Deceased Man Found on Bell Springs Road

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Sept. 2, 2018, at about 6:30 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of Bell Springs Road, near the Alderpoint Road junction, for the report of a deceased male subject found on the roadway.

The deceased male appears to have been in his 50’s. His identity has not been confirmed at this time.

This death has been determined suspicious and is under investigation by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division.

This is an ongoing investigation. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office anticipates more information to be released following the completion of the decedent’s autopsy. An autopsy date is in the process of being scheduled.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Another drug deal gone bad? Just about the right location and area where something like this will happen. The Drug Capital of the World.

    • This happens everywhere in the world btw

    • Well certainly not because someone got pissed that he was getting too much zucchini and not enough tomatoes in his CSA box.

    • Who does drug deals on the side of the road anymore? [edit]

    • Phoenix Fucking Kasper

      Another unnecessary speculation [edit]? I’m sorry you don’t have enough of a life to keep you from making up stories about dead strangers but you know there’s lots of volunteer needing to be done in your county so you can fill up all that bored free time you use bashing dead strangers and instead actually contribute something with your short time on this earth.

      • I agree the mans. Still a john for and idiots want to bash him!!! Thinking your better then someone how dare you. I wouldn’t throw rocks when you and your ode family probably live in a few glass houses get a life looser and although the. Volunteering is a good idea I wouldn’t want my loved one being close to an idiot. Like the one that posted this so no looser sit alone in your filthy lil home and talk about everyone

  • Sue humboldt county

    Drug capitol of the world blaaa. Hhhaa hhhaaa.odviously you arnt from so hum. Ps cannibas isnt a drug its a plant thats been on the planet longer than humans.thats now supposedly lol legal.

    • Heroins made from a plant also

    • Marijuana is a drug. That’s why there’s billions to be made,murder,theft and greed. Drug.

    • Poppies and the cocoa plant have also been on the planet as long as human beings, drugs are also derived from them that have been used in medicine for centuries. How are they any different than the “pot plant”. Any “medicine” is harmful if used Too Much, including marijuana.

      • Medicine is taken because an illness has happened, because of its beneficial effects on the symptoms or causes of disease. If a substance is taken when no related illness exists and only to enjoy its side effects, it ceases to be medicine and becomes simply a drug.

        A plant does not cause drug use. It is a diversion to imply that they are all equally innocent. A plant is always “innocent.” That is a given. It’s how humans use the plant that becomes ugly.

        • So you’re saying we need to legalize cocaine, right?

          • Hmm… a funny way of putting it, now that you said that. But still most people understand what is implied .

            Cocaine has a medical use. So by your implication, it is already legal. But it is not unregulated because of its negative effects in the hands of those who use it for non medical reasons. It is not the plant that is illegal but the misuse.

            Why not think of pot as similar? A plant with maybe limited medical use but, in the hands of those using it for recreation, capable of doing damage. Recognizing what damage it does would go a way to making is less dangerous. At least for those who care about the damage they do to others.

            Outside of that, I don’t know what your point is.

          • Sounds good to me and how about licking cain toads to¿ lol coke is better than POT any day.tooth acks headacks any acks & ya can get the house cleaned to.

      • This is a human that was found dead have some class!!

  • He could have been taking his morning stroll had a heart attack and fell over what do you think about that scenario yeah right

  • “Traffic accident or body dump” HCSO. Kym, can we go ahead and move this article to the crime section?

  • Sorry to hear of this. Condolences to his family.

  • Taking the optimistic view; if he`s dead, he can`t hurt anyone.

  • These comments tho! What if RHB obituaries had local’s comments compilation POSTED FOR ALL TO SEE? 🤭

  • He was black. Not racist, just facts

  • Where was Kyle Zoellner? It was a Saturday night, just saying.

  • Is it a drug or isnt it? Was he a rip off or not? Was he black or white? These are all useless questions at the moment. I love Kym’s page but hate looking at the comments. Thanks to almost every commenter on here why I don’t look at the comments. They are almost always negative and assuming. If you have this much time to bash people , stories, and other people on here then you must really hate aspects of your own life. So basicly stop your negative tough typing and get a life.

  • I thought it was an over dose.

  • You can buy humboldt county. Make millions and buy protection ,and you can contenuie to make billions.

  • Yup. Couldn’t be anything else.

  • Um that’s crazy isn’t that right above that ranch with all the town bums working that pot farm, that guys nuts, he claims a lot of violence and does really weird thing’s and if you don’t know about him he’s no good and go’s back in forth to L.A to bring illegal drugs into our county.

  • Smoking a recreational joint legally right now, so am I damaging myself, sure tastes and feels great!

  • I could have been a hit and run. Where was Marci Kitchen?

  • Sue humboldt county

    Theives have been delt with this way in these mountains for a long time its been are only deterent from people coming up from the city and stealing are livlihoods from the real rip offs we elected and sit in eureka sucking pay checks off our backs while trying to figure every angle/way they can to rip us off and destroy our lives we’ve worked hard for.good luck mountain people and beautiful communitys, the wolves definitely snuck into our feild and with 2 more years of fennel and bone most of us won’t make it.

    • There’s a charming old movie you should watch. It’s called “A Slight Case of Murder”. In it a bootlegger and his gang are faced with the difficulties that the end of Prohibition causes their income stream. Their business model of extortion in an illegal market no longer works, leaving the gang to attempt to adjust to being legal in order to keep any business at all. As the hackneyed phrase goes, hilarity ensues along with a whole bunch of murders. It could easily be remade today with marijuana substituted for alcohol. All the characters remain the same. You too will be asking “Why didn’t anyone tell Marco?”

      • Effing NAILED IT! Maybe “Why didn’t anyone tell Humboldt?”

        Some people think Humboldt weed will survive on its legacy. I don’t know Man. CannaCopia in Nevada is selling some seriously nice shit for $200/oz or less if you get in the frequent flyers club. Two years ago you’d pay $350+ for the same oz of Humboldt on the black market in Nevada. And the competition is just starting to pick up steam in Nevada.

  • Ol’mike is no good they need to get that bad situation out of here and that deliver driver guy who thinks he’s mr. law needs to go too!!!!

  • Has violent crime increased lately?

  • Sue humboldt county

    Its gonna abatement will leave too many people desperate to survive

  • To guest only if u knew he is a registered sex offender who hides on that ranch!!!

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