of course as with any business is the business of making money for the county to spend on more beauracracy and white collar do nothing employees.

  • Well they caught the guy who is accused of murdering the people in the burning car very quickly.

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